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02 Galvanizing Awards — 201902 03 GAGA 2019CONTENTSGalvanizers Association (GA) represents the hot dip galvanizing industry of the UK and…
02 Galvanizing Awards â&#x20AC;&#x201D; 201902 03 GAGA 2019CONTENTSGalvanizers Association (GA) represents the hot dip galvanizing industry of the UK and Ireland. It provides Marketing, Technical and Environmental services for this growing industry. The Association gives RIBA CPD approved presentations, provides literature, surveys the market and its trends and improves communications about galvanizing. GA has a ServiceLine to give an immediate answer to queries by phone, email or online about galvanizing. It also monitors legislation, takes a leading role in standards development and oversees research projects to support and develop the industry. Finally, it provides environmental information about the product and the industry to specifiers, government departments and other interested parties.Follow us on twitter @Galvanize it Introduction 04 Judges 05 GAGAs at 25 06 Galvanizing in Architecture 10 Galvanizing in Engineering 12 Sustainability Award 14 Duplex Award 16 Galvanizing in Detail 18 Highly Commended 20 Special Mention 22 Shortlisted Entries 24 Credits 36Join our facebook page Inside image Š Martin Argyroglo04 GAGA 2019 INTRODUCTION Introduction It’s surprising how every year of the Galvanizing Awards throws up a different set of scenarios. Whereas last year’s crop of winners was firmly focused on housing and houses, exhibiting the beautiful shimmering aesthetic qualities of galvanized steel in the process, for 2019 the best examples of the material in use over the past year are back to being public buildings. Spread out across the UK and Ireland, as a result this year’s winners make particular use of galvanized steel’s robust and durable qualities, albeit still impeccably detailed. We have a ramped observation platform, weir refurbishment, cinema, pavilion and visitor centre. chadwick dryer clarke studio takes the 2019 Galvanizing in Architecture Award for its elegant Rising Path scheme, constructed at the Cambridge Botanical Garden as a viewing platform. Galvanized steel has been used to create the structure of the sweeping ellipse form, combining with timber and making use of laser cutting for the many unique elements. Addison Conservation + Design, meanwhile, wins the Engineering category for its dramatic turnaround at the previously much degraded 19th century Catrine Wier in East Ayreshire. The judges appreciated the barely visible galvanized apron along the crest to neatly reinforce the vulnerable edge, while adding a touch of sparkle to the water streaming over – with minimal environmental impact. Likewise, at this year’s Detail winner, Pálás, designed by dePaor, external fins and sills lift the severity of this essay in sheer concrete with surprising effect. Housing didn’t escape the winning line up completely though. Stephen Taylor Architects’ L-shaped Cadix Housing scheme on the outskirts of Antwerp in Belgium was highly commended. The project completes an urbanblock, mixing apartments and individual terraced houses and incorporates galvanized metalwork into all of the communal balustrading. Minimalist from afar, on closer inspection these elements have been imbued with quirky details that pleased this year’s judges – the gently arcing handrails at the entrance of the external stair, scalloped feet to the balustrades and figure of 8 fixing plates. Together, they provide subtle ornament to the overall composition. Jailmake’s roots-inspired bench also gets a special mention for making use of parametric design to delicately fold 2mm-thick steel plate into a light-looking, intriguing loadbearing structure. Another great year, with plenty more to discover in the following pages.Isabelle Priest, RIBAJ05 GAGA 2019 JUDGES Judges Isabelle Priest RIBA JournalMatthew Wells TechnikerGreg Storrar Tonkin LiuIqbal Johal Galvanizers Association06 GAGAs at 25 25 Years of the Galvanizing Awards Year on year GAGA entrants have shown how construction sectors across the UK and Ireland test the technical limits and creative potential of a 300 year old technology. Just when you thought everything which could be achieved with this reliable, proven coating, has been done and seen, more extraordinary projects emerge. Whether they are monumental public projects or small-scale detail entrants, each year we are reminded how versatile and visionary the use of galvanizing can be.industry, and that it has become a document of changing practices and philosophies within construction itself. The predominance of sustainability, the rise of cost-effective modular design, the sustained emphasis on no-maintenance materials have all been highlighted through projects that are entered.Our 25 year milestone has also afforded us an excuse (as if it were needed) to look back at previous winners. One of our first winners to stand out is Stukely Street, the former Savoy Hotel furniture This year there is an even greater air of store near Covent Garden. It was given excitement about the awards, as we have a dramatic facelift by Jestico and Whiles reached our 25th anniversary. Conceived and turned into a light filled, six story initially as a means of forging greater office-space with the extensive use of connections between the galvanizing glass and galvanized steel. industry and architects, artists and engineers, we believe the GAGAs have, in Past entries have also highlighted how fact, grown to represent much more. social housing can be innovative, elegant and highly desirable places to Today, we pride ourselves on the fact live. Examples that stand out are that our event widens conversation Homes for Change in Hulme, around successes within the galvanizing Manchester which continues to support< The Eden Project, Grimshaw Architects > Glucksman Gallery, Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Donnell Tuomeysustainable, diverse communities with a more inclusive kind of approach. They sit alongside projects like Heron Court by Bell Phillips Architects and shine a light on the idea that all this can be achieved within the constraints of the public purse. At Jubilee Campus, Nottingham University, Michael Hopkins and Partners turned a former bicycle factory site into an academic park for 2,500 students, marrying energy-saving construction with outstanding design and function. Furthermore, projects like Exposure by Anthony Gormley show how new design software is pushing the boundaries of what is possible with galvanized steel. At 26m tall and weighing 60 tonnes, this feat of engineering contains 5,400 bolts and a further 2,000 components, all of which are galvanized.08 GAGAs at 25 Julia Barfield Founding Director, Marks Barfield Architects Julia Barfield is a founding director of Marks Barfield Architects (MBA). MBA has won more than 70 awards for design, innovation and sustainability including being shortlisted for the Stirling Prize. In 2000 Julia Barfield received an MBE and she has also collected the Prince Philip Designers Prize. She was also winner of the Queens Award for Enterprise and Innovation in 2003.Old Shed, New House, Tonkin LiuAnother arts proposition that caught our attention was the Garsington Opera house at Wormesley, Buckinghamshire. It is unusual as an arts venue as it is was designed to be dismounted and rebuilt annually. The structure has significantly upgraded facilities and acoustics in line with the expectations of 21st Century opera goers.Jolyon Brewis Partner, Grimshaw ArchitectsBack in 1994 our judging panel included architect Julia Barfield, one of the leading visionaries on iconic projects like the London Eye and the i360 Tower. We are delighted that Julia is once again involved in the awards this year. As a keynote address, she gave an insightful talk on sustainability and the re-use of materials and resources.Jolyon Brewis joined Grimshaw Architects in 1998. Since then he has fulfilled several senior leadership roles, including Chief Executive from 2011 to 2015. Aside from further design schemes for Eden Project destinations such as China and Australia, Jolyon has led on the expansion of Stansted Airport and Sizewell C, the new nuclear power station, both of which involve building design and master planning.Galvanizers Association were also fortunate to have a keynote presentation from Jolyon Brewis. A specialist in large-scale super-efficient enclosures, such as those seen at the Eden Project. His insider’s take on the role of the Eden Project 20 years on was an authoritative account of the role of the landmark project in place-making.Every year we have been struck by the support for our awards by the construction community. Galvanizers Association has learned much from leading practitioners such as Ian Ritchie of Ian Ritchie Architects, recent winner of a RIBA Award for the ‘Sainsbury Wellcome Centre’. We have also been fortunate to be able to call upon studios such as Sutherland Hussey Harris and be promoted by industry voices such as Matthew Wells of Techniker. Over the years we have had some landmark projects that have ushered in a new era for galvanizing within contemporary architecture. Projects like the Lewis Glucksman Gallery in Cork, a headline grabbing build in Ireland, showcased not only O’Donnell and Tuomey’s flair for impeccable design, but also a visionary use of galvanized steel. Timber clad, galvanized cantilevered gallery spaces, exhibit and intensify the landscape as well as the curated objects within. The Eden Project, that geodesic wonder by Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners as mentioned09 GAGAs at 25 Hengrove Park Leisure Centre, Kier ConstructionGreenwich Low Carbon Energy Centre, C.F. Møller Architectsearlier, stood out as a sublime lesson in ecology, drawing attention to the human dependency upon plants. Transparent domes within a steel structure create maximum enclosed volume with minimum surface area. A galvanized coating ensures the longest life possible for this £57m showcase for global bio-diversity.high comprising hundreds of triangular galvanized panels, the stack unites sophisticated engineering and complex optic research creating an impressive sculptural concept on a huge scale. It completes what is an ambitious example of cutting-edge, industrial architecture by C.F. Møller Architects, designed to save over 20,000 tonnes of carbon every year.Hengrove Leisure Complex is a state-of-the-art pool and leisure centre in South Bristol. Its “bubble effect” roof over the main Olympic size pool is a remarkable feature, supported on curved galvanized universal beams. Keir Construction used galvanized steel to deliver a guaranteed 60 year lifespan in what is a highly corrosive chlorinated atmosphere. This project was awarded a BREEAM ‘excellent’ rating.At Peacehaven an area approximately the size of three football pitches features complex curved and domed roofs forming parabolas with curved side walls and bull nose details. Covered in sedum, the rooftop is sensitive to its environment and blends into the South Downs. It forms the largest green roof in Britain. The Peacehaven Wastewater Treatment Works is an integral element of Southern Water’s £300m environmental improvement scheme. From past winners to entrants competing this year, we have had a rich catalogue to choose from. As ever, our judging panel have had a delightful, if at times arduous task, choosing overall winners from another exceptional field. What has struck us all this year more than ever, is how wonderful it is to look at suchLastly, two notable industrial projects designed with sustainability in mind; Greenwich Low Carbon Energy Centre and the Waste Water Treatment Works at Peacehaven. At Greenwich a visitor’s centre complete with sculptural stack, designed by artist Conrad Shawcross, encourages public engagement and demystifies renewable energy production. At 49mPeace Haven, Bourne Groupan extensive range of projects through the lens of galvanizing. It is truly inspiring to see the breadth of applications of galvanized steel and to appreciate our honest coating not in a purely supporting role, but as a leading participant in the finest construction of our times.10 GAGA 2019 Galvanizing in Architecture chadwick dryer clarke studio The Rising Path, CambridgeWINNER In the summer of 2016, chadwick dryer clarke studio were invited to participate in a limited design competition held by the Botanic Garden and University of Cambridge Estates. Their winning solution which was a collaboration with structural engineers Smith and Wallwork, provides an accessible viewing platform overlooking the systematic beds, with an exhibition area below. The Rising Path has been devised as a gently sloping path that leads off from the established path network, taking visitors through the maturing conifer collection of the New Pinetum. The interpretation hub at ground level provides engaging displays drawn from the Gardenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s archives to encourage visitors to explore the Systematic Beds.Using BIM 3D modelling from the outset, the sculptural shape developed considers both the visual form and structural requirements; a true collaboration between architect and structural engineer. The structural frame is formed from galvanized steel with principal members made from laser cut curved 10mm plates. The curved stringer has changing radii throughout the sweeping ellipse. The 90mm CHS columns are fixed to concrete free specialist hand driven steel pile footings. These enable the foundations to be positioned close to the trees and within the root protection zones. The importance of the site, alongside the sustainability criteria for the project, meant that the choice of materials; galvanized steel and timber were of utmost importance.11 12 GAGA 2019Galvanizing in Engineering Addison Conservation + Design Conservation of Catrine Weir, East AyrshireWINNERThe Catrine Weir on the River Ayr (East Ayrshire) is a 19th Century industrial structure erected as a water supply to power the Catrine Mills and their water wheels designed by the renowned engineer William Fairburn. These wheels were the biggest in the world in their time. The weir structure was dilapidated but, although patched over time, it required major engineered conservation works to stabilise and then protect the heritage assets. The conservation was masterminded to the smallest detail and later supervised on site by the late John Addison. The principle was to retain the weirâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s original fabric as much as possible but encapsulate it in specially designed lime concrete which closely match the type used by Roman engineers. The originalwooden weir crest was replaced with ekki timber. Apart from the obvious technical logic of the reinforcement, it was decided the crest should bear a modern and aesthetic mark. This is where the galvanized steel apron was introduced. It creates a sharp very clean line shimmering in the sun (when the Scottish weather allows). From past experience it also provides the most cost-effective long-term solution.13 14 GAGA 2019 Sustainability Award Brightblue Studio Hauxley Wildlife Discovery Centre, NorthumberlandWINNER The four clear aims and achievements of the wider Dynamic Druridge project were to inspire and engage people about nature, to build a new Sustainable Wildlife Discovery Centre and to recreate and reconnect habitats to increase biodiversity. Located on the North East Coast, the site is on the Hauxley Nature Reserve which was an old open cast mine. As with many elements of the project, an important objective was that of demonstrating the possibilities of using a non skilled workforce, using widely accessible and affordable components yet still producing high quality building of architectural interest. The project also made use of galvanized gabions as a primary structural component for the first time in the UK. The structural engineerutilised the experience of Haiti post the 2010 earthquake. Galvanized gabions were chosen as the key foundation link structure for the project as they were ‘fillable’ by the volunteer workforce – the central corridor is a tour-de-force – and moveable by a single person. They also accommodate movement as the whole strategy of the structural design was one of adaption to the complex brownfield site. The galvanized solution in this location provides a cost-efficient solution, that was both humble, easy to transport to site, suitable for the location for the longevity of the building, and easily adjustable to suit the changing site conditions.15 16 GAGA 2019 Duplex Award Studio Weave Nine Elms Thames Path Pavilion, LondonWINNER Studio Weave were commissioned to design a pavilion as part of the Churchman Landscape Architects led redevelopment of the Thames Riverside Walk in Nine Elms.require sealing and weathering.Although these would be typically overcoated with additional finishes to both sides, the architects found that galvanizing provided ideal protection to The pavilion provides shelter for the the steel as well as an optimal base for public, as well as for a storage facility for finishing. equipment to be used for local events. As a result, the square facilitates The external faces of the panels were activities that complement the ongoing coated with a cold applied polymer development of Nine Elms. The raised composite finish. The panel faces garden allows the pavilion to address internal to the store room were left to the square while providing an additional expose their galvanized finish and the patch of greenery easily appreciated external copper finished faces left from ground level. unsealed to allow natural weathering and Verdigris to develop over time. Galvanized structural steel is clad in timber and adorned with colourful patterns. The walls at ground level, planters and the water tower are made from proprietary water tank panels. The panels are pressed steel and as such17 18 GAGA 2019 Galvanizing in Detail dePaor Pálás, Galway The project was originally commissioned in 2006, after grant funding was received from the EU, which was championing the screening of European-made films in purposebuilt cinemas as a pushback against Hollywood. dePaor developed the design through analogue means – hand drawings and models at varying scales – to test the qualities of rooms, circulation spaces, the passage of light and the relationship between structure and linings. Located in the old town between the docks that face the Atlantic Ocean and the River Corrib that flows into it, the building sits on a very tight corner plot previously occupied by an earlynineteenth-century merchant’s house. The grit-blasted concrete façades appear as render from a distance and have a similar quality to the exposed firewalls of Berlin. The façades are punctuated with 25 square operable windows made of Iroko with galvanizedsteel plate sills to throw off the rain. They are arranged in a seemingly scattered pattern, giving little indication of internal use. Indeed other than the words ‘Palace’ and (the Gaelic) ‘Pálás’ imprinted on the thinnest sides, the building’s form and language give few clues as to its function. All of the external hardware to the building is fabricated from 6mm galvanized mild steel including: the weathervane – a cut profile of a woman chasing her silhouette for north; the coping and cornice - cleated for scale when viewed from the street; the entrance canopy - a tripartite gutter which ends in the letters ‘pálás’, as well as staircases, gates and railings at street level. Galvanizing was chosen for its texture and colour - flat against the West of the Irish sky; the way it weathers to a soft grey and how it complements the limestone and concrete.WINNER 19 20 GAGA 2019 Highly Commended: Detail Stephen Taylor Architects Cadix Housing, Belguim Cadix Housing is a new residential building over six levels and comprises a mix of 27 triplex, duplex, and single level homes, commissioned by the housing association Woonhaven Antwerpen. The brief was for an apartment building in the ar
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