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THE IDEAL WOMAN 1BE GOOD AND BE KIND, AS LONG AS YOU’RE MINE, I’LL LOVE YOU TILL I DIE.2“As social rebels, we want to colonize the world with the female voice,…
THE IDEAL WOMAN 1BE GOOD AND BE KIND, AS LONG AS YOU’RE MINE, I’LL LOVE YOU TILL I DIE.2“As social rebels, we want to colonize the world with the female voice, advocating for work produced and created by women not just for women, but for all.” COGNATUS is a company of international female performing artists who wants to explore universal themes through our different cultures, language and from a woman’s perspective. We aim to engage communities not just through sensitive and inquisitive work that is a reflection of the community, but also to connect people through forms of education. Keywords: Expose, Embrace, Connect, Rebel Company Goals: To advocate for and bring up women in the arts by producing female centric work both on and off stage. To engage audience through shows that explore universal themes through the use of original material. To explore the human condition by breaking barriers which we perceive as factors that separate us. To empower communities through workshops, open forums and platforms that encourages self expression.3THE IDEAL WOMAN Running Time: 1 Hour | No Interval Cast:Original Cast (Southend Fringe 2018)Vinna LawVinna LawSusanna HyvärinenSusanna HyvärinenVanessa BorriniSiiri PartanenMorgana BaldisseraVanessa Borrini Morgana BaldisseraPresented by: The Cockpit as part of The Camden Fringe Festival Created at C.IN.E (Centre d'Investigació Escènica) Produced by:Music Direction / CompositionCognatus TheatreSusanna HyvarinenMatt RuckmanSiiri PartanenDevised by:Visual Design by:The CompanyPablo Fuentes GómezSpecial thanks to Emma Santschi and Pernille Rosengran for starting this journey with us in 2017. And Siiri Partanen for being fabulous and her continuous creative support despite not being here to perform at the Camden Fringe with us. 45The Ideal Woman is a space where the past and the present collide Where the repressed and the liberated come face to face Where we expose the unsaid and emphasize what we already know and breathe everyday. In Finland, there is a saying that says: A woman to a woman is a wolf. Women were taught not to trust each other. In Chinese the character for the word good is the combination of woman and son.The idea of what a woman is supposed to be is so deeply engraved in us that even though we are living in the 21st century, where women can wear suits, where we have women CEOs, where most women are able to express themselves freely, Where men actually use words like strong and independent to describe their ideal woman, We are still being told that we are only able to make art because we are girls, We are still being told that our brothers have the responsibility of taking care of the family, We are still being told not to be emotional because they like us better when we’re happy, We are still being told that they are surprised because a woman is a music producer, a woman is a drummer We are still being told that even though we say no, our pussies are saying yes We are still being told that a good key can open many locks and a bad lock can be opened by many keys, We are still being told not to be open with our sexuality because men do not marry women like that, 6We are still being told that our careers don’t matter, what matters is who we marry, We are still being told that we’re selfish for choosing our careers We are still being told that we have to want to be mothers, No matter where we are from or what language we speak, We are still being told We are still being told We are STILL being told. Language impact the way we think It affects our perception and views If the way we use a phone have progressed this far since Graham first invented the telephone in the 19th century, Why is it that we are still using language that reflects the society of the past and their way of life? What is it that we can’t let go of?This is what we want to explore, and will keep exploring in The Ideal Woman. Time never stops and because storytelling is the art of time We want to make sure that The Ideal Woman does not stop evolving We want to make sure that we reflect the time we’re living in and inspired by the community we’re performing it for. 789To the women who came before us, Thank you. Thank you for teaching us strength Thank you for teaching us vulnerability Thank you for teaching us acceptance Thank you for teaching us love.10VINNA LAW Malaysian made and London based Actor-Creator. Vinna holds a BA in Theatre and Cinema from Hanyang University, South Korea and an MA in Acting from East 15 Acting School, UK. Other than running Cognatus as a Producer (making sure things are getting done!) and working as a freelance actor, she is fulfilling her dream to join the circus as an aerialist in training specializing in lyra hoop.SUSANNA HYVĂ„RINEN Susanna is a Finnish Actor-Singer Songwriter based in Helsinki. She has a BA and MA in Theatre Research from the University of Helsinki and an MA in Acting from East 15 Acting School, UK. With almost 10 years of experience as an actor in Finland, she continues to take on film, tv and stage work whilst working on her solo music project, SosiĂŠ. Susanna is the Music Producer and Branding Director of Cognatus.1112VANESSA BORRINI Hailed from Italy and based in London, Actor-Singer Vanessa is a performer and founding member of Cognatus. She has a BA in Foreign Languages and Literature from the University of Verona and an MA in Acting from East 15 Acting School. Before London, Vanessa was part of the musical touring company, “Off Broadway Company” in Verona and was the leading lady in many of the musicals during her time there alongside with other stage and tv works. Apart from her acting career, Vanessa is currently exploring poetry and songwriting under the pseudonym “Ordinary Peculiar Mind”MORGANA BALDISSERA Morgana is an actor from Brazil and currently based in London. She has a BA in Theatre from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul and an MA in Acting from East 15 Acting School. Morgana's professional acting career took off in 2014, although her involvement with theatre started back in 2007, actively doing both amateur and educational productions. Morgana is also a founding member of Cognatus.1314THANKS TO Matt RuckmanKalle RuusukallioDinah MartiKhoo Lee LeeRiikka HiekkaniemiAlice GiulianiJuliana Ayu YahyaErna AaltoValeria PerboniJon ChewMaija RuusukallioMaura MinutiSuet LiMarjut PartanenKeijo HyvärinenWong Yin ChaenRachel GreyTaina HyvärinenCheyenne DeSouzaSara LPablo Fuentes GomezNick BatleyMirna JonasoIran BaldisseraAlfred LohSalla PeltonenMarcia BaldisseraPinki CheungTerence TohSergio OlivéLim Yee KuanRoope KaristoNatasha PhilipsToby SullivanJenni JanakkaZeinab SabieTeemu YlänneArmani ShahrinMaricel EsparagozaChristian VariniRobin SnellerParisa ShahvalianHeli KaltiokumpuLeon RubinNyiri KarakasAnja MauranenChristina GutekunstJoseph SignorelliKari AlataloChristina KapadochaAnnabelle WongLaura BlackwellColin SadlerLuciana CamposStephanie Van DriesenMarcin RudySean DaleMerja RitarantaLaw Kian HongVincent RosecSarah OschmannZenna LawMeghan HindmarchJulius JohanssonAnnabelle Wong 15The Ideal Woman lies in between the traditions of the past and the expectations of the future. The feminine and the masculine. The comfort within our borders and the adventures beyond. She fights against time trying to make sense of where she stands how she moves why she stays why she leaves and what makes her the woman that she wants to be. The Ideal Woman is a story of our mothers, our grandmothers, our sisters, and hopefully not our daughters. It’s time for Herstory to be told so Herstory could be made.  twitter  /
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