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梁卓嘉LEUNG CHERK GA P O R T F O L I O 2 0 1 4-2 0 1 9Leung Cherk Ga lcherkga601@gmail.comSelected WorkChoreographing a Landscape of Contingency Bogotá,…
梁卓嘉LEUNG CHERK GA P O R T F O L I O 2 0 1 4-2 0 1 9Leung Cherk Ga lcherkga601@gmail.comSelected WorkChoreographing a Landscape of Contingency Bogotá, Colombiatheory of knowledge-making dance choreography landscape & ecology2019 / TU Delftstormwater managementPolice & Justice Headquarterslarge institutional buildingZürich, Switzerlandgroup project2014 / ETH ZürichHouse of Spontaneity House Vision China at the 15th Venice Architecture Biennaleresearch on future living furniture design group project2016 / Trace Architecture OfficeExtension of Schulhaus Stettbachconversion of existing structuresZürich, Switzerland 2013 / ETH ZürichAn Inhabitable Wall Taipei City, Taiwan 2015 / The University of Hong Kongcollective living housing prototypes concrete experimentationsPositions in Practice Choreographing a LandscapeEl Parkway, Bogotá, Colombialight rainfloodingheavy rainof Contingency2° 7°h=0.0m h=0.0mh=0.0m h=0.0m-1.0m-1.6m+0.4m+0.4mt 8moffsethe Alternative and the Not-yet-knownRio Arzobispo-1.0m-1.1moffse-1.1mt 10mt 7moffse-0.6m-0.4m-1.6mto Rioowe-1.6moverfl-1.6mGatth Nor-1.1m-0.6m-0.4m-1.6mNorth Gateh=5.0m-2.4m-1.2mh=5.0mMobilizing the boundaries around the Norm,-0.4m-1.2m-0.4m+1.0m +0.8m +0.6m +0.4m +0.2m+0.2mh=5.0m2°1°t 4moffse-2.8mh=5.0m+0.2m+0.6m+0.4m+0.6mt 2.5moffsetoffseretention pond1.5m2°h=5.0mt 2moffse2m1°offset +0.2m +0.4m +0.6m+0.8m8moffset+0.8m+1.0mretention+0.2m+0.4m2°h=5.0mpond-1.0m-1.1mrainwater retention pond 2°2°+0.3mAs architects, by constructing the conditions for people to collectively perform alternative ways of living and gathering, maybe we can agitate the impermanent boundary around the knowledge that is considered normal and accepted.n pond retentio6moffset +0.2m4moffseth=5.0mh=5.0m+0.4moffset 2m1°retentionoffset+0.2m6mpondoffset 2mh=5.0mretentionoffset 3m h=5.0m +0.2moffset 8mpond+0.2m42offset 4mh=5.0m2°Por tal2°retention pond-1.8m 6moffset2°Intersection 422°Intersection 42-1.0m+0.3m-1.8m-1.8m-1.8moffset 3m2°2°offset-1.8mh=5.0m1.5m6moffsetoffset 2moffset 1m2°h=5.0m 1.5m3moffsetretention pondoffsetoffset 4.5m 1.5moffset 1moffset 4.5moffset 2moffset+0.6moffset 7m +0.4m +0.2mh=5.0moffset 1.5m h=5.0m2°2°h=5.0mretention pondoffset 5m+0.4m+0.4m +0.2m-1.1m+0.8m-1.1m+1.0m-1.1m2°-1.0m-1.1moffset 5mrainwater retention pond+1.0m+0.6moffset 2m+0.4m +0.2m2°offset 5mh=5.0moffset 6moffset 2m2°+0.2mPortal 41Portal 41offset 8mIntersection 41 1°offseth=5.0m8m7°h=5.0m2°Intersection 41My intervention along El Parkway is a festive ground that make it possible for people to collectively experience the public realms anew through bodily movement. This festive space has the capacity to hold big carnivals and huge moving crowds.+0.2mretention pondh=5.0m2°offset 2m 2° h=5.0m2°-1.8m-1.2m-1.2m-1.8m-1.8m-1.8m-1.8m-1.8m-1.2moffset5°-1.8m-1.8m -1.0m -0.4m3mnnI2° -1.0m7mo2°onoffseth=5.0mtoverflow to Rioioffset 6mi2°o v e r f l o wt o-1.2me5°-1.2m R i o7°ssr2°1°1° 1°ssoffset 8m1°mThe design is an enactment of a choreographic score(right) which contains rules and instructions to be interpreted. I develop a method of scoring movement to lay down loose intentions of guiding the crowd, and also stormwater, in discontinuous segments along Parkway. These paths pause at retention ponds and basins, where people linger and water is retained and cleaned.h=5.0m5°iioverfilowtoRio2°h=5.0ms2°5°mi2°2°r3°overflow to Rior-1.8msm-1.8m8moffset2°h=5.0mo5°-2.4m-1.0m2°-2.4mee2°-2.4m6m-2.4met-2.4moffstnh=5.0mt2°2°8m1°offset h=5.0mnoffsetoffset2m6m1°nh=5.0mh=5.0mh=5.0m -1.0mI5°2°4m-1.8m-1.8m-1.8m offset-1.8m6m-1.8mIoffset2° 1°offset+0.8m6m+0.6m+0.4m+0.8m+0.2m +0.4m +0.6mh=5.0m +0.2m1°+0.6m h=5.0m 2°+0.4moffset6m +0.2m2moffset offset6m4m h=5.0m offset 2moffset 2m6m1°offsetoffset 3mh=5.0moffset 6mh=5.0mPortal 3939h=5.0moffseth=5.0m8m1°PortalIntersection 391°Intersection 39offset 8moffset 2mretention pond+0.6m+0.6m2°+0.4moffset 3m+0.2moffset 1.5moffset5m offset 2mh=5.0m+0.8m3m offset offset 4.5m+0.6m+0.4m+0.8mretention pondoffset 1m2° +0.2moffset 1.5moffset1.5m offset 1moffset 4.5m offset 2m-1.8m-2.4m-2.4m-1.1m-1.8mretention pond-1.1m-1.0m-1.1m-1.1mrainwater retention pond h=5.0m2°offset 1.5m offset 4m+0.6m+0.6moffset 2.5m+0.4m +0.2moffset 2m offset 5m +0.2moffset1.5moffset 2mh=5.0moffset 6moffsetoffset+0.4m2°+0.4mn pond retentioInstead of predetermining the forms of each architectural element, the score choreographs the interrelations between parts. The score does not attempt to represent the landscape in one single instance. It is always anticipating an unknown future.offset3m3moffset3m3m offsett 3moffse1°pondt 4.5m2mretention2°+1.2m offset+1.2mh=5.0moffse t 3moffset 6moffseh=5.0mh=5.0mt 6.5moffsetet3moffs2moffset3met2°2.5moffstion retent 4moffsepondh=5.0mt 5moffset 6moffseet2moffst 6met2°7moffsponPlaza 37d +0.3m6m2°eth=5.0moffs2°t 6mt 4moffse-1.8m+0.8m-1.6m+0.2m +0.4m +0.6m+0.8moffset 8moffset 4moffseet6moffsh=5.0m+0.6m2°+0.6mt 9m8moffseoffset+0.2mh=5.0m6mh=5.0m+0.6m+0.4m2°+0.2metntionoffse-1.8mPlaza 37h=5.0moffsPlaza 37rete+0.6m2°h SoutGate5°2° 13°-1.6m-2.4m-2.4m1°4m-2.4mSouth Gateetoffs1°-1.2m -0.8m -0.4m1°My role as an architect is simply to set things in motion on this landscape. Forces of change and metamorphosis are at the very core of the human and natural worlds.This landscape is part of a complex and interlocking network in which things, be it water, plants, identities etc., are all along never-ending paths of movement, cutting their banks as they flow.offselongitudinal section Masterscore plancross section Masterscore section0TU Delft 2018 - 2019 Supervisors : Alberto Altés Arlandis, Jorge Mejia HernandezMovement score of ParkwayEnactment of the movement scorefabric canopy with adjustable lengthcablesteel plankRosette clamp 1:10steel pipe ø 65mm base collartimber columnsteel cable metal capadjustable basejacksteel base platesteel hammock hook anchor bolt posthole concrete plinth concrete foundationpossible configuration 1:200possible configuration 1:200 variationsRinglock scaffolding system with Rosette clampsVendor standPavillion with timber structureColumn plinth detailsThe festive constitutes an alternative social space where the individual body is liberated from social norms and immerses into the collective body in synchronized movement. When equipped with supports and anchors, the paved ground becomes a landscape of offering that affords various transformations. They offer the chance for people to claim the street from cars by erecting lightweight structures. Overtime, this appropriation can possibly be ritualized.White bloom sceSambucuhdeisuinux Fras austrs of nt in flowe late May elderflow ers rin with hea g season and early Jun give off e. After a sweet vy clu , the bra nch sters of dar es are hu k blue ng berrie low s.alistoo not see to not be seen to make outto be seenDurin g covere flowering attrac d in a blank season, the t pollin swarms of et of white tree is ate and hav . The fru bees to fee flowers tha t e a cha its are foo d and racter istic "ar d to the bir án bla ds omatic nco (M " flavo yrcianthe r. sAr raythe seen also sees too not see to not be seenleucoxyla)to peekto black outIts dense crown deflect and absorb noise from the crowd. It is also low enough to prevent mist from dispersing too quickly.The acute awareness of self is suspended in an array of mist, smells and drunkennessFuzzy white noise produced by the fog nozzles masks sharper sounds.On cold mornings, a layer of fog forms over warm pond water. Water evaporates rapidly.Small water molecules in air soak up some of the sound vibrations and damp down the transmission of sound through the air.Plants around the pond keeps the mist from dispersing too quickly. They are just tall enough to hide a sitting human.Perennial grasses are planted on drier soil on the hills. Dense roots of grasses keep soil on the slope in place.Agrostis Capillaris Dense dry grass rustles in the wind to mask noise from human and vehicle traffic.Atmospheres of Intoxication Typical cross section 1:50 0Cyclical performance of geo-biological processes12 mWhen performed repeatedly in the presence of others in a community, the “alternative” has the potential to be assimilated into the norm. The bioretention pond is shrouded in mist which masks noise from a distance. A white blindness obscures physical borders. The body becomes attentive to the things it immediately hears, touches, and feels.-0.2mm±0.0m-0.6±0.0m-0.2 m-0.4 m-0.6 m-0.8 m-1.0 mpumpoverflowto Rioshedding at 75% water purifieroverflowshedding at 50%Bricks in broken formation are woven into sheets of steel mesh before they are laid down on site. The empty spaces are filled with earth.storageTypical section of retention lakes 1:50 Section of the North GateCeratophyllum demersum (coontail)0Section of retention basin12 mThe “new” knowledges that emerge in movement, if shared among multiple individuals, has the potential to become accessible to a wider community, and to become the commons. The gentle slope of the retention lake is paved with openwork brick paving woven into a steel mesh. The paved ground gradually disappears into the earth. Some wanderers get distracted by mist and plants on the way to their destinations.Rainwater falls from the canopies into the pebble drain on the street. It flows to the rainwater gardens.When water level exceeds a certain height, the cleaner rainwater (second flush) overflows and enters the filter planters by the road.Water on the paved ground either seaps through open joints between bricks or flows to the water channels. It is then guided to the circular retention ponds.The most contaminated water (first flush) enters the existing city sewage system.The purified water is reused in the fog system. Water vapour is dispersed to the atmosphere through a high pressure nozzle when the humidity drops and the temperature rises.The roots of wetland plants delay and clean rainwater before its infiltration through filter soil. The filtered water is collected by pipes underground and stored in the underground cistern.Mexican Ash (Fraxinus uhdei)topsoil filter media gravel drainage pipebrick bedding sand aggregate graveltopsoil filter media gravel water collection pipe existing soilHigh pressure pumpCyperus papyrusGramineas water channelTypha angustifoliaFiqueFog Nozzleroot zone filter soil mix gravel water collection pipe3°reusedself-built garden filter planter storage tankstorm drain city sewerunderground cistern water purifierpumpMovement & metamorphosis of waterThe unseen threatens to reveal itself through the sharp mirrored image of the world above. Narcissus saw in the calm pool of water a face not of his own. When basin becomes flooded during months of heavy rainfall, the retained water temporally limits the accessibility of the landscape. Boundaries are defined by the reach of thoughts and actions.1:100 model of one segment of Parkway transformed by the interventionside walkfrontyardside walkparkvehicle trafficvehicle trafficcurb side walkside walkfrontyardvehicle trafficside walk parkvehicle traffic vehicle traffic parkcurbside walkfrontyardside walk vehicle trafficpark vehicle trafficvehicle trafficparkside walkColumn plinths are placed along and across regulating lines which subdivides the street into distinct zones, so lightweight structures can bridge across these boundaries in plan and section.1:100 model of one segment of Parkway transformed by the interventionInstitution Police & Justice Headquarters Z端rich, SwitzerlandThe headquartes is located at the heart of Z端rich, next to the Z端rich Main Station and the river Sihlquai. We imagine an institution that can be experienced from within, from the very heart of the headquarters. The order of the institution would unfold itself layer by layer as one enters. Along the axis that connects the Central Station to Klingenpark is a long entrance hall. Through the hall police staff distribute themselves into passages on either sides which lead them to the office spaces. We imagine a ceiling of filigree construction of great depth that hovers above the grand space like a cloud; a structure that adds lightness and airiness to the usually tense atmosphere of a government institution. The timber arches branch off to finer filaments that are interwoven together to resemble the canopies of a dense forest and dissolve into the sunlight pouring in from above. A curtain of bronze flutings hang over the facade, continuing the momentum of the filigree roof construction. . As if lifting up the curtain of a play, the crowd is drawn into the offices on the ground floor. This project is the result of a close collaboration with my project partner in all stages.ETH Z端rich 2014 Spring Supervisor: Prof. Adam Caruso Project partner : Peiping Che(top) Schwarzplan (bottom) Section across Hauptbahnhof and Sihlquai1: 50 model of the entrance hallSite plan1:50 elevation model, elevation, GF plan, section of the entrance hallHouse Vision China at the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale House of SpontaneityOur proposal explores the performative dimension of rituals that endow the spatial and material qualities of the ‘house’ with the personal meaning of ‘home’. House of Spontaneity delves into the ways individual’s routines of habitation shape the definition of a house, and it does so by looking at the fundamental relations among people, modes of living and interior systems. House of Spontaneity features a family of “behavioural objects” designed to accommodate more than one modality of use at the same time. Based on extensive research of visual literature from present and past, the resulting object-systems respond to selected functions performed in the house, like working, sleeping, socializing etc., yet they offer themselves to various recompositions - by way of their different assemblies, give shape to completely individualized domestic universes. In this project, we had the freedom to initiate our research both collaboratively and independently. I was involved in the research, design, and model-making processes.Trace Architecture Office 2016 Team: Yunhan Lin (leader), Jun Qian (model maker), Cherk Ga LeungThe Process of reconfiguring Chinese characters, collaging and redesigning(top) Sectional view of 1:50 model (bottom) Interior view of 1:50 modelOrt Struktur Hülle Extension of Schulhaus Stettbach Zürich, SwitzerlandSchulhaus Stettbach Year of construction : 1964 - 1967 Architect : Esther Guyer, Rudolf Guyer Landscape Designer : Willi NeukomIn Schulhaus Stettbach, the architects’ desire to expose truthfully its concrete structure goes against the strict building standards established in 1970s after the oil crisis. While its brutalist quality brings a strong character and unique atmoshere to spaces in the school, it causes thermal and moisture problems due to improper insulation of the building envelope. In the new extension I want to recreate the unique atmoshere of the existing school building without compromising its building performance. The brutalist construction of stacking columns on load-bearing walls gives one a feeling of disintegration. One would have the impression that the vertical and horizontal elements barely touch each other. I proposed a structure that binds the horizontal and vertical elements into a more cohesive system.ETH Zürich 2013 Fall Prof. Dietmar Eberle(top) Einsatzmodell (1:500) (below) Interior of entrance hall and sports hall (1:50)FigurplanRossiplanN-S longitudinal sectionModel of the new extension (1:50)Prototype for Collective Housing An Inhabitable Wall Taipei City, TaiwanThe ubiquitous form of generic six-storey building is the basic ‘building block’ of the city of Taipei. This typology, governed by loose building codes, has been altered gradually through individual transformations. The studio document moments of appropriation and apply these ideas as guidelines for design and purposeful strategies. The result is a prototypical housing model developed through extensive model-making at various scales. Experimentation with moulds and the plastic property of concrete gives valuable insight on how to generate forms in a methodical way. As opposed to the repetition of autonomous and homogenous units in the existing generic housing in Taipei, the continuous wall suggests an ambiguous and negotiable ownership of a common infrastructure. Tugged into the undulating concrete wall are public circulation, internal staircases, service rooms and more permanent aspects of living. The left over mass then becomes cavities for electrical and mechanical systems.The University of Hong Kong 2015 Spring Supervisor: John LinGeneric building block of TaipeiProcess of developing a prototypical model from the context(top left) concrete structural models as a collective output of the studio (1:100), concrete models of fragments (1:25)
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