Our Picks for the Frist Two Weeks of the Sydney Fringe Festival 2019

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n o s t Wha y e n d Sy e g n i Fr l a v i t FEs com . y e n d y s n o www.whatsBooklet 1 for events 1 - 14 SeptemberIntroduction The Sydney Fringe Festival is here…
n o s t Wha y e n d Sy e g n i Fr l a v i t FEs com . y e n d y s n o www.whatsBooklet 1 for events 1 - 14 SeptemberIntroduction The Sydney Fringe Festival is here again. Every year it seems to get bigger and bigger, this year marks the tenth Fringe Festival. It started in 2010 as a small indi arts festival in the inner West of Sydney. This year there are over 400 events in 31 suburbs of Sydney. It is so big that we are producing two eBooklets to bring you a snap shot of what is happening. The festival spans the whole of September, but as I was working on this there are some events that have snuck into August so I wonder if they will extend the dates next year? This booklet highlights some of the events happening in the first two weeks in September, next week we will publish another ebooklet with the last two weeks of the festival. For the whole program head to the end of the booklet and there is a link to the whole program.Contents Muse Underground Cabaret Bar Night - 3 & 4 Tails of Trickery Magic Show - 5 & 6 Truth Bomb - 7 & 8 Clitorosity, Cocktastrophes and Other Things You Can’t Get Your Mouth Around: The 2nd Cumming - 9, 10 & 11 The Girl Who Jumped Off The Hollywood Sign 12, 13 & 14 Cigarettes, Whisky and Wild Wild Women 15 & 16 Pisca 17 & 18 Inertia: The First Law 19 & 20 Relatable Material 21 & 22 But Why 23 & 24 Le Vide 25, 26 & 27 Official Fringe Guide 28Muse Underground Cabaret Bar NightBOOK NOWBe transported to 18th century Parisian Saloon. Hidden within the magicians’ cabaret breathes a quaint old world of an underground bar noir… As you enjoy a cocktail, a serious spirit or perhaps a magic potion from the secret underground bar, the magicians muse sings with timehonoured songs of the soulful noir kind. This “prescription list” of aphrodisiacs and euphoric enhancers allow her words to drop into your soul and some kind of magic happens. This surreptitious spot will transport you to a bygone world of imagination and eros. Dates and Time - 5, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26 September, 7:00 PM Tickets - $20.45 Venue - The Magicians Cabaret, 91 Riley Street, DarlinghurstOur Interview with Grace Cherote When did you start singing professionally? My first appearance on stage was at age 5, however, I started my singing career professionally at age 18. It was for Channel nine network. Who inspires you and why? Oh, SO many. But, I would have to say, Etta James, she was a force to be reckoned with, I love her raspy/gravel tone. The vivaciousness of Chelo Alonso & the mesmerising charm of Marilyn Monroe. Where was your first Gig? My two sisters (who are also professional singers) and I produced a show and this was my first live gig, It played at the Basement. What is Muse about? MUSE is about transporting you to a bygone era manifested as a Parisian 18th Century underground cabaret bar. As you enjoy your cocktail or a serious spirit, whatever your potion may be, the MUSE entertains you with soul noir songs. I want the audience to feel the human connection of love and even sorrow, the wonder of inspiration and eros."There is something very calming and beautiful in the soulful voice of Grace 'Gigi' Cherote" Philippa Bird, What's on SydneyTails of Trickery Magic ShowBOOK NOWEscape to the infamous magicians secret top hat bar to satisfy your palate from our fine selection of both local and international wines, cocktails or perhaps a magic potion - then retire to the cabaret room to witness the magician perform a parade of surprises in a classic magic parlour show No sleight of hand, smoke or mirrors used! Dates and Times - 6, 7, 27 September, 7:00 pm Tickets - $30.61 Venue - The Magicians Cabaret, 91 Riley Street, DarlinghurstOur Interview with James Karp When did you start to do magic tricks? At the age of twenty-two I quit my job and embark on a journey travelling the world, after a chance meeting in 1998 with veteran Las Vegas producer Peter Reveen I was introduced to renowned Las Vegas magicians Siegfried and Roy who invited me to attend what was called at the time Desert Magic' (an underground gathering of magicians) beginning my training in the art of magic. Who has been the biggest influence in your career as a Magician? Siegfried and Roy. At their show Masters of the Impossible at The Mirage Hotel, (1994-2003 most visited show in Las Vegas) they made an elephant disappear seemingly from thin air. "I was in the front row and my eyes were wide open", James shares. An incredible moment and the emotion of surprise has stayed with me ever since. Do you practice your magic everyday? Only in the beginning of a new effect….I go into patterns, mental sets. There is more time spent training the mind that the hands! On show nights I don’t touch the effects until the show begins. The days spent like any other day up until the last hour where I go through my processes of meditation and the frequency of love Imight even get a visit from one of my shamans. What kinds of tricks will the audience witness on the night? Can’t tell you as part of my job description is “surprise” But I can give you a hint…Tails of Trickery will take you back to your childhood when you thought anything was possible…and first experienced the joy of wonder..but don’t forget to order a magic potion from the secret top hat bar first!Truth BombBOOK NOWA string of short performance pieces and a music video linked by a single prop, not content. One person's perspective on society and how they travel through it. Some experienced, some witnessed, some imagined. A domestic violence story, a lighthearted poke in general at relationships, our apparent addiction to social media and how growing from a teenager in the 90’s to turning 40 in 2019 can be anything but straight... ... forward This production is rated M15+. There is course language, sexual references and realistic images of violence. Dates and Times - 4 - 7 September 9:15 pm, 8 Sept 8:15 pm Tickets - From $25.51 to $30.61 Venue - City Tattersals Fringe Hub, The Birrung Room, 198 Pitt Street, SydneyOur Interview with Kerri Gannan How did you come up with the idea for Truth Bomb? I came across a movement based piece I had written a couple of years ago that hadn’t made it to workshop stage yet. It stirred a passion that had sat aside while I focused on other things. 12 months later I was at a writing night that created a new piece adding fuel to the flame. A further 12 months down the track, I had a complete show.Where do you draw your inspiration from? My inspiration comes from various random places, conversations within my own head, interactions I see on the streets. Sometimes it can be a simple object that sparks the next creation. What is next on the calendar for you? Melbourne Fringe Festival at the Gasworks Arts Park September 17-26 What was the last thing you saw and what did you think of it? The Bacchae at La Mama Courthouse, Carlton, Melbourne. There is something about simplicity that I find incredibly beautiful. A simplistic approach to an amazing script created something both captivating and intriguing. ‘WOW! Thank you for an honest and emotional trip through your head. This was a wonderful show, powerful and raw.’ - Fiona (Vic) ‘A thought provoking show. Kerri’s performance was strong. I admire her courage to share and have watched all the attention to detail and effort that has been put into this deeply personal show.’ - Joh (Vic)Clitorosity, Cocktastrophes and Other Things You Can’t Get Your Mouth Around: The 2nd CummingBOOK NOWShape House Productions presents Clitorosity, Cocktastrophes, and Other Things You Can’t Get Your Mouth Around: The 2nd Cumming. A devised sketch comedy. After roaring success in its 2017 Edinburgh Fringe run, Shape House Productions is bringing this tantalizing sketch comedy back to the city where it all began. Clitorosity explores the woes, highs, and lows of relationships, bodies, and everything in between. Devised by Sydney Theatre School’s Class of 2018, this show proves to be a lesson in what not to do. You’ve had ‘the talk’ -- but never like this. Directed by: Leah Pellinkhvof and the company Cast: Amber Kent, Annie Boyle, Ashley Prisk, Chloe Baldacchino, Chloe Byrd, Danielle Winsor, Hayley McAlister, Mark Anderson, Mia Ferguson, and Natanyah Forbes. Dates and Time: 3 - 7 September 6:15pm Tickets: $25 - $30 Venue: Erskineville Town Hall, 104 Erskineville Road, Erskineville,Our Interview with Chloe Baldacchino, tIt is a great title, how did it come about? We devised this show while studying at Sydney Theatre School and our director, Leah Pellinkhof had directed a uniquely titled play that inspired the rhythm of the title so it was just a matter of filling in the words. We had already come up with the show so as a class we sat down and thought about puns and witty ways to describe the show. Fun fact: we were named one of the 10 most eye catching show names at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2017. After graduating from Sydney Theatre School, we formed Shape House Productions and it was then that one of our members suggested adding “The 2nd Cumming” to our title to describe this reworking. Has the show changed since it played at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2017? Since the shows debut, it has had a lot of cast and scene changes. Scenes have been taken away and replaced by new scenes, a cast member has been added and six of our original cast members couldn’t be in this show. The title suggests it is an adults only show, is this the case? It’s rated M15+ so teenagers and adults only. In Edinburgh we had a mother and her teenage son in the audience... safe to say it was a very awkward show for them to watch together. But there’s nothing too distressing involved; just having a good laugh at all things the human body and the weird and wacky relationships that we form during our lives.Interview cont. What do Shape House Productions have planned after the festival? As a company we want to expand and delve into genres and styles that we only briefly learnt about during our training and want to explore more.We also want to create works for film - whether that be a web series or short film we have yet to figure out. We currently host a frequent podcast called “The Indie Setup” whereby Sean Foster (Marketing Manager of Shape House Productions) interviews a range of creatives about their projects, journeys, jobs and the industry. Our podcasts are available on a number of platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcast and Anchor - to name a few. Here’s a link to one of our podcasts, I will warn you, they are addictive! Click Here to Listen What is your favourite line from the production? “Now get in close my little fresh faced c**t cookies.” OR “Because you can’t feel 1 and 5’s a fist.”The Girl Who Jumped Off The Hollywood SignBOOK NOWAnnouncing the Sydney premiere of Joanne Hartstone’s internationally acclaimed solo show - The Girl Who Jumped Off The Hollywood Sign – headlining as a feature event at the Innocent Bystander Touring Hub at Old 505 Theatre. Inspired by forgotten histories from the Golden Age of Hollywood, The Girl Who Jumped Off The Hollywood Sign is the epitome of a fringe success story. Originally rehearsed in Hartstone’s living room, in its debut season in the 2017 Adelaide Fringe, it won the inaugural ‘Made In Adelaide’ award, as well as the Holden Street Theatres award. The production then travelled to the Hollywood Fringe where it also picked up a host of awards, nominations and media accolades. Following the sell-out success of The Girl Who Jumped Off The Hollywood Sign in the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe, Hartstone partnered with UK Lighting and Production Designer Tom Kitney, and in New York they remastered the multi-award winning play into “Technicolour... [Hartstone] practically glows” (TheatreMania.com).Cont. At the same time in the US, revelations stemming from Hollywood and the Harvey Weinstein scandal were changing the global conversation about women and exposing #metoo abuses of power. Dates and Times: 10 - 14 September 6.15pm & 14 September 2:15 pm Tickets: General Admission $35, Concession $29 Venue: Old 505 Theatre, 5 Eliza St. NewtownOur Interview with Joanne HartstoneYou have made a few changes from the original production, which change has had the most impact? Bringing a designer on board has made the most impact to this show. The script has stayed the same since the first previews, but the aesthetics added by Tom Kitney really add the “wow” factor. It’s amazing how a colour palette can draw you back in time. Tell us a bit more about Evie. Evie Edwards is a fictional amalgam of many starlets, comediennes and ingénues from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Her story is - in part - that of Norma Jean Baker, and Francis Gumm, and Rita Hayworth, and Bette Davis, and of course Peg Entwistle. She is also the innumerable actresses whose names have been forgotten or never heard of in the first place. Evie is an every-woman; the hopeless dreamer inside us all.Cont. Why did you decide it was time to bring the show to Sydney? I wanted to tour to Sydney since my play first won the inaugural “Made In Adelaide” Award and was being offered seasons across the world. I had hoped that new writing from South Australia could be shown more widely across our country, and the Eastern States are a beacon for theatre-makers and performers. However, it wasn’t until #metoo started igniting across the globe that I new the importance of my show in a historical and social sense. Sydney was not immune to this scrutiny, and Evie’s story became all the more relevant to perform. What are your plans after Sydney Fringe? After Sydney Fringe I am straight back into planning for Adelaide Fringe 2020. I curate the Noel Lothian Hall in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens and have several activations of non-theatrical spaces to oversee. I have received one of two inaugural “Producers” grants within the 2020 Artist Fund and will develop new theatrical productions alongside immersive and site-specific performance installations.Cigarettes, Whisky and Wild Wild WomenBOOK NOW"Diva Divine" Samantha Leith promises to leave you shaken, not stirred as you discover that not all vices are equal. Enter her intoxicating musical world full of smouldering delights. Samantha delivers a strong & sassy twist to songs spanning a century with stories of lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy & pride woven in. Or is it simply about Cigarettes, Whiskey and Wild Wild Women? Come along and discover for yourself‌‌..some vices can be so much fun. Dates and Times: 13 & 14 September 7:45 pm Tickets: $25.51 to $30.61 Venue: City Tattersals Fringe Hub - Archie Rose Cabaret Club, 198 Pitt Street, SydneyOur Interview with Samantha Leith How did you come up with the show and the title? The title came to me as I was thinking about the first song my father taught me to sing. It was Cigarettes, Whiskey and Wild Wild Women. I then knew it would fit in with a show I wanted to do exploring human vices. Where you do draw most of your inspiration? Life. Life is inspiration. Peoples stories. Our failures and our successes. Love, hate and everything in between. Everything human is in a song somewhere. The art is in finding the songs and delivering them with your own voice and message. If you had a male buddy in the show who would you like it to be? I have to say I’m on a bit of a High Jackman ride at the moment, his recent show at Qudos was fabulous - or the other Hugh. Hugh Sheridan. I’m currently working with him on Hair for the 50th anniversary tour in Australia. We would be fun on stage together. Imagine that 2 devilishly talented Hughs. What are your plans after Sydney Fringe? I’d like to flesh out the show more, add more musicians & scripting and look at taking it to other festivals around the world. I’m also busy delivering my keynote ’The Sound of Empowerment’ at conferences, it’s part concert / part personal development seminar - which is a match made in heaven.PiscaBOOK NOW "A charming, eccentric mix of silent clowning, stage magic and vocal splendour that channelled the danger and daring of cabaret at its finest" – The Age Following an outstanding Green Room Award nominated performance, audience favourite Pisca returns for a limited season this Sydney Fringe. Pisca was born to be a duck. He’s just not good at it. Through a combination of clowning, physical theatre, song, and imPECKable timing, this Cabaret will duck dive deep into the exploration of Pisca’s life, and his desperate search to find what he’s good for. Waddle he do? Dates and Times: 10-14 September, 8PM Tickets: $25 - $30 Venue: Old 505 Theatre @ Suite 505, 342 Elizabeth Street, Surry HillsOur Interview with Cameron Taylor Performer The obvious question, why a duck? I like to make people look at the world differently. The easiest way to do that is to take something someone sees every day and give it a story that they can relate to. Every time they see the a duck in the wild, my hope is that an image of me in my half naked avarian, clown will be heavily etched into their memory. How did the idea for the show come about? Do ducks have Emotions? Dreams? Favourite songs? The questions I lose sleep over. All questions a scientist could probably answer quite simply. Luckily I'm not a scientist, I like ducks, and my answer to all those questions is yes. If Pisca had a pet would it be a duck or a different animal? It would probably be a human. Or a rock. Is it a one man show? One duck! The show has played in Melbourne and now Sydney will you take it anywhere else? If I ever do this particular show again I think it will be the Edinburgh Fringe. Other than that, at this point, this will be the last opportunity to see the work!Inertia: The First LawRelativity is a musically induced acrobatic group from Sydney who have a passion for creating in all artistic areas. Their show Inerita: The First Law combines elements of acrobatics, live music, science and spoken word to explore balance. What keeps us in balance, what is too little or too much? What parts of our lives or the universe have to be just right? Change only happens when force is applied. All it takes is a little push. Dates and Times: 7 September 7 pm, 8 September 5:30 pm Tickets: $32-$37 Venue: Legs on The Wall, 91 Canal Road, LilyfieldBOOK NOWOur Interview with Maddison Costello How did the idea for the show start? The idea for Inertia began in 2018 when Maddi and I were considering creating an educational show to be done at primary and high schools. I was tutoring high school physics at the time and saw the enormous potential of how these fundamental concepts of reality could translate really well to physicality on stage. However, I began trying to also relate these concepts to things which happen in human lives and the show’s educational aspect took a back seat. Next thing you know we applied for the 2019 Anywhere festival in Brisbane, and now we’re here at Sydney Fringe! Is the show a collaboration between the team members? For us it really has to be, everyone of us brought a different physical and musical background so collaboration was the best way to let everyone play to their strengths and contribute something completely new and in the end I think the show would not be the same without it. Which element of the show do you enjoy the most? [Fin] I really enjoy the piano, just because of how it started as a crazy idea ‘an upright piano’ (or at least prop piano) that could be packed down into a car but could also be used for handstands and other circusy tricks, and we somehow just made it, and now its a core part of our show. (I also really enjoy flipping off it) 4. What do you hope the audience will take away from seeing the show? We hope the audience will leave with some greater understanding of scientific concepts and how they ca
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