Preparation Tips for Pega System Architect (PCSA) Certification

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How to Prepare for Pega PCSA Certification?PCSA Certification Made Easy with PCSA Exam Summary: Exam NamePega Certified System ArchitectExam…
How to Prepare for Pega PCSA Certification?PCSA Certification Made Easy with PCSA Exam Summary: Exam NamePega Certified System ArchitectExam CodePCSANo. of Questions60Passing Score65Time Limit90 MinutesRecommended Practice ExamPega Certified System Architect (PCSA) Practice TestSample QuestionsPega PCSA Exam Sample Questions and AnswersExam FeeUSD $175Enjoy success with ProcessExam.comPega PCSA Syllabus Content: Syllabus Topics:WeightsPega Platform5%Case Management26%Data Modeling20%Validation7%Information Exchange15%User Interface12%Application Development7%Reporting8%Enjoy success with ProcessExam.comPega PCSA Book / Training: Recommended Book / Training: System Architect Essentials course (Version 8)Enjoy success with ProcessExam.comTips to Prepare for PCSA: ● Know and study complete syllabus content and further information is provided in the Description given below. ● Perform enough practice with for Pega Certified System Architect certification subjects. ● Understand the all Syllabus Topics. ● Perform online practice exams for Pega Certified System Architect on ● Identify your weak areas from practice test and do more practice with system. Enjoy success with ProcessExam.comMore Information on Pega Certification: â—? For more information on Pega Certification please refer to Description which is Given Below.â—? A Pega Certification is increasingly becoming important for the career of employees.Enjoy success with ProcessExam.comPega PCSA Sample Questions [Note: Sample Questions details are Given in the Description of the Video.]Enjoy success with ProcessExam.comQue.:01. Which requirement is satisfied by configuring a service level agreement? Options: a) Requests from customers with elite status go to a dedicated work group. b) A transaction review is completed within 24 hours.c) Users are notified when they receive an assignment. d) Transaction dispute cases are considered more urgent than address change cases. Enjoy success with ProcessExam.comAnswer: b) A transaction review is completed within 24 hours.Enjoy success with ProcessExam.comQue.:02. You need to copy data from a page with customer data to a page used for a cre dit payment. Most of the properties can be mapped as-is, but the first and last names must be concatenated into a full name. Which rule type would you use to copy the content? Options:a) Data page b) Data transformc) Declare expression d) Function Enjoy success with ProcessExam.comAnswer: c) Declare expressionEnjoy success with ProcessExam.comQue.:03. An insurance claim case is field by a customer and assigned a claim type (fire, flood, or theft). The claim contains a list of loss items. Which of the data would you store in a local data source? Options: a) Customer datab) Items of loss c) Claim types d) Policy details Enjoy success with ProcessExam.comAnswer: c) Claim typesEnjoy success with ProcessExam.comFollow Us success with ProcessExam.comProcessExam
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