How To Effectively Use Bare Copper Wire Jumpers

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How To Effectively Use Bare Copper Wire Jumpers?A jumper or a jump wire is an electric wire or group of wires in a cable usually used to interconnect the components…
How To Effectively Use Bare Copper Wire Jumpers?A jumper or a jump wire is an electric wire or group of wires in a cable usually used to interconnect the components of a breadboard or other prototype or test circuit. It normally has connector pins at each end which helps to connect each other’s points without soldering. Since jumpers have no soldering involved, circuit can be changed according to the requirement.Amongst different types of jumper, bare copper wire jumpers are being popular in the electrical industry because of its good conductivity, flexibility, heat resistance and toughness. For years, Ganpati Wires has been manufacturing premium quality of bare copper wire jumpers in an affordable price range. Keeping the necessity and requirement of our customers in mind, we have been producing jumpers in different shapes and sizes using ultra-modern technology.Advantages of Bare Copper Wire Jumpers• They have high heat resistance which eradicates the possibility of overloading. That’s why, these are ideal for machineries which use heavy electrical circuits. • These jumpers are the best electric conductors and give more power as compared to other metal jumpers. They can also withstand high vibrations in heavy electrical machineries. • Due to high corrosion resistance, they don’t tear off easily which helps them to function well for a long time. • Copper wire jumpers have ductility and malleability properties. They can be formed into different shapes and sizes with required thickness. Also, their flexibility allows them to twist and bend in any form without being worried about breakage. These features make bare copper wire jumpers the primary choice for manufacturing electrical appliances.• In case of overloading and high fluctuation, these jumpers don’t melt easily because of high heat resistance property. Hence, they are very reliable regarding safety issues. • Unlike jumpers made from other metals, copper jumpers don’t get loose after a certain period of time. This can save maintenance cost and also prevent unfortunate accidents. • They are specially designed to function smoothly even in the highest flow of electricity. Hence, they can be found in transformers, generators, electrolytic processors and computers. • Bare copper wire jumpers have higher metal fatigue resistance which is important for manufacturing heavy electrical appliances. Hence, they are commonly used connectors in such appliances.Bare Copper Wire Jumpers have many advantages over jumpers made from other metals. They have high electricity and thermal conductivity which is definitely important in case of manufacturing electric products. They can be formed into different shapes and sizes with specific thickness which is essential to connect two ends of the circuit. In addition, they don’t require soldering to connect which helps to modify the circuit according to the requirement. Their high heat resistance and high tolerance to vibration are significant properties that ensure safety and prevents from unexpected hazardous situation.It’s important to use high quality copper wire jumpers that can function in extreme situations. Therefore, Ganpati Wires is the ideal choice if you are searching for best bare copper wire jumpers. Visit Ganpati Wires if you have any further queries.Go ahead and visit them online to check their range of products and choose the one that suits your requirement.Get In Touch Address -C -27, Bais Godam Industrial Estate, Bais Godam, Jaipur, Rajasthan, 302006Contact No -0141- 2211977Email -ganpati@ganpatiwires.comWebsite -
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