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D&AD ADNAMS GR3333 COMPETITION BRIEF PAGE 1SAM SHIRLOW - BA/HON GRAPHIC DESIGN - YEAR 4The Brief: Connect to a new generation of drinkers outside of East Anglia,…
D&AD ADNAMS GR3333 COMPETITION BRIEF PAGE 1SAM SHIRLOW - BA/HON GRAPHIC DESIGN - YEAR 4The Brief: Connect to a new generation of drinkers outside of East Anglia, shake preconceptions and make sustainability taste good with a positive and memorable experience.Solution: The Adnams Beer Garden The Adnams Beer Garden is a unique, relaxed and portable social space. Crafted from brewing ingredients and reclaimed materials, it tells the Adnams story, and highlights how sustainable business can benefit us all. Launching at the Chelsea flower show. The Adnams Beer Garden will then tour the country throughout summer, sharing it’s sustainability story with the public over a nice cold pint.SAM SHIRLOW - BA/HON GRAPHIC DESIGN - YEAR 4PAGE 2BEER GARDEN The Adnams beer garden will be fully portable (via biofuel HGV) and created almost entirely from recycled / reclaimed materials. It will tell the adnams story through both typographic elements and several other bespoke garden features.L AL L W L) A TIC ICA VER NTAN (BOPAGE 3SAM SHIRLOW - BA/HON GRAPHIC DESIGN - YEAR 4Salvaged driftwood bench feature (dedicated to the volunteers who take part in Adnams annual British beach cleanup).Carbon Graph pipe feature. (old distilery pipes that show carbon emission reductions each year)Portable bar trailer unit. (Features a grass roof mimicing the Adnams distribution center.)Intro wall feature. (Recycled whiskey barrels, and etched with the campaign strapline “most businesses want to make a mark on the world, we’d rather just make good beer”Garden decking. Made from recycled wood pallets, and burn etched. The decking will feature a dated timeline, marking out interesting points in Adnams rich history.Flower bed, hosting Suffolks offical flower (Oxlip) and displays some of the rare flora & fauna that Adnams protects through various environmental schemes.SAM SHIRLOW - BA/HON GRAPHIC DESIGN - YEAR 4PAGE 4Hexagon BeeTable. Built from wood from the older outgrown been hives, this tells the story of how Adnams rescued its bees.PAGE 5SAM SHIRLOW - BA/HON GRAPHIC DESIGN - YEAR 4LIVE ACTIVATIONS, TO PLANT THE SEED Before the Beer Garden begins its tour around the country, we will plant enscribed barrels and beer keg planters in busy city centers along the planned route. Each displays a message and info relating to the campaign.WE’RE ON OUR W AY, AND WE’RE BRINGING BEER. COME HANG OUT AND H AVE A PINT , IN OUR UNIQUE LY STYLED SUS TAINABLE BEER GARDEN THIS SUMMER,SAM SHIRLOW - BA/HON GRAPHIC DESIGN - YEAR 4PAGE 6LEAFLET TO INFORM We will take advantage of Adnams existing network of partnered outlets and retailers to distribute information leaflets before the garden tour kicks off. The leaflet will give an overview of the campaign and the locations it will visit on the tour.R YOU. WE’RE TRAV NEAD ONE AT A VENUE COLG THE UK THIS SU ELINYOU BRING THE CHEER TCH ER, CA US FOR A MMBEER GARDEN MAY - AUGUST 2019WE’LL BRING THE BEER.PAGE 7SAM SHIRLOW - BA/HON GRAPHIC DESIGN - YEAR 4LIMITED EDITION GLASS AND LOCATION BEER MATS The Adnams beer garden will feature its own unique grassy beer mats, specific to each location, and distributed to pubs in each area before the garden arrives. on the tour.D ONE AT A VENUE L O CThe beer garden will also feature a limited edition Wild Hops bottle design and a pint glass available to purchase.BEER GARDEN MAY 2019G THE UK THIS SU ELINYOU. WE’RE TRA R A V NEA COLD ONE AT R O A SFTCH ER, CA US FOR A MMBEE. WE’RE TRAVEL U O IN RYAT A VENUE NE E N A DOBR GAR IST DE OL NBRD A G R EEE UK THIS SUMM E G THS FOR A COLD ONE U CHERCHE RDEN LSE AR SUMME , CATCH U HISBERAVELING TH ’RE T E WENUE NEAR YOU E V . AT AR GAAVELING THE UK T E TRE NEAR YOU. WE U N ’R VEEND R O F X OSUMMER, CA THIS T UKATCH US FOR A COL R, CSAM SHIRLOW - BA/HON GRAPHIC DESIGN - YEAR 4PAGE 8ONLINE - INSTAGRAMAdnams19:33AdnamsAdnams19:33AdnamsTaking advantage of Adnams existing instagram account, the campaign will share a series of playful slideshow posts to coax people out of their locals and into the Adnams beer garden. The tours progress will also be posted to keep everyone informed. AdnamsHOW TO MAKE A DAY IN THE SUN BETTER? 122 Likes AdnamsSuns out ! #getoutinthergardenBEER GARDEN19:33AdnamsMAY - AUGUST 2019FRESH AIR FRESH TASTE ZERO WASTE122 Likes AdnamsSuns out ! #getoutinthergarden402 Likes AdnamsPAGE 9All Set Manchester ? #onourwaySAM SHIRLOW - BA/HON GRAPHIC DESIGN - YEAR 4PENGUIN BOOKS NORWEGIEN WOOD GR3333 COMPETITION BRIEF SAM SHIRLOW - BA/HON GRAPHIC DESIGN - YEAR 4PAGE 10The Brief Haruki Murakami’s books and stories have been best-sellers in Japan as well as internationally. His writing is vivid, dazzling, experimental and imaginative and your cover design should reflect this. The story is well known both in celluloid and print so it is essential to come at it from a fresh angle. It should appeal to a contemporary, enquiring and literary readership. The aim is to design a new cover for a new generation of readers, avoiding the obvious clichĂŠs. Originality is key.PAGE 11SAM SHIRLOW - BA/HON GRAPHIC DESIGN - YEAR 4129mm25mm129mm‘Evocative, entertaining, sexy and funny; but then Murakami is one of the best writers around’ • Time Out198mmSince a song is what triggers vivid memories within the protagonist, I used a vinyl record to portray a feminine eye of the books main love interest. This particular character is deeply flawed and emotionally damaged, which I’ve simply visualized as scratches and chips in the record.REMASTERED: Henry Mancini • Greatest Hits - The Best of Henry ManciniThe spine has been styled to look like a stack of record sleeves, and features and selection of songs that play during key scenes. The finished cover will feature a spot varnish on the record section, to replicate the glossy finish found on most vinyl records.PARAMOUNT RECORDSDISC TECH 8872SAM SHIRLOW - BA/HON GRAPHIC DESIGN - YEAR 4EMI RECORDS 1967‘This book is undeniably hip, full of student uprisings, free love, booze and 1960s’ pop, it’s also genuinely emotionally engaging, and describes the highs of adolescence as well as the lows’ • Independent On Sunday7inGEPO 70044 1965 EMI All Rights ReservedTHE ROLLING STONES - Live’r Than You’ll Ever BeTHE BEATLESNORWEGIAN WOODImmediately he is transported back almost twenty years to his student days in Tokyo, adrift in a world of uneasy friendships, casual sex, passion, loss and desire – to a time when an impetuous young woman called Midori marched into his life and he had to choose between the future and the past.SGT. PEPPER’S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BANDWhen he hears her favourite Beatles song, Toru Watanabe recalls his first love Naoko, the girlfriend of his best friend Kizuki.THE BEATLESHARUKI MURAKAMIPiano Man Billy Joel • The Essential Billy JoelNORWEGIAN WOODAfter reading the book I picked up on music being a key element with in the books events.7 inch‘A heart-stoppingly moving story . . . Murakami is, without a doubt, one of the world’s finest novelists’ • HeraldHARUKI MURAKAMI45RPM‘Such is the exquisite, gossamer construction of Murakami’s writing that everything he chooses to describe trembles with symbolic possibility’ • GuardianNorwegian WoodPAGE 12PAGE 13SAM SHIRLOW - BA/HON GRAPHIC DESIGN - YEAR 4THE NOSTROMO LOG 40 YEARS OF ALIEN GR3992 HONOURS PROJECT SAM SHIRLOW - BA/HON GRAPHIC DESIGN - YEAR 4PAGE 14The Brief: To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the iconic Alien movie, this project aims to create a physical ships log book for the final voyage of the ill fated Nostromo. The book will fit with the films lo-fi aesthetic, and details the events of the film from the crews perspective. Included with the main log-book will be a smaller pull out booklet, which tells the real world story of how the Nostromo came to be, and what its real fate was.PAGE 15SAM SHIRLOW - BA/HON GRAPHIC DESIGN - YEAR 4SAM SHIRLOW - BA/HON GRAPHIC DESIGN - YEAR 4PAGE 16The Nostromo Log Book For this project I created a log book box set, that features a host of pull-out elements that add a visual hook for key log entries. To contain everything I also designed and created a box, that visually fits within the lo-fi futuristic aesthetic of the film. The box takes visual cues from the interior of the Nostromo, making it instantly recognizable to fans of the films while not giving away too much about what it contains. To exaggerate this further I created a new semiotic icon that fits with existing icons, which hints that the box holds a record of some kind.The floopy disk icon (as used as a prob in the 1986 sequel, which contains a crew members debriefing) to hint at the boxes contents.PAGE 17SAM SHIRLOW - BA/HON GRAPHIC DESIGN - YEAR 4A selection of pull-out elements. The logbook features a host of additional material to help tell the crews story. From deck plans, medical reports to oily hand drawn flame-thrower sketches. The box also features an engraved / etched ship registration plate on the underside of the lid. The specs shown are in-canon and a result of research into the extended Alien universe. Each log entry is also accompanied by a binary entry from the Mu/th/ur computer. These (is translated to text) detail the computers secret agenda throughout the film.SAM SHIRLOW - BA/HON GRAPHIC DESIGN - YEAR 4PAGE 18I.C.C emblem stamp This organization is referenced several times in the film but nothing relating to it is ever shown on screen, so a more in-universe emblem was be needed for the log book. I created a new logo in keeping with the films look, the number of stars relates to the number of colony planets the USA now has (source: Colonial Marines tech manual - 1995)Solomons Drydock Stamp In the original script (and later in a transcript from the in-canon Alien: Isolation videogame) the port that the Nostromo sets off from, and is due to return to, is based in The Solomon Islands. Again this is not shown visually. So I visualized an emblem for the Solomons space-dock, using the national flag, together with warning stripes from heavy industry and the WY Company logo.PAGE 19SAM SHIRLOW - BA/HON GRAPHIC DESIGN - YEAR 4Embroidered Patches (Top - Nostromo crew badge / Bottom - Kane’s UK-7 badge)Kane’s UK Arm Patch I recreated the UK triangle patch (worn by crew member kane) digitially, so I could have it embroidered as a physical patch to include in the log relating to his untimely fate. The same process was done with the Nostrono crew patch, as worn by all the crew. Both vectored and machine stitched as extra clip-in elements for the Log-Book.SAM SHIRLOW - BA/HON GRAPHIC DESIGN - YEAR 4PAGE 20Log entry format, which emulates a naval log book. Each entry will be accompanied with a crew rank icon and binary back-up log from the mu/th/ur computer.Each log entry is partnered with a unique Weyland Yutani branded QR code, which will take you directly to a video of the scene linked to that particular log entry.01110100 01100001 01101011 01100101 00100000 01101111 01100110 01100110 00100000 01110011 01110101 01100011 01100011 01100101 01110011 01110011 01100110 01110101 01101100 00101110 00100000 01100001 01110111 01100001 01101001 01110100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01110011 01100011 01101001 01100101 01101110 01100011 01100101 00100000 01100001 01110011 01110011 01100101 01110100 00100000 01110010 01100101 01110000 01101111 01110010 01110100 00101110PAGE 21SAM SHIRLOW - BA/HON GRAPHIC DESIGN - YEAR 4Nostromo ship schematic I envisioned that if this box existed on a real ship it would include a schematic of the ship itself. So using film stills and fan artwork as a reference, I created a vector of the ships structure and printed it in large format to be folded into the box.SAM SHIRLOW - BA/HON GRAPHIC DESIGN - YEAR 4PAGE 22Companion Booklet In addition to the main (in-universe) log-book I also created a smaller supplementary booklet, which details the incredible work that went into designing and building the Nostromo fro the film. The book features gate folded pages which contain a wealth of images of the of Nostromo sets. The booklet also features a unique hand embossed wraparound cover, which emulates the aged hull of the Nostromo itself.An example of the Nostromo models hull panelling, as seen on screen in the film.PAGE 23SAM SHIRLOW - BA/HON GRAPHIC DESIGN - YEAR 4SAM SHIRLOW - BA/HON GRAPHIC DESIGN - YEAR 4PAGE 24PAGE 25
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