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FOREWORDThis manual covers the service procedures of the TOYOTA FORKLIFT 5FGIO30/5FD 7 0 -3 0 Series. Please use this manual for providing quick, correct servicing…
FOREWORDThis manual covers the service procedures of the TOYOTA FORKLIFT 5FGIO30/5FD 7 0 -3 0 Series. Please use this manual for providing quick, correct servicing of the corresponding forklift models. These models on the market since August 7986 are subject to minor changes i n September 7986. This manual deals with the models produced i n the period between A ugust 7 988 and August 7 9 8 9 as well as the models as of September7 989 (after m ~ n o changes}. r Any change or modifications thereafter will be informed by Toyota Industrial Vehicles' Parts & Service News. For the service procedures of the mounted engine, read the repair manuals listed below as reference together with this manual. (Reference) Repair manuals related to this manual are as follows: TOY0TA INDUSTRIAL VEHICLE 4P ENGINE REPAIR MANUAL (No. CE604) TOYOTA INDUSTRIAL VEHICLE 4 Y ENGINE REPAIR MANUAL (No. CE602) TOYOTA INDUSTRIAL VEHICLE 2J ENGINE REPAIR MANUAL (No. CE603) TOYOTA INDUSTRIAL VEHICLE 7Z ENGINE REPAIR MANUAL (No. CE60 7) TOYOTA INDUSTRIAL VEHICLE 5K ENGINE REPAIR MANUAL (No. CE67 7) TOYOTA INDUSTRIAL VEHICLE 7DZ ENGINE REPAIR MANUAL (No. CE6 18) (Note: 2 - 3 ton models mounted with 2J, IDZ diesel engine are only availablein designated areas.)TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATIONGENERALPage EXTERIOR VIEWS..............................0-2VEHICLE LISTING..............................0-3ABBREVIATIONS ................................0-7OPERATIONAL TIPS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .0-7STANDARD BOLT & NUT TIGHTENING TORQUE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .0-8HIGH PRESSURE HOSE FITTING TIGHTENING TORQUE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0-10 FRAME NUMBER...............................0-11WIRE ROPE SUSPENSION ANGLE LIST . . . . . . . . . . . . 0-14 SAFE LOAD FOR EACH WlRE ROPE SUSPENSION ANGLE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0-14 COMPONENT WEIGHT...........................0-15RECOMMENDED LUBRICANT QUANTITY & TYPE ...................................... 0-17 LUBRICATION CHARTS .......................... 0-21 PERIODIC MAINTENANCE.......................0-22PERIODIC REPLACEMENT LUBRICANTS AND PARTS .................................. 0-29EXTERIOR VIEWSFront View (5FG15)LATI 4-16Rear View (5FG15)LAT14-18VEHICLE LISTING (1986.8 SeriesPay loadModel5FG101.0 ton4 0 - 5FG104Y4 2 - 5FG10f5FG142Jf 4PEngine tY Pe Gasolinef f f D~eselT GasolineDrive system11" clutchRemarksP/S instal led as standard11 clutchf fTorque convertert1 1 " clutchfTorque convertertI1 " clutchfTorque converter "0 2 - 5FG14ffTorque converterf4 0 - 5FG144Y7'1 1 " clutch7.4 2 - 5FG14ftTorque converterf1 1" clutchfTorque convertertI 1 " clutchf5FD14 0 2 - 5FD14%4P?02 - 5FD10% .L -Engine model0 2 - 5FG105FD101.35 ton- 1989.8)2JtDiesel.fC-0 +5FG 151.5 tonftTorque converter4 0 - 5FG154YfI 1" clutcht t4 2 - 5FG15ftTorque converterfI I"clutch Torque converterf f11" clutchf0 2 - 5FD15 5FG180+ CU2.0ton4Pt Gasol i ne?Torque converterf4 0 - 5FG184Yf1 I" clutch4 2 - 5FG18tfTorque convertert t11" clutchfTorque converterf1 1 clutchtTorque converterI.11" clutchtTorque converter11" clutch7f5FG20%tDieself0 2 - 5FD18Q, .L2J0 2 - 5FG185FD18V)Gasoline0 2 - 5FG155FD151.75 ton4P2Jf 4P0 2 - 5FG20t4 0 - 5FG204Y4 2 - 5FG20t5F D201ZDieselt Gasolinet t t Diesel"02- 5FD20ftTorque converterf60 - 5FD202J11 clutcht62 - 5FD20ff fTorque converterf"VEHICLE LISTING (1989.9 Ser~esLoad capac~tyModel5FG10 02-5FG101.0 ton40-5FG10 42-5FG10 5FD10 02-5FD 10 5FG14 02-5FG141.35 t o n40-5FG14 42-5FG14 5FD14 02-5FD141 ton serles5FG15 02-5FG15 1.5 ton40-5FG15 42-5FG15 5FD15 02-5FD15 5FG18 02-5FG181.75 t o n40-5FG18 42-5FG18 5FD18 02-5FD 18 5FG20 02-5FG20 40-5FG202.0 ton42-5FG20 5FD20 02-5FD202 ton series60-5FD20 62-5FD20 5FG232.25 ton02-5FG23 40-5FG23 42-5FG23Engine model5K4Y1 DZ5K4YD r ~ v esystem Clutch Torque converter Clutch Torque converter Clutch Torque converter Clutch Torque converter Clutch Torque converter1DZ5K4Y1DZ5K4YClutch Torque converter Clutch Torque converter Clutch Torque converter Clutch Torque converter Clutch Torque converter Clutch Torque converter1DZ5K4Y 1z 1 DZ5K4YClutch Torque converter Clutch Torque converter Clutch Torque converter Clutch Torque converter Clutch Torque converter Clutch Torque converter Clutch Torque converterSeriesLoad capacityModel5FD232.25 t o n02-5FD23 60-5FD23 62-5FD23 5FG25 02-5FG252 ton series40-5FG252.5 ton42-5FG25 5FD25 02-5FD25 60-5FD25 62-5FD25Engine model1z1 DZDrive system Clutch Torque converter Clutch Torque converter5KClutch Torque converter4YClutch Torque converter1z1 DZClutch Torque converter Clutch Torque converter4YClutch Torque converter2.75 t o n5FD28 02-5FD28 60-5FD28 62-5FD283 ton series5FG30 02-5FG303.0 ton5FD30 02-5FD30 60-5FD30 62-5FD301ZClutch Torque converter1 DZClutch Torque converter4YClutch Torque converter1ZClutch Torque converter1 DZClutch Torque converterABBREVIATIONS Abbreviations used in this manual are as follows: Abbreviation (Code)MeaningAbbreviation (Code)MeaningABDC ASSYAfter Bottom Dead Center Assem bl yP/S RHPower Steering Right HandATDC ATMAfter Top Dead Center Automatic TransmissionSA EBBDCBefore Bottom Dead Center Left Hand Long Life Coolant Manual TransmissionSociety of Automotive Engineers (USA) Special Service ToolLH L LC MTM OHV 0PT0 /S PSSST STD SU B-ASSY T=Standard Sub-assem blyOverhead valveOOTOpt ion Oversi~eU/STightening Torque N um ber of Teeth (00) U ndersizew/WithHorsepowerOPERATIONAL TIPS 1.Safe operation ( 1 ) Make sure that correct size wire is used for hoisting a heavy material (2)After jacking up, always support with rigid racks or stands.2.Preparation of SSTs and measuring tools ( 1 ) Prepare SSTs and measuring tools before starting operat ion.3.Clearing and arrangement ( 1 ) Always keep the workshop neat and orderly for easy operation. (2)Disassembly of hydraulic equipment shall always be done in a clean place using clean tools.4.Genuine Toyota parts Genuine Toyota parts should be used even in the replacement of packings, gaskets and O-rings.5.Repairs on electrical system Before doing any repairs on the electrical system, disconnect the cables from the battery terminals. Be sure to disconnect the negative @ cable first.6.Tightening torque for irlstallation Be sure to observe the tightening torque given in this manual. If not specified, tighten to the torque listed in standard bolt & nut tightening torque.7.Defect status grasp Do not start disassernbly and replacement as soon as a defect is found, but first grasp whether the defect requires disassembly and replacement. In the case of torque converter for example, do not attempt torque converter disassembly upon a failure in starting the vehicle, but first check such factors as the oil, pressure and rotation status causing the failure.'Thank you very much for your reading. Please Click Here Then Get More Information. NOTE: If there is no response to click on the link above, please download the PDF document first and then click on it.STANDARD BOLT AND NUT TIGHTEN ING TORQUES How to judge tightening torque of a standard bolt or nut. 1 . How to judge tightening torque of a standard bolt. Find out the type of the bolt from the list below. Then, find the bolt tightening torque from the table. 2. How to judge tighting torque of a standard unit. The nut tightening torque can be judged from the bolt type. (See the item above.)LIST OF BOLT TYPES AND STRENGTH 1.2. Judging by part No.Judging by part\1 Hexagon head boltShape and class@ClassHexagon head boltBolt head No*IParts No,91611- do625 L e n g t h (rnrn) Diameter ( m m ) Hexagon flange boltNo markHexagon head boltTwo protruding linesHexagon flange bolt Hexagon head bolt Welded bolt@Diameterl;') protruding Three protruding Parts No.~ e n ~ (tr nhm ) Diameter ( m m )DiameterSTANDARD BOLT TIGHTENING TORQUESPRECOAT BOLTS (Bolts with seal lock agent coating on threads)1..2.Do not use the precoat bolt as i t i s i n e i t h e r of the following cases: (a) After i t is removed. (b) When the precoat bolt is moved Cloosened or tightened) by tightness check, etc. Note : For torque check, use the lower limit of the allowable tightening torque range. If the bolt moves, retighten it accordicg t o the steps below.Precoat ~~l~~Method for reuse of precoat bolts (I)Wash ,the bolt and threaded hole. (The threaded hole must be washed even for replacement of the bolt.)(2) Perfectly dry the washed parts by air blowing. (3) Coat the specified seal lock agent to the threaded portion of the bolt.HIGH PRESSURE HOSE FITTING TIGHTENING TORQUE 1.When connecting a high pressure hose, wipe the hose fitting and mating nipple contact surfaces with clean cloth to remove foreign matters and dirt. Also check no dent or other damage on the contact surfaces before installation.2.When connecting a high pressure hose, hold the hose to align the fitting with the nipple and tighten the fitting.3.The maximum tightening torque must not exceed twice.the standard tightening torque.Nominal diameter of screwStandard tightening torque Standard2.5 ( 18.1)2.49/16 - 18UNF5.0 ( 36.2)4.8 5.7314 - 16UNF6.0 ( 43.4) 6.0 ( 43.4)11/16 - 12UNF 15/16 - 12UNF12.0 ( 86.8) 14.0 (101.2)PF1/4Hose inside d iarneter (mrn)Tightening range7116 - 20'UNF7/8 - 14UNFkg-m (ft-lb)--2.6 (17.4-18.8)65.3 (34.7 38.3) 6.3 (41.2- 45.5)9-126.3 (41.2 45.5) 11.4- 12.6 (82.4- 91.1)1214.7 (96.2 -- 106.3)255.3 (34.7 -- 38.3)95.713.3-5.0 ( 36.2)4.8P F3/85.0 ( 36.2)4.8PF1126.0 ( 43.4)5.7 -- 6.3 (41.2P F3/412.0 ( 86.8)11.4-12.6PF114.0 (101.2)13.3 -- 14.7 (96.25.3 (34.7-38.3) 45.5)(82.4- 91.1) 106.3)199 12 19 25FRAME NUMBER (1986.8 -- 1989.8) Top on rear right framePunching posit ion1 ton seriesVehicle series Engine modelVehicle modelPunching format4P4Y 40- 5FG105FD10-02- 5FG1042- 5FG1002- 5FD10-5FG1440- 5FG145FD14-02- 5FG1442- 5FG1402 - 5FD14-5FG1540- 5FG155FD15-02- 5FG1542- 5FG1502 - 5FD15-5FG1840- 5FG185FD18-02- 5FG1842- 5FG1802- 5FD18-5FG18 -405FG18 -5FD18 --Punching format1000110001-2 ton seriesVehicle seriesVehicle model1Z5FG1010001Eng~nemodel2J4P4Y1Z2J5FG2040- 5FG205FD2060 - 5FD2002- 5FG2042- 5FG2002 - 5FD2062 - 5F D205FG2340- 5FG235F D2360 - 5FD2302 - 5FG2342- 5FG2302 - 5FD2362 - 5F D235FG2540- 5FG255FD2560 - 5F D2502 - 5FG2542- 5FG2502- 5FD2562 - 5FD255FG25 -405FG25 -5FD25 -605FD25 -I0001100011000110001
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