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Volume 27 No 6 November/ December 2000 Journal of the Australian Wate r AssociationCONTENTSEditorial Board F R Bishop, Chairman 13 N Anderson, P Draayers, W J…
Volume 27 No 6 November/ December 2000 Journal of the Australian Wate r AssociationCONTENTSEditorial Board F R Bishop, Chairman 13 N Anderson, P Draayers, W J Dulfcr. G Finlayson. G A Holder, M Kirk , 13 Labza . M Muncisov, N Orr, P Nadcbatm1, J I) Parker, M Pascoe, A J Priestley, J llissman. F R.oddick , E A Swinton , lllatcr is a refereed journa l. This symbol indicates that a paper has been refereed.From the Federal President ........................... ... .... ....... .. .... .. .. .... ... .. ...... ...... ... 2 From the Executive Director ................ ..................... .. .. .. .................. ............ 4 INDUSTRYInterview: Rod Welford ... ..................... .. ......... ....... .. .. ..... ............... .............. ..... 6 MYSubmissions Submissiom should be made co E A (!Job) Swinco,1, Featu res Editor (sec below for details).General Editor P et e r Stirling PO Box 8-l, 1-la111pt011 Vic 3 I88 T cl (03) 9530 8900 Fax (03) 9530 89 I IFeatures Editor E A (Bob) Swinton -l Plcasam View Crcs, Wheelers H ill Vic 3 150 Tel/ Fax (03) 9560 4752 Email: bswinton@bigpond.net.auAWA Head Office PO 13ox 388, Arrnnnon, NSW 1570 T cl +6 I 2 9-l 13 1288 E111ail: i11fo@awa.as11.auWater Advertising & Production Hall 111ark Editiom PO 13ox 84. Hampton, Vic 3188 Lt·vcl I, 99 13ay Street, !Jrighton. Vic 3 186 Tel (OJ) 9530 8900 Fax (03) 9530 89 I I Email: hal l111ark@ halledic.con1.au Advertising coordination: Fiona Second Graphic design: Mitz i MannWater (ISSN 0310 - 0367) is published in January. March. May, J u ly, Sc-ptc111ber and November.Australian Water Association Inc A11..13N 05-l 253 066Federal President Alle n G aleExecutive Director C hris DavisAWAtfjAU STRALIAN WATER ASSOCIATIONPEOPLEPOINTOFVIEWPermanent Water Restrictions: A Tangible Step To Ecological Sustainability .. ... ... ... .... ... .. ...... ..... .... ........................ ... .. ..... ... ..... ... ... .. ... .... .... 12 J Crockett CRCFORCATCHMENTHYDROLOGYIntegrated Hydro logic Prediction for Catchments .......... ...... ................. .. 14 R. M ein The Impacts of Afforestation on Water Yield: Predictions using MAYA .... .... .. .... ......... ..... ..... .... ..... ..... ... ... ..... .. ............................... .......... 16 R Vertessy, J R ahman , Y Bessard and L Z hang The Impact of Logging and Fire on Water Yield: Predicting the Thompson Catchment by Macaque ....... .... ... .. ... .... ........... .. ............... ..... .. ..... 20 M Peel, F Wa tso n and R. Vertessy Forecasting Rainfall for the Olympic Games .. ........... .. ... .. .... .. ........ .. ... .. ... 26 A Seed and T Keenan Improving Urban Stormwater Quality - From Theory to Implementation ................................................................ ........ ....... .. ... .... .... ..... 28 T H F W ong Communication for Adoption of our Research .... ..... .... .. .. ............ .... .... .... 32 D Perry WATER ·, Optimisation of Filter Function Using Particle Counting .. .. .... .. ...... . 33 M Colwe ll and P R L M asse Drinking-Water Management In New Zealand ... .... .. ... ... ... ... .... .. .. .... .... .. .. 36 M EU Taylo r WASTEWATER Effluent Reuse by Crops in Queensland ............ .... .. ... .... ..... .... ...... ... ...... 41 T Gardner and H G ibson ENVIRONMENTAustralian Water Association (AW A) assume, no responsibility for opinions or statcmcms of faces expressed by contributors or advertise,~. Editorials do noc necessarily represent official AW A policy. Advcnimnc-nts a1-e included as an infonmtion service to readers and arc reviewed before publication co c n~urc r elev;111Lt' to the w:ite r environment and objectives of AW A. All material in IVa1<·r is copyright and should not be reproduced wholly or in part without the written perm ission of the General Editor.·, South East Queensland Regional Water Quality Management Strategy ..... ... ... ... .. .. ... ... .. ...... ....... ....................... .......... .. .. ... .. .. ... .. .. ... .. ..... ..... .. 42 T Lloyd, P M cM ahon, B Gibbcs, C Collie rSubscriptionsAquaphemera .. .. ..... .. .. ..... .. .. ....... .. .. ....... .. .. .. .. ..... .. .. .. .. ....... .. .. .. ..... .. .. .. ... .... .. .. ... .. 2 Water Environment Federation News .... ..................... ......... ................ .. .... ... 10 Water Industry E-commerce ... ................. ... .. ..... ... .. .... .. ..... .. ... ..... .. ... .... ...... ... 11 Membership .. ....... ... ...... .................... ............. ............... ... .... .... ..... .... ...... ..... ..... 51 Meetings .................. ......... ...... ......... .... .... .... ... ......................... ....... .. ............... . 52I l'i11,·r is s,·nc to all AWA m,·mbcrs six times a ye.1r. It is also avai lable via subscription.BUSINESS •, Water Account for Australia: The Analysis of Water Usage Data .. 48 C J ac kson DEPARTMENTSVisit the Australian Water Association and access news, calendars. bookshop and over 100 pages of Information atOUR COVER: Cool, clear 111ater, {ro111 a /im!sf catc/1111e111. Tlris iss11e, a11d tire 011e {ol/0111i11g, .fcat11res artirlesf,·0111 tire CRC.for Ca 1~/1111e11t 1-Jydrolo,~y. T11cir progra111 ai111s I<; predict liydrolo,izic belravio11r 011 a 111liole-cfratcl1111e11t scale. Photo courtesy of A udre Taylor, B risbane City Council.FROMTHEPRESIDENTPASSING THE BATON As I w rite th is colu mn , l am mindful of the fact that our members will soon be meeting to consider a change of structure, one result of which will be a d ifferent cycle of leadership rotation. Assuming the changes are adopted, m y term of office w ill be ending in April next year, in stead o f th e usual November. As this move has been planned fo r so m e time, l have always been min dful of having to achieve my goals in a tight timetable. In that context, I am especially pleased to note that two of th e objectives I had flagged (Water Nov-Dec 99, p2) have been realised . Both relate to relationships and spill over into profile - two of the areas m entio ned in chat first co lumn of mine. Firstly, we have created the Australian Water Industry Forum, an informal affil iatio n between AWA, the Irrigati on Association of Australia (LAA) and the Australian National Comm ittee o n Irrigation and Drainage (ANC ID ), wh ich is effectively th e ind ustry association for irrigation water supply agencies and companies. T he Forum is likely to expand as other key, na tion al associations take part, and th e influential Water Services Association (WSAA), as A WA 's 'sustaining m ember' already has a watc hing brief in th e Forum through us. The Water Industry Foru m is th us a d iverse group, with a large constituency (ie pretty much all the water o rganisations in the cou ntry, plus several thousand ind ividuals there are som e overlaps amo ng the participants' members). It is capable of actin g as the voice for the broad water industry on issues and as a so unding board fo r Government w he n it needs to consult w ith the industry at large . One of its first actions w ill be to produce an expanded issue of th e A11srralia11 Water DirccroryjcJr 200 1, hig hlighting the role of th e Water Indu stry Fo rum, and to ensure that there is a stron g water po licy thread through our Ozwater Convention next year, Water Odysse)' 2001 (1 - 4 April , in Can berra). N ext, it w ill be taking up the cudgels on broad, nationa l water policy questi ons that arise in Canberra, and puttin g the industry viewpoint effecti vely . I am confident chat the Water Industry Forum w ill, th rough its eclectic make-up and large constituency, build a strong rep utation as the water industry's voice; helping all the associations improve their profile and that of water as a c1itical resource in Australia's natural resou rce management scene. Makin g that relationship work is, fo r us, a milestone. Th e next goal we have brought to fruition is on the international front. AW A has signed an agreement with m embers of !WA (the International Water Association) in Australia, making the local comm ittee fo r those m embers a part of AW A. The new co m mittee w ill be called the Austra lian nationa l 2WATER NOVEMBER/ DECEMBER 2000Allen Galecommittee oflWA, or AIWA (to addjust one more acronym to our already heavily initialed fi eld!) and AIWA will be the link betwee n Australia and IW A on the world stage. Local IW A m embers w ill be holding a general meeting later in N ovember, to agree on pooli ng funds w ith AW A, elect a new committee and elect a member to sit o n the Board of A WA w hen it becomes a compan y limited by guarantee (assuming that resolutio n is adopted at o ur special general meeting o n Friday 10 N ovember). The Board ofl WA w ill have a representative from Australia, through AWA. This IWA connectio n is a useful one, since Australia , despite its relatively small populatio n, actually has the fourth largest counny m embership group in IW A. Australian members are well represented in the IW A lea dership , especially among its man y special interest groups. A key point about LWA is that we wi ll be hosting the 2002 !WA World Water Congress in M elbou rne, from 7 to 12 April t hat year, combined w ith th e Enviro 2002 co nference and exhibition. Tha t combined event is likely to break records for attendan ce, with target numbers o f tho usands, not hun dreds of delegates. A stron g relationship betwee n AW A and IW A is a sine qua non for that vital event, so the recent agreement was important for all of us. Of course, relationships of th is sort are very li ke m arriages, capable of being made in haste and regretted at leisure. The o nus is on us all co ensure cha t we make the most o f the rela tionships. I will be able to pass the Presidential baton to my successor before too lo ng, but all m embers need a sense of ownership in the o utco mes , so w e ca n produce the best possible resu lts for AW A and our partn ers.A llen GaleAquaphemera Do Australian water e ngin eers face the problem of a declining image ? I have just read the recently published book, R111111ing D o11111 Water i11 a Cha11gi11g Land, by M ary White, an author w h o, over the past fifteen years, has produced a series of beautifully crafted and stimulating books o n the origins and developm ent of the Australian landscape. This book has hund reds o f coloured photos, maps and illustrations and , du e to some generous sponsors, it is pri ced at less than $ 50 .00. T his is a bargain and a must for Christmas presents to, and fro m , all those associated w ith water industry . However, at eve1y stage and fo r eve1y State and Territ01y the sto1y of Eu ropean modification of the riverine system is portrayed as o n e of mi stakes, misund e rstanding and mismanagem ent. Ma1y W hite is an advocate for the 1ivers, she states quite clearly (a nd frequ e ntly) that " ... the seriousness of the consequences of failing to understand the natme of o ur water and what is required to fo ster their sustainable m anagem ent cannot be overestimated" . Further, that" ... respo nsible stewardship of land and water resources - ou r life-support systems - is our indi vidual and national duty". The monograph is not directly an in dictme n t of wate r e n gineers. Techni cally, the e ngineering was generally w orld class - it is the effect, and lack of unde rstand ing of th e results of the engineering that is serio usly questio ne d. The reco gn ition of the past errors of engineeringo c ract i c soluti o n s is e m e rgin g elsewhere. In the last few wee ks, we h ave the decision to return some 25% of the flow to the Snowy River and a sem inar at P arliament House on the possible rem.oval of dams to improve the fluvial environme nt. This questioning of past wa ter engineerin g in A ust ralia is g rowing apace, t h e image is becomin g tarnished. Will we see a situation w here water engineers j oin po liti c ians and use d-ca r sal es m e n as propping u p th e table of th e less tmstworthy professions? What should the AWA do co save o ur image? R egardless of its g reen image, Rmwing Daum has no eq ual o n Australian bookshelves. Bu y it and see w hat it says about yo ur region .â&#x20AC;˘ Running Down - Water in a Changing Land. Mary E. White . Kangaroo Press: Roseville NSW. $49.95 ISBN O 7318 0904 1.Dingle SmithWATERINDUSTRYE-COMMERCEELECTRONIC PORTAL OPENS FOR WATER T he South Austral ian Water Industry Alliance, the umbrella orga nisation that showcases the capabili ties of companies involved in the state's water industry, has launched a Web Portal as part of its global m arketing strategy. D escribed by Malcolm Colegate, executi ve di rector, as " the pe rfect channel for tapping into world markets," th e Porta l was officially 'logged on' by the S A Ministe r fo r Government Enterprises and Information Economy, D r M ichael Armitage. M ore than 120 Alliance members can now demonstrate their specialist capabilities, products and services through the Po rtal. It has comprehensive public information areas plus extensive members only sections which outline busiuess opportuni ties along with the strategies by whjch compan ies operating either independently or in collaboration with others can w in contracts interstate and overseas. "The site , at www.waterindustry . com. au is an industry ini tiative that ven tu res way beyo nd the co nventional website and directory . Th ere's really nothing lik e it in the Austra lian water i ndustry, "said Mr Colegate."On oue hand the Po rtal is the public interface by which potential customers globally can instan tl y learn alJ about the innovative way South Australian based water companies do business, what they have to offer to export markets and how the All iance itself operates to the advantage of both customers and members. "On the other, it is the tool which can be used to give ou r mem bers a competitive edge. Tt will speed commun icati on between member companies, give them a much needed research fac ili ty and enable them to make fast, b ut well in form ed decisions on how to approach a potential project . " In essence, the Portal can be used as a virtual reality boardroom in which the business interests of o ur members can be canvassed in complete secu rity while publi c visito rs includ ing potential customers browse the members' database for profi les on companies of interest. " Th e Water Industry Alliance was fo rm ed in 1998 as a direct co nsequence of the o utsou rcing of wate r and wastewater operations in Adelaide to U nited Water and the awarding ofa Build Own Operate Transfer contract for water treat-men t plan ts in ru ral South Australia to R ive rland Water. T hese projects brought international water compan ies to Adelaide and established the climate which allowed the unique ski lls and capabilities of local companies to become focused on exports. T he Alliance came into being as an incorporated body after the formatio n of a water industry cluste r grou p and is now maki ng its presence fe lt on the internatio nal stage. R ecent successes have included the export of co mposite reinforced plastic tanks from Murray Bridge to Sin gapore where they form part of a $400 m illio n aquacul tu re proj ect, the sale of South Austra lian ma n ufactured desalination eq uipment to Scotland and the first ever shjpment to Japan of spec ial ist plastic water fittin gs fo r use in connecting ho useho lds to the mai ns water supp ly. Fur t h e r informati o n: M alco lm Colcgatc, Execu tive Director, Water Industry AIJia nce, 08 8204 1892 o r Sta n Boath, Publi city Consul tant, 04 19 698 998.Wallace & Tiernan Supplying the Australian market for over 45 yearsSydneyStranco Chemical Feed Controllers and Polymer Mixing SystemsMelbourne BrisbanePh : (02} 8875 2800 Fax: (02) 8875 2700 Ph: (03} 9824 4955 Fax: (03) 9824 4966 Ph: (07) 3867 5500 Fax: (07) 3867 5523E-mail: usf@ usf.com.au Web: www.wtpacific.com.auUSFilter.VIVENDIwater ÂŤ>rnpce yWATER NOVEMBER/ DECEMBER 200011MYPOINTOFVIEWPERMANENT WATER RESTRICTIONS: A TANGIBLE STEP TO ECOLOGICAL SUSTAINABILITY My first point is that there are real and tan gib le be ne fits from having w ate r restri ctio ns. So , w hy not make them permanent and tighten them progressively ove r th e next d ecade? Rules cou ld include: hoses o nly hand-h eld on ce per wee k initi ally, no fi xed sprinklers o r automatic wa tering system s, phase out of w ater- using applian ces other th an low water- use cloth es washers, e ncouragem ent of grey water use on th e garde n and a switch to composting toi lets. In future we could introduce a " by permit only" syste m for hoses and perhaps ho usehold batch m eterin g to li mit the supply to houses to say around 500 to 600 L/ d. Suc h action w ould have a num ber of far-reaching benefits: reducin g demand o n our wate r resources by o ver half, extending the life of o ur capital-intensive dams, borefields, trunk mains and treatment faciliti es, redu cing fossil fu e l energy use (including e ne rgy used to make con cre te , pip es, c hemi cal s a nd fue l fo r la wn mowers), providing in creased flow s in rivers to maintain ecosyste ms, reducing the time w e spend on establishing, wa tering and maintainin g ga rde ns w hich are inappropriate fo r our cl imate and reducing the cost of w ater supply. P eople w ould ge t m ore exercise cartin g wa te ring cans and buckets. Sew erage syste m costs vvould similarly reduc e and even th e quality of urban runoff may improve because th e ground becom es less saturated. H e's nuts! som e readers w ill be saying by now: totally impractical, politically suicidal, disregardin g of public health and the practi calities of w ater and sewerage systems. Some may even sa y wh y bother, the drought is broken. However, for many residents of tow ns outside our capital cities, this level of restriction on water supply use, and m ore, is comm o n. Even in wellw atere d southeas t cities su ch as Geelo ng the re have bee n bans on hoses for a year or more . Where I live near the small tow n o f G isborn e 60 km n o rth w es t of M elbourne, the surface water storage until rece nt rain w as under 10% o f capacity for almost a yea r. I ha ve n't used a hose for two summ ers. Ama zingly the garde n has survive d. Thu s m y second point is that many already live under sim.ilar restrictions and have not found it too bad. In other words, it is not un acceptable and the majority of people w ill pull toge ther.12Jo11atha11 Crockett s111died Chen1ical and Biochemical Engineering and started work in 111ater engi11eering i11 1973. H e j oined CHD i11 1975. Wit/1 CHD lie has held tlie positio11s of Ma 11ager, Water Tecli110/oly a11d latterly Manger, Enviro11111c11tal E11gi11eNi11g. His curre111 i11terests i11c/11de implica1io11s of ,no11i11g toward Ecological S11srai11ability. He is a past Viaorian Stare Bra11ch Preside111 <if A WA.M y third point is that there w ill be a spin-off be ne fi t from permanent wa ter restrictions. l t w ill pro vide a practical example of ho w w e can reduce consumption of resources and still lead comfortable and healthy lives. A practical example is far more powerful than the campaigns and advertising w e currently spend money on. Th e example provided by halving water con sumption , if effectively monitored , re porte d and co mmu n icate d to th e co mmunity w ill provid e a basis for the even more necessary and greater re du ctions we must achieve in fossil fu el use. It will show us w e can change . M y fourth and fin al point is even more fundam ental. W e need to change th e direction of our co nsumption- driven economy. Our economic system currently relies on ever-increasing consumption , be it consumptio n o f water, consumption of e nergy, consumpti on of manufactured goods, con sum
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