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CYBER-CRIME NETWORKOFFICER PTSDWEAR THE BADGECollaborating to meet a growing challengeNew research helps shape law enforcement’s responseA new round of officers…
CYBER-CRIME NETWORKOFFICER PTSDWEAR THE BADGECollaborating to meet a growing challengeNew research helps shape law enforcement’s responseA new round of officers shares their storiesMCPA’s Statewide Award Recipients Recognizing officers and agencies for bravery, dedication and innovationHome CountyHome CountyHatten Retires Outgoing MCPA President Dan Hatten was recognized during the Statewide Awards Banquet as both his term came to an end and he retired as the chief of police in Hutchison.Build-a-Bike Gaylord Chief of Police Charlie Eichten and Officer Corey Pudil take part in the annual Build-a-Bike event at Thomson Reuters in Eagan. Police agencies helped build and distribute 100 bikes to deserving children this spring.St. Charles Parade St. Charles chief of police Ken Frank helps lead the annual Senior Parade down Whitewater Avenue on May 30, the last day of school. In the photo above, Sgt. José Pelaez greets students as they walk home. Pelaez is currently featured in MCPA’s Wear the Badge series. Watch the video at www.WearTheBadge.org.ETIExecutive Training Institute & Law Enforcement ExpoETI19 est. 54Connecting Chiefs, Communities and PersonnelETI is where Minnesota chiefs of police connect with the world of law enforcement from fellow chiefs and personnel to communities and public safety experts.April 14-17, 2019 • St. Cloud, MNMCPA members and vendors meet during the Minnesota mnchiefs.org Law Enforcement Expo at ETI in St. Cloud. Below, Dr. Chris Winter, also known as The Sleep Doctor, speaks during an ETI general session. His talk is available to view online as part of ChiefsCast. Find it at www.mnchiefs.org/chiefs-cast.Law Enforcement Torch Run Officer Daniel Peters, Maplewood PD, carries the Flame of Hope with Chief Scott Nadeau and other members of the department toward the handoff with N. St. Paul PD on the way to the MN Special Olympics Summer Games Opening Ceremony.8 MINNESOTA POLICE CHIEFContentsIN THIS ISSUE 10 Executive Director’s Report FALL 20162019 SUMMERBright Ideas in Policing12 President’s Perspective Our goals for MCPA 14 Chaplain’s Message Fill your tank 25 ETI in St. Cloud Photos from our 2019 conference 34 Meet the New Directors Two chiefs join MCPA’s Board 36 Wear the Badge In the field with new officer stories 37 Stand with Honor Minnesotans at the National Law Enforcement Museum38 Ad IndexTHE BEST IN MINNESOTA LAW ENFORCEMENT From saving lives and stepping into the line of fire, to breaking down police department barriers, meet the Minnesota peace officers recognized for their heroic and innovative efforts. RETURNING IN 2019PAGE 26MCPA TRAINING OVERVIEW FEATURES17 HERE COMES THE MEDIA A new MCPA training session takes you inside a local newsroomCHIEFCASTWatch MCPA trainings and earn credits anytime at MNchiefs.orgNewsies is a first-of-its-kind, behind-the-scenes, in-depth examination of how the mainstream media covers law enforcement in the 21st and how local law enforcement can build relationships.19 CYBER-CRIME NETWORKLaw enforcement, cybercrime support organizations, and corporations consider new ways to coordinate assistance As the number and impact of cybercrime incidents continues to grow each year, individual and small business victims struggle to find the help they need. A new Minnesota collaborative aims to help guide them to the best resolution in each case.21 RECOGNIZING AND TREATING OFFICER PTSDMCPA highlights the concern at an upcoming Critical Issues Forum As some states consider new resources to help recognize and treat law enforcement posttraumatic stress disorder, Minnesota municipal and law enforcement leaders consider what the response should look like in our region. SUMMER 2019 9Executive Director’s ReportBright Ideas in Policing The MCPA has a unique ability to share information and ideas among police chiefs and law enforcement leaders in Minnesota. We have direct connections and contact with more than 300 police chiefs and another nearly 200 Command staff at agencies across the state. With that in mind, we are always looking for the best ways to connect this network and share new ideas and developments in law enforcement. This summer, we are introducing a new program called Bright Ideas in Policing. This initiative will use our existing communications channel, the MCPA Twitter feed, but add the modern dimension of live streaming video. The idea is to provide compelling, live content to our members and to social media followers with the goal of better educating our members and the ANDY SKOOGMAN EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR MINNESOTA CHIEFS OF POLICE ASSOCIATIONgeneral public about some of the great work being done by Minnesota municipal police agencies. There is also a member benefit associated with this, particularly for the chief and agency selected each month. A police chief can promote within his or her own community the fact that their agency is being singled out by our statewide association for great work. The profession, as a whole, will also benefit from the positive stories the association tells.We are always looking for the best ways to connect our network and share new ideas and developments in law enforcement. Once-a-month we will we will conduct an interview with a police chief about a program he or she has implemented in their agency. That interview will be streamed live on the MCPA Twitter feed. The interviews will be around more than 3 minutes in length. If you cannot join a live session, the program will be archived and available to view anytime on our website, just as we have done with our ChiefsCast training sessions. When we met a few weeks ago for ETI in St. Cloud, peer-to-peer education and networking provided through programs like Bright Ideas was once again reinforced as a top reason our members attend the conference and engage with MCPA. We received great feedback regarding the conference and you will see photos from the event and learn more about our statewide and innovation award recipients in the pages of this magazine. This summer we are also back in the field producing our popular Wear the Badge series. We have shot stories in Big Lake, Elk River, St. Charles, St. Peter. Before the end of the summer we will also visit northern Minnesota. More importantly, a number of agencies have stepped forward (Belgrade, Champlin and LaCrescent) to share written testimonials from officers about10 MINNESOTA POLICE CHIEFBright Ideas in Policing will better educate our members and the general public about some of the great work being done by Minnesota municipal police agencies.A D V A N C E DD R I V I N G FAC I L I T Y DESIGNED & BUILT FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT Our 160 acre training range in St. Cloud, Minnesota, offers you the opportunity to experience real-life scenarios in a controlled environment. Our training courses focus on key components, including reference point driving, visual skills, distracted driving, and space management. We offer many course options for law enforcement, including courses for: Licensed Officers, Reserve and non-sworn Officers, Corrections and transport. Our comprehensive driver training covers topics from advanced driving skills to Pursuit Intervention Training (PIT), and all are POST approved.why they wear the badge. You can find these posts along with the videos at www. WearTheBadge.org and on our Wear theMnsafetycenter.org 888-234-1294 or 320-308-1400Badge Facebook and Instagram pages. We continue to receive great feedback from both those who work in law enforcement and the general public. There is great curiosity about what it’s like to serve. Best of all, our Minnesota law enforcement partners have also begun using the stories and videos to connect to their programs. More than once while we are in the field, an officer will tell us how they used Facebook and other social media channels to learn more about the profession and checkout agencies that are hiring. We take your ideas and feedback very seriously, so please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions and recommendations. Thank you for your support of the work we do. I hope you have a great summer.11SUMMER 2019 2019 MNHSRC Police ad.indd 15/22/19 11:09 AMPresident’s PerspectiveOur goals for MCPA I would like to introduce myself as the new MCPA President. I am Jeff Potts, Chief of Police in Bloomington. Thank you for allowing me to serve as president. I am following in the footsteps of some great leaders and it is my sincere hope and desire to keep our association moving forward with continuous improvement throughout my term.JEFF POTTS PRESIDENT MINNESOTA CHIEFS OF POLICE ASSOCIATIONAs your president I am committed to working hard for all of our members. Regardless of the size or location of your agency, I pledge to work hard for the betterment of law enforcement agencies across Minnesota. The entire Board of Directors is a group of extremely dedicated individuals committed to serving our Association.As your president I am committed to working hard for all of our members. Regardless of the size or location of your agency, I pledge to work hard for the betterment of law enforcement agencies across Minnesota. My goals for the year are to continue moving forward with laser focus on the MCPA Strategic Priorities that were reaffirmed in 2018. They are listed below along with some work that is either underway or planned for this coming year:MCPA will build a comprehensive branding platform to promote a positive image of our profession (and to counter the negative images), to yield an enhanced view of policing as a career path:12 • The Wear the Badge branding and recruiting campaign is a great example of this work. Several videos have already been produced with amazing results so far. We are seeing a tremendous amount of interest from members, stakeholders and the general public. Please follow our Facebook and Instagram pages.• I plan to launch the Bright Ideas initiative by highlighting new initiatives on a monthly basis. This would be done via social media - possibly by live streaming an interview with the Chief of the Department who has developed and is implementing new and innovative ideas.• Continue to look for ways to deliver valuable training to our members. Specifically targeting training opportunities that will fulfill the new POST training requirements in the areas of de-escalation, dealing with the mentally ill and cultural competencies/implicit bias.MINNESOTA POLICE CHIEFIncrease engagement and participation of smaller agencies through mentoring, quality training opportunities, professional growth, and geographic reorganization/re-mapping. • For starters, I would like to form a group of Chiefs from agencies serving 3,000 or fewer residents to help identify ways the MCPA can be more helpful. After hearing from these Chiefs we will have better ideas of their needs with the goal of delivering some new programming more in line with those needs by the end of the year.• MCPA would like to hear directly from members all over the state. To accomplish this we will reach out to each of the 11 regions and coordinate a current board member to attend a regularly scheduled regional meeting.• MCPA will continue to look for ways to utilize the recently upgraded technology in the office and training space located at MCPA headquarters. This technology allows MCPA to live stream meetings and offer more online training opportunities to all of our members regardless of their location.Create a comprehensive staffing plan • Developing an organizational plan for succession, support, and training.• Developing a compensation philosophy and plan that attracts and retains talented staff.• “Right-sizing” staff time to focus on the best use of their time to move the organization forward.For our current and perspective members I want to assure you it is the intention of all MCPA staff and board members to stay focused on these strategic priorities as we believe they will help you and your agency’s efforts to provide excellent police services to your community. I will be following up with some additional thoughts soon. I wish you all a safe and fun summer.CHIEFS RESOURCES Read more about the MCPA Strategic Priorities in the Resource setion of www.mnchiefs.org.POLICE DEPARTMENTS IDENTIFY WITH IDENTISYS™ • Photo ID Systems • Access Control • ID Badges • Video Management • Cards & Accessories • Asset Tracking • Video Intercom • Intrusion • Gun Permit • And more...For more information, contact us or visit our website. 888.437.9783SUMMER 2019 |www.identisys.com/law13Chaplain’s MessageFill Your Tank My mom was raised on a farm in central North Dakota. After she left for college in the Twin Cities, my grandparents “moved to town,” that being the county seat, a city of now less than 400 population. For many years, we visited each summer and the small-town atmosphere was vastly different than the metropolitan environment of my upbringing. More than a half-century later, my mom still receives the weekly newspaper from her hometown delivered via U.S. Mail. It is always a good read about rural life.TONY PAETZNICKOne of my favorite news reports was a couple of decades ago when the town bank was robbed. Rightfully so, this was front-page material. The Sheriff’s office, located in the basement of the county courthouse, is only one block away. But before the Sheriff gave chase after the suspect vehicle that was last seen headed out of town, he had to stop and fill his gas tank at the local convenience store.CHAPLAIN MINNESOTA CHIEFS OF POLICE ASSOCIATIONFilling your tank is different for each one of us. Similarly, what drains us can be equally dissimilar. Yet it is important to know this about yourself. What fills your tank? I laughed then at that statement but twenty years later just shake my head. A simple lack of preparation by law enforcement gave the getaway car a significant advantage in the pursuit and, while the vehicle was eventually located, the suspect was never identified. As a young patrol officer, I was always leery of letting the gas tank needle fall below even half-full, in case I too needed to give chase. Stopping at the gas pump first would not be an option. But aside from having adequate fuel in the tanks of our squad cars, how are we doing as individuals in being ready for the daily challenges of law enforcement? Are we coming to work each day running on empty, or nearly depleted of energy? Are we adequately prepared for the intense physical, mental, and even spiritual impacts that moments of our policing profession can have on our human bodies? Maybe your immediate subordinates are the ones who should be answering these questions about you! Filling your tank is different for each one of us. Similarly, what drains us can be equally dissimilar. Yet it is important to know this about yourself. What fills your tank? For me, I call it the three “Rs”: reading, writing, and running. Starting the morning with a cup of coffee while reading is how 99% of my days begin. On really good days, I accomplish all three, and sometimes am able to read, write, and run before I even get to work. For some Minnesota chief law enforcement officers, summertime does not afford many extra moments to focus on individual healthcare, whether it be of body, mind, or soul as their policing responsibilities increase during warmer weather. Given the recreational environment in our state as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” many police departments experience a seasonal uptick in calls for service, with increased populations taking advantage of the outdoor opportunities in local jurisdictions. It is easy for a police officer’s physical, mental, or spiritual tank to run empty during such seasons of busyness.14 MINNESOTA POLICE CHIEFTHIN BLUE LINE SPECIAL EDITION 24 KARAT GOLD Yet just like the basic requirement for fuel to be in the tank in order to respond to an emergency, all law enforcement, and especially chiefs, need to be individually “filled” to adequately serve the residents of their local communities. Likely all CLEOs can identify a member of their department or another law enforcement agency who allowed the needle on their personal gas gauge to fall below the “E” mark. Similar to a stalled vehicle on the side of the road that has run out of gas, that individual’s forward progress was abruptly halted and they had to focus on the immediate need to refill the tank before engaging in further activities. Workplace performance, family relationships, financial health, and many other aspects of life can be affected by running out of fuel. The impact of an empty tank can inflict not only temporary inconvenience but permanent damage to one’s engine components, whether they be of a physical, mental, or spiritual operating nature. Please pledge to yourself, those under your command, and ultimately the community that you are sworn to protect and serve, that you will fill your tank first before the start of your work day. You never know when you might be called upon to respond. Don’t start from empty!The Thin Blue Line refers to the position of law enforcement between order and chaos. There are few who make the sacrifice to serve those they’ve never met. However, they fulfill their jobs day in and out. These men and women stand in a unique place in our society today and their service deserves recognition. The Thin Blue Line 1911 etches this dedication into an heirloom. This collectible firearm will honor your service and leave a tangible memory with your family. Call us today to get your service etched into steel.LEFT VIEWAMERICAN MADE 1911 PISTOL PERSONALIZED GRIPS HEIRLOOM QUALITY FIREARMRIGHT VIEWTOP VIEW www.wellingtonltd.comELLINGTON LTD. FIREARMSEACH EDITION WILL BE LIMITED! RESERVATIONS ARE ACCEPTED IN THE ORDER IN WHICH THEY ARE RECEIVED. FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 970-215-0677 OR 970-481-0471 WWW.WELLINGTONLTD.COMSUMMER 2019 15140+ million booking records Easily access all of them with real-time incarceration and arrest records from CLEAR®Add in more than 38 million images and that’s how Thomson Reuters CLEAR® provides the most economical, efficient, and effective way to get up-to-date information to help you ensure community safety. See it in action at tr.com/MCPA Ask about exclusive pricing for law enforcement.16 The data provided to you by CLEAR may not be used as a factor in establishing a consumer’s eligibility for credit, insurance, employment, or for any other purpose authorized under the FCRA.© 2019 Thomson Reuters TR774987/6-19MINNESOTA POLICE CHIEFTraining OverviewTraining Overview MCPA will add a new course to its schedule to kick off the Fall training season. For decades, cops have referred to reporters as “newsies’ but, the truth is, police officers have little understanding of who journalists really are, how they think and why they report the stories the way they do.MPCA 2019TRAINING CALENDAR MCPA LEADERSHIP ACADEMY A multi-day course for middle management personnel in law enforcement. Participants will develop skills on how to make a distinct transition from street officer to supervisor. September 17 - 20 | New Brighton December 3 - 6 | Camp RipleyNEWSIES What law enforcement needs to know about news reporters but are afraid to ask. One day course include local newsroom tours, journalist panel and scenario-based media training. September 24 | MCPA Training Center New BrightonTaught by current and former journalists, Newsies is a first-of-its-kind, behind-thescenes, in-depth examination of how the mainstream media covers law enforcement in the 21st Century. This course will provide unprecedented context and perspective into the journalism profession and will include a tour of a Twin Cities newsroom. It will help law enforcement agencies better work with online, print, radio and TV reporters on a day-to-day basis and during critical incidents. September will also include the debut of MCPA’s “Commuter” Leadership Academy which will be held
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