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AUGUST 2019 ISSUE 127 PROMOTING BRAND SCANDINAVIAEVA WEEL SKRAM – SINGING HER TRUTH TRAVEL SPECIAL: AN UNFORGETTABLE AUTUMN IN SWEDEN A TASTE OF SCANDINAVIA: FOOD AND DRINK NORDIC DESIGN SPECIAL38Contents47COVER FEATURE 38 Eva Weel Skram: Singing Her Truth Ending in sixth place in Idol might not sound like the most incredible achievement, but for Eva Weel Skram it was little short of a life-saver. It meant she was allowed to join the Idol summer tour, where she met her now-husband, the other half of Eva & The Heartmaker. Scan Magazine spoke to the Norwegian singer about pain, finding love, and singing your truth.54 Whether you like performing arts or fancy yourself as a bit of a guitar music enthusiast, you will find something to do in Sweden this autumn. The same goes if you are more into books and philosophical ideas, or if you think that no trip to Sweden is complete without a good dose of ABBA. Look no further than this guide to an unforgettable autumn in Sweden.66 Green Fashion and Covetable Designs Modular watches, designs for man’s best friend, and delicate ceramics – this month’s design section features Scandinavian brands for all tastes, as well as a fashion diary of all things green.76SPECIAL FEATURES 32 Living with a Scandinavian If you are planning to move in with a Scandinavian, read our top-ten guide first, to make sure to be prepared when their peculiarities start to show. If you change your mind, head for our featured hotel in Norway instead, or mend your buddy’s broken heart with a feast of clean-conscience meat from Denmark.Visit Denmark: Culture Special Denmark boasts a fascinating history, and we set out to discover the many different ways in which to explore it. Whether you want art history, a Viking adventure or to learn more about the stunning Danish nature, our culture special will help you plan your trip.DESIGN 8 Best of Sweden: Unforgettable Autumn ExperiencesBUSINESS 80 All About Trees This month’s business section is picking up on the green theme, with a brand revolutionising the forest industry and another helping you to make the most of your garden space. Keynote columnist Steve Flinders, meanwhile, takes on another form of sustainability: that of your risk-taking habits.CULTURE SPECIAL THEMES8442 A Taste of Scandinavia Award-winning gastro pubs, a Finnish vegan venture, and world-class whisky from Denmark – this and more you’ll find in our culinary special, featuring mostly Finnish favourites with a touch of Norwegian and Danish deliciousness.100 Norwegian Culture Spotlight From an old artist villa to Norway’s boat-building craft, we have a bigger-than-usual culture section this month. As always, if you just want to know where the cultural buzz is at in terms of gigs and shows this month, head straight for the culture calendar.REGULARS & COLUMNS 8 90 94 Fashion Diary  |  10 We Love This  |  84 Restaurants of the Month Bed & Breakfast of the Month  |  91 Hotels of the Month Gallery of the Month  |  96 Artist of the Month  |  98 HumourScan Magazine  |  Editor’s NoteDear Reader, Between heat waves, political turmoil, and a chat with Eva Weel Skram that completely floored me, all I’ve had the energy for in the last few weeks has been reading, spending time with family, and the odd long evening walk. I think this is the time of year when we really allow for that lull to properly set in; it doesn’t mean it needs to be all about the hammock, but it certainly demands a focus on the good life. And that’s exactly what this issue of Scan Magazine is all about.tumn diary is packed full of music festivals, book fairs, ‘hygge’ immersion and an oyster feast? For now, I hope you are busy soaking up the last bit of warmth, lake swims, fresh salads and mental space, and if you need reading material for that hammock, I know just the thing…Linnea Dunne, EditorInspired by our resident design editor Ingrid Opstad’s lush picks, we allowed ourselves to dream big and made the design section a big one this month: think atmospheric paintings, delicate ceramics, meaningful jewellery and more. And then we listened intently to the gourmands inside, because a worldclass whisky just complements a summer evening with a book on the porch so well – and planning the restaurant visits on that next trip to Finland works a treat for the comfort levels, too.SCANProducing the Danish travel theme and autumn guide to Sweden served as solace when the summer felt that bit too short – a reassurance of sorts, promising that the next season brings cosiness and comfort too, wherever in Scandinavia it takes you. Who can mourn the loss of summer when the au-M A G A Z I N EScan MagazineGraphic DesignerSynne Johnsson© All rights reserved. MaterialIssue 127Audrey BeullierMette Lisbycontained in this publicationMaria SmedstadAugust not be reproduced, in wholeKarl Batterbeeor in part, without prior permissionAugust 2019 Cover Photo Published 08.2019 ISSN 1757-9589 Published by Scan Groupof Scan Magazine Ltd.Stine Raastad Sales & Key Account ManagersScan Magazine® is a registeredContributorsEmma Fabritius Nørregaardtrademark of Scan Magazine Ltd.Ingrid OpstadMette TonnessenMalin NormanJohan EnelyckeThis magazine containsNina BresslerHenri Vatanenadvertorials/promotional articlesLisa Maria Berg PrintHeidi KokborgAdvertisingUniprintCamilla Olofsson Executive EditorMaria PirkkalainenTo SubscribeThomas WintherHanna Koskinen Creative DirectorEmma Rödin Sara WenkelScan Magazine LtdJosefine Older Steffensen15B Bell Yard MewsAlyssa NilsenBermondsey StreetLouise Older SteffensenLondon SE1 3YT, United KingdomSigne HansenPhone +44 207 407 1937Pia BatterbeeSanne WassMads E. Petersen Editor Linnea Dunne6 | Issue 127 | August 2019Scan Magazine  |  Design  |  Fashion DiaryFashion Diary… Green can be found everywhere in the fashion world right now, and it’s a colour that’s really growing on us. Here, we present some inspiration on how to add different shades of this year’s it-colour into your wardrobe, via a Scandinavian, minimal style. By Ingrid Opstad  |  Press photosWhen the weather starts to get more chilly again, a great way to keep getting use out of your summer sandals or heels is to add a pair of trendy socks. These thin shimmer socks from Pico Copenhagen are perfect for adding a dash of green to your outfit in an elegant way. Pico Copenhagen, thin shimmer socks, green, £6 www.picocopenhagen.comBy mixing different shades of green, you can create a vibrant and fun look that will make you stand out from the crowd. These soft and flowy trousers from Monki are both sporty and classy with their slanted front pockets and elastic waist. Combine with a plain tank top and cool sandals for a comfy everyday outfit. Monki, super soft trousers, deep forest green, £25 Monki, fitted tank top, pistachio green, £8 Monki, ‘Buffalo Eisla’ sandals, beige green, £65 www.monki.comWe love the subtle minty green colour of this Selected Femme knitted pullover jumper. It is made from an organic cotton blend and is cropped for a trendy fit. Throw it over any outfit to get cosy. Selected Femme, knitted pullover, green / spray, £55 www.selected.comThe Oval Cocktail Tsavorite is a bold, exclusive ring in 925 sterling silver with handset stones of Green Tsavorite. Inspired by Scandinavian functionalism, the Norwegian lifestyle brand Tom Wood creates contemporary classics you will love for years to come. Tom Wood, oval cocktail ‘Tsavorite’ ring, £1,249 www.tomwoodproject.comScan Magazine  |  Design  |  Fashion DiaryThe crown shorts are NN07’s signature shorts, the one summer item every man needs. They are easy to wear and go with basically everything – essential during the warmer months of the year. The stretch fabric, available in a wide range of green shades, ensures extreme comfort. NN07, crown shorts ‘1004’, light pine, approx £89 www.nn07.comMoss green is a natural shade that brings to mind forests and Nordic scenery. Crafted from a smooth twill weave, this overshirt from Arket is made of organic cotton and has been washed for a soft feel. Team up with this colourful scarf, which mixes yellow with dark khaki green, and you are right on trend. Arket, cotton twill overshirt, £69 Arket, printed scarf, £29 Arket, trousers, £69 www.arket.comIf you are on the look-out for a new tie, this knitted silk tie with a zig-zag texture is a versatile item that works well with both casual outfits and suits. It is handmade in Italy for Berg&Berg, a brand creating products based on the foundations of classic style from a modern, Nordic point of view. Berg&Berg, zig-zag knitted tie, bottle green, £71 www.bergbergstore.comWith a collapsible, slouchy construction, this holdall is made from a smooth, technical fabric with a contrasting, adjustable webbing strap. It has a hidden inside pocket, great for keeping your belongings safe while on travels or in your everyday life. COS, collapsed technical holdall bag, khaki green, £55 www.cosstores.comIssue 127 | August 2019  |  9Scan Magazine  |  Design  |  We Love ThisWe love this… A few carefully selected items can really make a difference when you want to update a room in your home. This month, we look at the bathroom and how you can make it a luxurious haven. Think timeless and minimal – we think you’ll love these Scandinavian design touches. By Ingrid Opstad  |  Press photosPerfect for displaying everything from your beauty essentials and favourite perfumes to small decorations, this shelf from ferm LIVING is a natural fit for a contemporary bathroom. It is hung on a wall with the wooden hook, which beautifully hides the mounting. Add a matching towel hanger and wall box for additional storage space. ferm LIVING, bathroom shelf, £55 ferm LIVING, towel hanger, £29 ferm LIVING, wall box, £49 www.fermliving.comAdd a touch of Scandinavian minimalism with a few new decorative items. Ume is the Japanese word for plum tree and a symbol of elegance, patience and strength. The series by Zone Denmark is inspired by the letter ‘U’, giving it both a modern and classical personality with exquisite and functional details. Available in five colours: black, grey, white, nude and this season’s deep maroon red. Zone Denmark, ‘Singles’ tray, black, £39.95 Zone Denmark, ‘Singles’ tray, mud, £49.95 Zone Denmark, ‘Ume’ soap dispenser, £34.95 Zone Denmark, ‘Ume’ toothbrush mug, £17.95 www.zonedenmark.netThe pedal bin from Vipp was not created in the strictly traditional sense, but got its visual expression in response to a series of functional criteria – one being a pedal for hands-free operation. Designed by Dane Holger Nielsen in 1939, this bin has become an international design icon. Vipp, 13 pedal bin (4L), £189 Vipp, 11 toilet brush, £149 www.vipp.comA new soap bottle can work wonders, not only via its look but also with the lovely smell it can give the bathroom. TGC106 tulip is a perfumed, organic soap crafted with pure vegetable oils. Imagine, if you will, the freshly harvested bouquet: still cool from outdoors, with close-fitting petals and watery stalks that make a slight squeaking sound when handled. Now, who doesn’t want their bathroom to feel like that? Tangent GC, ‘TGC106’ tulip organic soap, £18.50 www.tangentgc.comThe Brick towel series, by Danish brand Mette Ditmer, has a graphic herringbone pattern woven into the fabric structure, so the pattern becomes a relief detail on the surface. The style and colours create a beautifully integrated and serene look in your bathroom. Mette Ditmer, ‘Brick’ guest towel (35x55cm), two pack, approx. £16 Mette Ditmer, ‘Brick’ standard towel (50x95cm), approx. £14 Mette Ditmer, ‘Brick’ bath towel (70x133cm), approx. £28 www.metteditmer.com10 | Issue 127 | August 2019Unique Swedish innovation helps social snorers Are you disturbed by snoring? Perhaps you are a snorer yourself, or know someone who snores? Well, there is now help at hand. The pioneering Eezyflow sleep collar reduces snoring and also works as a travel collar – so you can get better sleep, and a better quality of life. By Malin Norman  |  Photos: EezyflowEezyflow sleep collar is a top-of-therange medical device for snorers, made of high-quality materials including pure polyurethane foam, known as memory foam, and is designed to reduce or eliminate snoring. Its founder, AnnChristine Krook, explains the idea behind the sleep collar: “I have lived with snorers since I was ten years old. 30 12 | Issue 127 | August 2019years of frustration and a great many sleepless nights helped me see a pattern,” she says. “The snoring stopped in a certain sleep position, on the side with the head slightly tilted back and the mouth closed.” Krook devoted herself to finding a solution and studied medical data, attended sleepcongresses and conferences, and met with a number of doctors and researchers in order to learn about snoring, its causes and risks. She discovered that the sleep position she was trying to attain could be compared to the so-called recovery position, in which an unconscious but breathing person can be placed as part of first aid treatment.Social snoring and sleep apnea Snoring can affect both men and women, and as recognised by Krook, snoring has been a global social problem for decades. The definition of social snoring is to snore without breathing pauses or with lessScan Magazine  |  Design  |  EezyflowAbout Eezyflow: • CE-marked medical device. • Manufactured in Sweden and   Denmark.  • Cast in specially made molding tool.  • Collar made of soft memory foam.  • Height adjustable.  • Fabrics, certified 100 per cent organic cotton.  • Weighs only 180 grammes. Easy to carry as hand luggage. • Can be combined with other anti-snoring products.than five pauses per hour of sleep. It can have a negative effect on health, memory and mood, and disturb sex life, family relationships and working life. It might eventually lead to sleep apnea syndrome, which is classified as a disease that needs to be treated. The ground-breaking Eezyflow sleep collar has been tested by medical experts in cases of social snoring. It can also be used in combination with other anti-snoring measures, such as a snoring rail or nasal dilator, and works perfectly as a travel collar when travelling. The physiologically designed Eezyflow sleep collar is soft, relieves pressure, and is adjustable in height. The purpose is to free the airways by holding the head slightly tilted back, the jaw slightly advanced, and the mouth closed. While Eezyflow cannot provide relief for everyone, it can certainly help many people get a reduction or elimination in snoring and obtain a better night’s sleep – and thus, a better quality of life.What is snoring? Snoring is the vibration of respiratory structures and the resulting sound due to obstructed air movement during breathing while sleeping. In some cases, the sound may be very soft, almost silent, but in most cases, it can be loud and unpleasant. Snoring during sleep may be a sign of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Research shows that snoring is one of the factors of sleep deprivation. The severity of obstructive sleep apnea is classified as follows*: • Normal sleep (social snoring): less   than five events per hour of sleep. • Mild sleep apnea: five to 14 events   per hour of sleep. • Moderate sleep apnea: 15 to 29   events per hour of sleep. • Severe sleep apnea: 30 or more   events per hour of sleep. *Information from www.sleephealth.orgWeb: Facebook: Eezyflow Instagram: @eezyflowsovkrageIssue 127 | August 2019  |  13Tick, tock, boom — Swedish watches, designed by you Take an ancient invention, add full design customisation, and sprinkle with topclass customer service. What you get is a watch brand that makes your heart go boom. Scan Magazine spoke to Niklas Dahlgren, the man behind the brand that’s making watches unique and enjoyable again.different elements to create one holistic design, and it just didn’t make sense to me that the customer wouldn’t get to choose how to do it.”By Linnea Dunne  |  Photos: Elin StraatThe market wasn’t quite ready yet for Dahlgren’s industry-changing concept, but over the years, he fine-tuned the idea – creating prototype upon prototype until he had solved the challenges of insisting on a fully customisable watch,"I’m passionate about developing products from a consumer perspective. I'm not even really a watch fanatic – I just want to offer an amazing product that exceeds the customers' expectations," says Niklas Dahlgren, founder and CEO of BOOM Watches. And perhaps that’s exactly why he ended up starting the business he did: one that lets the customer choose – in a real way. He was based in London, working as a bartender, when he came across the watch manufacturer STORM and went on to become the exclusive distributor 14 | Issue 127 | August 2019of the brand’s products for the Nordic region. More than two decades later, he had built up an impressive CV with professional experience from not just STORM, but also brands such as SKAGEN, Camel Active and Gant Time. “It struck me when I was working with STORM that the whole industry was quite static,” Dahlgren reflects. “People would get a new watch every five, maybe seven years – it was quite dull. That’s actually when I had the original idea for BOOM Watches; I understood how the production worked, how we put togetherScan Magazine  |  Design  |  BOOM Watchesincluding not just the strap, but also the outer case, the bezel and the inner casing. And then, in 2017, the new brand was officially launched with a big boom, as it were.A brand of open minds The name, BOOM, stands for Brand of Open Minds, the founder explains. “We’re challenging the conventional watch, which can be quite boring and traditional,” he says. “Plus, in my opinion, to say that something is booming is very positive; it means it’s going in the right direction.” A BOOM watch comes with a standard two-year warranty, going up to three years if you register online – that’s unmatched by anyone in the fashion watch industry. Should any part turn out to be faulty, you’re guaranteed an instant instore replacement, which makes a lot of environmental sense: replacing parts as required, rather than replacing the whole watch. And sure enough, BOOM has a loyal base of customers who keep returning to buy new, additional parts for their watches. Ordering a BOOM watch is incredibly easy, as should be expected from a brand that puts the customer and usability first. But it’s enjoyable too; as you choose from the different colours and design elements, you watch your unique watch take shape on the screen in front of you in real time. There are no compromises, and it’s quick – as is the delivery,with your own, unique watch arriving in a neat box the following day. “You have to remember that we’re not a trend item,” stresses Dahlgren. “Trends peak and then disappear. We have a broad clientele with 14-year-olds as well as 75-year-olds buying our watches, and everyone can find a quality watch that suits their style. We’ve also got gift boxes that allow you to keep a kit at home to mix and match with, so you can match tan straps with your tan shoes, for instance.”Modern and modular It’s an interesting proposition, the customisable watch. You might think that watches would be a thing of the past, considering everyone has the time on their smartphone in their pocket. But while a whole new segment of smart watches and fitness gadgets is growing at an impressive speed, Dahlgren sees another development for the old timepiece. “Many people feel rushed all the time already – they don’t want more things trying to grab their attention. There’s something nice about being able to check the time without getting your phone out,” he says. BOOM Watches offers that possibility, along with the customisati
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