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Guide to Vastu Consultation Many times a thought must have crossed your mind whether vastu is a myth, a superstition or a science. Many of us think it has surfaced…
Guide to Vastu Consultation Many times a thought must have crossed your mind whether vastu is a myth, a superstition or a science. Many of us think it has surfaced in past 20-25 years. It is not like that! This is an ancient Indian science approximately more then 4000 Years old. Vastu is all about harmonizing your living in accordance with nature. So today we will learn more about vastu and whether we should consult someone for vastu related guidance. Or, maybe better we can join some intuitions and get ourselves enough knowledge about vastu.What is Vastu?Vastu is all about reconciling yourself in chime with nature and strike a right equilibrium between five elements namely FIRE, EARTH, AIR, WATER & SKY and eight Directions such as North, South, East, West, North-East, North-West, South-East and South-West and the centre. Its worth noticing that vastu principles were in the DNA of our ancestors. In older times, premises were automatically built according to vastu because our needs were limited. We were more close to the nature that time as compared to modern lifestyle. Houses were built horizontal at that time but now are built vertical because of land scarcity.Why Consulting Vastu?As mentioned earlier, vastu were followed by our ancestors from as old as 4000 years ago. In earlier times premises were always built by keeping in mind about the vastu which brought them mental peace health and life. But in today’s materialistic world and due to the scarcity of land, we ignore vastu. As a result, we are achieving our materialistic goals, but we are falling far behind in making our health and peace of mind. So, vastu plays a considerable role to set these things to get back in track for you. Nowadays anyone can seek a Vastu consultant in India thus in the world just by a click. Various organizations provide online vastu portals for their believers.Why get a Vastu Shastra course?As most of us believe that Vastu is just a myth and has no relevance with our health, success money or mental peace one cannot agree on the enormous possibilities the world of Vastu has to offer before one explores it personally. And the way to explore it is by learning vastu shastra coursre from the Vastu Gurus or from the books that are enlighting us since ages with knowledge of Vastu.THANK YOU!
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