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COMPANY FORMATION INOMANwww.omanhelplinegroup.comCompany Formation Company formation is the process of registering a business as a limited company at Companies…
COMPANY FORMATION INOMANwww.omanhelplinegroup.comCompany Formation Company formation is the process of registering a business as a limited company at Companies House. As a result, the business becomes a distinct legal entity. The process is also referred to as ‘company incorporation’ and ‘company registration’. When you incorporate a limited company, it becomes an individual ‘person’ in the eyes of the law. Incorporated businesses are completely separate from their owners in terms of finances, liabilities, contractual agreements, and ownership of property and assets. Such a view is not afforded to unincorporated businesses like sole traders as distinct legal entities. Just like the other GCC countries, the process of setting up a business in Oman requires the involvement of a few steps. We play an important role to get the important documents for registering with the concerned ministries, government departments and associations to let the corporate clients start their business operations in Oman saving their time, efforts and money.BENEFITS OF BUSINESS SETUP IN OMAN 1. Multiple Facilities: A well-built infrastructure, commercial connectivity, high security, property rights, and international networking steps taken forward by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Commerce of Oman provide a favourable climate for entrepreneurs to grab the investment opportunities, convert business ideas, and contribute towards economic development. 2. Oman’s Ninth Five-Year Development Plan (2016-2020): This plan gives more importance completion of projects through Public Private Partnerships. Vision 2020 aims at building a strong economy for the future by developing business incorporation, human resource, economic diversification and private sector development. 3. Start-Up and Entrepreneurship: The government of Oman aims at building a smart-city. Strong international networking and trade agreements have widened the scope of foreign investment in Oman, which helps even the small and medium industries and start-ups in Oman to gain the benefits.4. No Personal Tax: Oman comes under the tax-free zone. Yes, you don't need to pay income or any individual tax. Once established, a company only has a flat 15% corporate tax to be paid. 5. Company Formation in Oman and Ownership: According to Omani Law, there are 3 major formats of company formation in Oman: Limited Liability Company (LLC), Closed Joint Stock Company, and Open Joint Stock Company. Amongst these, an LLC is the most common type of company formed in Oman. The ownership of a foreign investor is 70%; in special cases, it gets extended even to 100%. 6. Export of Non-Oil Products: The government is taking initiatives to expand the export of non-oil products, which creates a huge opportunity for sectors like fishing, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, mineral mining, etc. According to Oman’s business news, its export increased by 28% during 2017-2018.We will help you with company formation in Oman: ➢Helpline Group will help you choose the best company structure.➢Our team of experts would assist you with Company registration services in Oman.➢Helpline Group will support you in documentation and filing of required paperwork.➢Ourteamwouldacquirethelicensesandapprovals from various authorities in Oman on your behalf.Company Formation Services & Legal Structure. The Foreign Business and Investment Law, The Commercial Register Law & Commercial Company Code 1974 govern the process of company formation in Oman. According to the laws and regulations, the foreign investors are allowed to form their company in Oman in the following legal structures:1Limited Liability Company Formation (W.L.L)2Branch Office3Commercial Agencies4Representative Trade Offices5General Partnership Company6Limited Share Partnership Company7Holding Company8Public Shareholding Company9Joint VentureSteps involved in register a company in Oman 1. Finding A Partner 2. Business Set-Up 3. License RegistrationABOUT HELPLINE GROUP Founded in 1990, the Oman Helpline Group has attained customers’ reliance, trust and a prestigious market brand value in less than three decades for the quality work delivered by its experienced professionals. The company has a presence all over the world, starting from the Middle East countries to countries such as USA, Canada and India; we are present everywhere around the globe.THANK YOU
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