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After the reformation of many regulations in the immigration process, now Trump’s administration is targeting employers through ICE raids.…
After the reformation of many regulations in the immigration process, now Trump’s administration is targeting employers through ICE raids. Trump has recently announced an increase in ICE raids; this announcement followed by a series of Notice of Inspections (NOI) to employers hiring immigrants.Immigration & Customs Enforcement ICE is the US Immigration & Customs Enforcement agency under the US Department of Homeland Security, with the primary mission of immigration enforcement. This agency can issue Notices of Inspection to employers for ensuring Form I-9 compliance of all their immigrant employees. According to the law, an NOI states an arrival of ICE officer within three business days from the day the NOI issued.What happens during an ICE raid? As a part of their mission, ICE is now targeting Form I-9 compliance of the organizations. During an ICE raid, the officers may ask the employer to provide the supporting documents of the employee or the payroll. Sometimes they may even request articles of Incorporation, the business licenses or the list of your current employees. As an employer, one should prepare to provide all the supporting documents during the raid. Failure of which may result in legal actions against your organization.Overview of Form I-9 Inspection ProcessIf an employer knowingly violates the law, they may have to face penalties ranging from $375 to $16,000. The penalties for the violations differ based on various factors like size of the business,history of previous violations, etc. Failure in providing an employee’s Form I-9 during an inspection may result in fines up to $1,100 per violation. So, it is the time to focus on ensuring the Form I-9 compliance of your organization and avoid the penalties from ICE agents.How can your organization be Form I-9 compliant?  Completion of Form I-9  Verification of all the supporting documents of the employee  Retention of Form I-9s & conducting internal audit trailsCompletion of Form I-9 The first and foremost important criteria in Form I-9 compliance is the completion of Form I-9 itself. Form I-9 is the Employment Eligibility Verification form, which verifies the identity and employment eligibility of the individuals. Any employee or employer working in the US should complete the Form I-9 within three business days from the start date of employment. So, make sure that every employee of your organization completes the I-9 (Section-1) within the specified time. Along with completing the Form, corresponding employee must attest all the supporting documents with the form.Verification of all the Form I-9 supporting documents of the employeeAccording to the law, an employer should physically verify all the supporting documents provided by the employee before completing the Form I-9 (section-2). However, the supporting documents attested with the Form I-9 varies based on the status of the employee. The Form I-9 documents segregated into three Lists (A, B and C). ‣ List A documents: These documents establish both identity and employment authorization. ‣ List B documents: These documents establish the identity of the employee. ‣ List C documents: These documents establish employment authorization. Any individual attesting the documents for Form I-9 can submit either one selection from List A or a combination of List B and List C. According to USCIS, here is the list of supporting documents that employers can accept from the employees to show their identity & employment authorization. An employer should sign and retain the Form I-9 only after thoroughly examining the supporting documents of the employee.Retention of Form I-9s & Audit trails An employer should retain the Form I-9 & documents of every employee of the organization. In fact, an employee should retain the Form I-9 for three years from the date of hire or one year after the last day of employment, whichever is later. You can store the paper or electronic versions of these Form I-9s. One important task most employers misses out or consider not required are the audit trails. Having an audits trail of all theactivities help employers in identifying & correcting any errors they might come across. This will eliminate the chances of violations and thereby reduce the penalties.Be Compliant with OnBlick OnBlick is a SaaS-based application developed with the motive of streamlining Immigration & HR compliance. This can be an ideal solution for assuring your organization’s compliance. OnBlick’s alerts remind the employers about the completion of Form I-9 within OnBlick supportsthe thestipulated combinationtime.of paper & electronicversions of Form I-9. This gives the employer a better chance to complete the form I-9 of those employees working in remote locations within the timeline. Electronic retention of the form and audit trails guides employers in attaining Form I-9 compliance. With complete guidance on the I-9 process, your organization will now be prepared for any random visits or ICE raids.
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