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2019ROBOTIC MARKETERPREPARED BYHORIZONS CONSULTINGUniversity of FloridaRachael Bunn Jonathan Miranda Garrett ScottHorizons Consulting: Robotic Marketer…
2019ROBOTIC MARKETERPREPARED BYHORIZONS CONSULTINGUniversity of FloridaRachael Bunn Jonathan Miranda Garrett ScottHorizons Consulting: Robotic Marketer CampaignContents3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 12 13 17 19 20 21 23 25 26 27 28Table ofWHO WE ARE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY AI INDUSTRY COMPETITOR ANALYSIS SWOT TARGET AUDIENCE POSITION STATEMENT GOALS + OBJECTIVES CREATIVE STRATEGY EVENT MARKETING MEDIA PLAN IMPORTANCE OF VIDEO SOCIAL MEDIA CALENDAR LINKEDIN ADS LEAD GENERATION BUDGET BREAKDOWN ROI SUMMARY KEY TAKEAWAYS SOURCES2University of FloridaJuly 2020WHO ARE WE? A project management company focused on generating leads and increasing brand awareness for our clientsRachael Bunn Project Manager rachael@mgc.solutionsJonathan Miranda Marketing Specialist jonathansmiranda@uf.eduHorizons Consulting: Robotic Marketer CampaignGarrett Scott Lead Researcher3Page 9Executive Summary Robotic Marketer is the 1st robotics-based artificial intelligence marketing program that produces custom built marketing strategies faster and smarter than traditional human-based methods. Robotic Marketer is located Sydney, Australia and was founded and developed under the leadership of Mellissah Smith and Marketing Eye, an global marketing company in 2017. Artificial intelligence is expected to grow by over 100% every year until 2025 (Statista 2019). Although AI is an emerging technology, 46% of Australians are distrusting of the technology (Kelnar 2019). Therefore, proper education about AI will be extremely important to demonstrate to business owners that AI is here to work for them not against them. In this campaign, we will focus on small business owners. In Australia, 85% of companies do not have a marketing strategy and since small businesses lack funding, this audience would be most effective to target due to Robotic Marketer's low price point and fast output. Overall, our challenges include increasing brand awareness, generate community engagement, educate the public about the benefits of integrating AI, and increasing Robotic Marketer's lead generation database in order to increase revenue. Our campaign will utilize Linkedin and Instagram to educate business owners about this technology and software, as well as event marketing to increase community engagement by networking with incubators in Sydney.Horizons Consulting: Robotic Marketer Campaign4AI INDUSTRY Growth of the AI market worldwide from 2017 to 2025"Potential ROI from AI is too great to resist" -  Entrepreneur.comCurrently Robotic Marketer is an industry leader among its competitors. It uses artificial intelligence technology in a way that has not been done before in this industry, to create the most fact-based and powerful marketing strategies with the use of robotics. There are many debates surrounding artificial intelligence in the marketing industry. Many are afraid of job displacement and that their degrees and jobs will be useless after this technology inevitably becomes a more integral part of this industry. According to Bruce Falk, CEO of Turn (an independent ad tech company), marketers should not be afraid of this technology as it is only a tool, not a replacement, there to get rid of the “grunt work” required for marketing due to the complexity of data in today’s world (Falk, 2016). Reid Casey, employee at Sharpspring, an AI marketing automation software company, has encountered adverse perspectives on this technology. He explains that it is important to “teach apprehensive individuals in this industry” that AI is not harmful to industry professionals’ well-being, and instead, only there to assist. Around the world, other global companies are either already using AI technology or are beginning to implement similar technology in their company. According to Kate Harrison of Forbes, “marketers are already reaping strong ROI from AI innovations” and that the integration of this technology in other business are happening every day (Harrison, 2019). According to the graph above by Statista, the growth of the AI market is projected to be around 150% until 2021. By 2021, it is estimated that $57 billion will be spent on AI by companies in this industry. To put this in greater perspective, by 2025 the global artificial intelligence market is expected to experience massive growth with revenues increasing from around $3.2 billion in 2016 to an expected $89.85 billion by 2025. Regardless of whether or not a business is in its beginning stages as a start-up or have been in business for years, AI can help any business boost sales and will be necessary for any successful business in the coming years. (Statista, 2019). Horizons Consulting: Robotic Marketer Campaign5Competitive Analysis The main competitors of Robotic Marketer would be existing marketing agencies around Australia which offer marketing strategies at a lower price point, according to marketing executive at Marketing Eye, Zachary Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Hehir. These competitors do not possess artificial intelligent methods of producing these strategies, like Robotic Marketer does. An agency which directly competes with Robotic Marketer is Bright Owl Marketing, located in Australia. The company also offers a strategic marketing workshop and plan, but without the use of artificial intelligence technology and at a different price point. From $1,900, a client can receive a 4-hour marketing workshop, with only two allowed attendees, and a one-page marketing plan. From $3,200, the workshop is about 2 hours longer, 3 attendees can be present and a detailed marketing plan, 30-40 pages in length, will be provided. Lastly, from $4,200, a client will receive two marketing consultants to run the workshop, up to five attendees and a detailed marketing strategy 30-40 pages in length (Bright Owl). Another agency which provides similar services is a B2B marketing consulting firm in Australia called Greenhat. This firm competes with Robotic Marketer in that it provides the exact same services such as producing marketing strategies for clients, leads, social media and SEO strategies and marketing analytics (Greenhat).Horizons Consulting: Robotic Marketer Campaign6SWOT STRENGHTSWEAKNESSESOPPORTUNITIESTHREATSCost effectiveStill in beta test stageRapid rate in adoption of AIShift in mindset towards AI needed Produces valuable insights at a faster rateShort staffed Potential for growth in Mellissah’s personal brandHuge Misconception on AI, what it is and what it can doAn immense database CopycatsThe main strengths for Robotic Marketer are that it is cost effective and time efficient. These are the main two components of our campaign. Robotic Marketer costs just $1,950 where as many other agencies charge 5x that for a marketing analysis (LinkedIn 2019). It also takes Robotic Marketer just a few hours to create a 30-40 page marketing strategy when competitors take about a month to do the same. Finally, Robotic Marketer utilizes an immense database to ensure that each marketing strategy best fits the clients needs. Some weaknesses, however, include that because Robotic Marketer is in the beta test stage, it will still have issues that need to be perfected. This also means that clients or customers might not trust it immediately as well. Additionally, Robotic Marketer is short staffed because of how new the product is, so that could hinder its success as well. Opportunities include a rapid rate of adoption of AI in Australia and NSW. This will help with getting customers and clients to trust AI and Robotic Marketer. Additionally, the potential for growth in Melissah's brand is a great opportunity because it pus a face to the product which will also help with trust in the product. Finally, threats to Robotic Marketer are the distrust in AI, which has been heavily discussed above, as well as the huge misconception on what AI is and what it does. Additionally, if this product gains popularity, it can be threatened by potential copycats in the industry.Horizons Consulting: Robotic Marketer Campaign7TARGET AUDIENCESMALL BUSINESSES < 5 YEARS OLD < 20 EMPLOYEES Why? The size of the small business owner market in Australia holds a lot of potential. There are over 11,000 small business owners registered on Linkedin alone. Specifically, there are 3,700 small business owners located in New South Wales (LinkedIn 2019). According to the Small Business Administration only about 50% of companies survive 5 years. The two main reasons why they fail are do to a poor business and marketing plan (Council 2018). Small businesses have a family-oriented company culture. Small businesses are more likely to outsource their marketing due to their small number of employees (RM Marketing Strategy, 2019). Unfortunately, because their team is so small they must focus on present business issues, they rarely get to make strategic moves for their future. Small businesses value their time because with a small team comes an importance of prioritizing the right tasks (Walden University, 2019). In the recent 2019 Australian elections small business owners are expected to receive tax cuts not only for themselves, but their consumers (Strong, 2019). This provide extra money to invest in the growth of their company. This data demonstrates how Robotic Marketer benefits a small business. First, the time and cost of a marketing plan is provided at a better rate than if a small business hired a marketing consultant. Second, Robotic Marketer can help small businesses survive past 5 years because it has found deep data that will help a company create a position in the market that will last. Horizons Consulting: Robotic Marketer Campaign8THE ONLY PERSON WHO TAKES ACTION IS YOUHorizons Consulting: Robotic Marketer Campaign9Position Statement The story behind the message After interviews with AI programmers, Horizons Consulting found where the main misunderstanding in the acceptance of AI lies. Many individuals do not understand that AI is a program that analyzes, scans, and makes suggestions based on the information it was provided. Furthermore, only 5% of jobs can be fully performed by AI in the near term. Users need to understand that AI will mainly empower humans to work more efficiently (Boitnott, 2018). Robotic Marketer is best received by developing a perception of trust and transparency. The statement “The Only Person Who Takes Action Is You” was specifically chosen because it creates a position Robotic Marketer as a tool that provides guidance through data. For instance, the final marketing strategy Robotic Marketer produces provides a company with actionable insights, however, the company gets to decide what strategies to implement and the success of a company is due to their execution on Robotic Marketer’s data. A McKinsey report from 2018 stated that for small businesses the impact of AI is “likely to be most substantial in marketing and sales” (Iliff, 2018). As previously stated in the SWOT analysis, the main strength of Robotic Marketer is that is time and cost effective, especially for small businesses. For small businesses with limited budgets, it can be extremely difficult to afford a market researcher who can analyze the competition as well as the target audience, but the use of AI has made the process of gathering useful data affordable and intuitive (Iliff, 2018). The focus of the campaign message “The Only Person Who Takes Action Is You” will rely on content that properly educates small business owners on what AI is and how Robotic Marketer works fast to provide a client with actionable data-driven results. Robotic Marketer should focus on video content in order to provide engaging content and the reasons for choosing video content is on page 18 of this document.Horizons Consulting: Robotic Marketer Campaign101st Goal and Objectives Goal: Increase Robotic Marketer's brand awareness through event marketing + social media Objective # 1: Increase Mellissah's engagement rate on LinkedIn by 10% in 6 months. Explained: Currently she averages about 8 likes per post we would increase that to 80 likes per post. Objective #2: Generate Community Engagement with 5 experiential marketing events in 6 months Objective #3: Grow Robotic Marketer's Instagram + Facebook to 1000 followers in 6 months2nd Goal and Objectives Goal: Capture 5% of Australia's Small Business market in the next 6 months Goal explained: 5% of 11,000 small business owners would be 500 customers for Robotic Marketer, which would bring in about $1 Million in revenue Objective:Grow the lead generation database to 7,142 with a sales conversion rate of 5%Horizons Consulting: Robotic Marketer Campaign11CREATIVE STRATEGY OVERVIEW GenerateCOMMUNITY AWARENESSthrough event marketing. SmallBusiness' thrive off of the local community engaging and educating at the local level will increase share of WOM.Small business not only serve the greater Sydney market but Australia market. Small businesses contribute to about 57% of Australia’s GDP. Small businesses that emply less than 20 people account for 45% of Australia’s private sector jobs (Star Weekly, 2018). These data points suggest that small businesses provide a boost to the local economy via money and jobs.ENGAGE with potential clients on social media. Social media provides the best opportunity for Robotic Marketer and Mellissah to share how AI is merely a suggestion and the human produces the result. 90% of marketers state that social media has increased their exposure (Mittal, 2019). The reason for choosing social media as opposed to print is because social media is more cost effective (Deveza, 2017).Use aLEAD GENERATION tool inorder to save Robotic Marketer team time and energy when prospecting clients.Horizons Consulting: Robotic Marketer Campaign12Event Marketing PlanHorizons Consulting: Robotic Marketer Campaign13EVENT MARKETING 1Chamber of Commerce An event at one of the Chambers of Commerce throughout Sydney, Australia would follow the same flow as the incubatored hosted events. Horizons Consulting suggests that Robotic Marketer host a luncheon/ free workshop to help educate business owners on what AI is and how Robotic Marketer could help them scale.In order to host an event at Chamber of Commerce CBD Sydney, Robotic Marketer would first have to become a member. The cost of joining is $330 per year. Once Robotic Marketer becomes a memeber the process to set up an event is fairly simple, Robotic Marketer just needs to set up the event with the Chamber of Commerce team and begin promoting for the event. Horizons Consulting learned this information through Peter May, Executive Officer, Hour A networking event provides the opportunity to engage with local business owners and to create relationships within the Sydney community. After being in contact with Naomi from Helm Bar the details she provided state that their is no minum spend of area hire fee that incurs with the booking, just a $250 holding deposit is required to confirm the event, food and beverage packages must be purchased prior to the event. Companies may choose from either the downstairs or rootop pool. Finally Naomi suggested that Robotic Marketer organize an open bar tab of about $4,750 which covers food and drinks in order to cut down on the total cost (Naomi,2019).Horizons Consulting: Robotic Marketer Campaign14EVENT MARKETING 3Incorporating incubatorsIncubators/ Accelerators have ~20 companies in one coworking space who are producing revenue. Small businesses go through a rigorous application process to ensure that they company holds a strong chance of being successful. The process for incorporating incubators would be to contact them in-person via email (found on their website). The Robotic Marketer event will follow the focus of campaign, meaning the event should teach companies either the trends of AI in marketing, how AI can help a small business grow, or why a small business should trust AI.Top 4 Incubators in Sydney (Lee, 2018)1Cicada Innovations - owned by Australian National University, University of New South Wales, University of Sydney, and University of Technology Sydney - named the Global Incubator of the Year 2018 by the International Business Innovation Association2Slingshot - industries they work with are food and beverage, health care, retail, etc.3Blue Chilli - backed by Coca-Cola Amatil, Suncorp Bank, and Microsoft - industries covered are corporate, tech, and female entrepreneurship4Horizons Consulting: Robotic Marketer CampaignMuru-D - backed by Telstra - 100+ successful companies in their portfolio15EVENT MARKETING TIMELINE JUNE 2019 Networking Event Mixer (See page 13 for example)JULY 2019 Chamber of Commerce Sponsored Luncheon. (See page 13 for example)AUGUST 2019 Free marketing workshops @ Cicada InnovationsSEPTEMBER 2019 Sponsored Lunch @ Muru-D "What do you want from your tech company" Muru-D prides there program on inclusivity. They are extremely community centric. (MuruD, 2019) They host a number of events that can be found on their website. Our suggestion is that Mellissah applies for a speaking event on this website. The event is free to host however Horizons Consulting recommends providing food and refreshments for the guest. The point of contact is hi@muru-D.comThe Seminar Room is an ideal space to host workshops, meetups, and networking events.The room can seat up to 100 people comfortably and offers flexible configurations of layouts. The room also comes with 12 table, 1 stage, and overhead projector, 2 wireless mics, ceiling speakers, a whiteboard, video conferencing and high speed internet. Cicada Innovations also has catering partners that can assist Robotic Marketers catering needs. The point of contact is Britt Hartnett, Head of Public Relations, britt@cicadainnovations.comNOVEMBER 2019 Workshop at BlueChilli Blue Chilli hosts a series of events which can be found on their Facebook page. Horizons Consulting contacted BlueChilli through their email, as well as their website contact page, however, we have yet to recieve a response.Horizons Consulting: Robotic Marketer Campaign16 9Media PlanHorizons Consulting: Robotic Marketer Campaign17Media Plan - Content Creation Instagram Utilize Instagram stories, Instagram TV (IGTV) and posts to promote video content on the Robotic Marketer Instagram account. Video content will include meet the team videos which would feature a member of the team that works with Robotic Marketer explaining what they do. This will help gain the trust and see a face behind the name.Linkedin We will be posting informative blog posts on LinkedIn that will allow users to gain awareness about Robotic Marketer and AI. Since 85% of individuals distrust AI, it is important to explain how this technology actually works, the importance it will have in the future and how it can benefit their lives today. Here are some sample blog post topics: 5 mistakes small businesses make in marketing Artificial Intelligence and the future of marketing Trusting AI for your market strategy How to grow your market share with AI How to rethink your marketing strategyHorizons Consulting: Robotic Marketer Campaign18Importance of Video in Social Media50%of consumers want to see video content90%of consumers say videos have helped them make buying decisions80%potential increase in conversion rates when using video on landing pagesIndexing For SEO: Search engines canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t crawl video, but they can crawl text. If you want your videos to rank on Google, back your video up with captions and a transcript of the audio. Our Plan? To create short 1-2 minute videos for LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook How it will work? Mellisah will post videos on her LinkedIn to meet the team behind robotic marketer in order to show the human side of the business. She will also do quick videos either describing her blog post and attach a link in the caption to redirect vie
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