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Your Guide to our Comprehensive Property ServicesINCLUDES Useful Information for Buyers and SellersFEATURING Recommended Local Businesses DirectoryFOCUS ON Builders,…
Your Guide to our Comprehensive Property ServicesINCLUDES Useful Information for Buyers and SellersFEATURING Recommended Local Businesses DirectoryFOCUS ON Builders, Flooring, Moving & StorageContents / Directory03 04 05 06 08Welcome and Moving Checklist About Us Choosing us to Sell Your Home Featured Properties Viewing Notes09 11 12 15 24Our Recommended Partners Recommended Partners Directory Focus On: Builders Focus On: Flooring Focus On: Moving & StorageWelcome toBlack + Blanc 5A Different Type of Estate Agent is Here. Black + Blanc is the brainchild of 3 friends who, through a wealth of experience in the sector, can see there is another way. And it’s simple: It’s all about you.Our Services• • Home Evaluation (based on personal visit)• Expert Guidance on Conducting Viewings• Professional Photographs• Manage Viewings and Offers Online• Floor Plan Creation• B+B Handle Negotiation of Offers• E-Brochure Creation• B+B Discover Buyer Financial Qualification• Rightmove Listing• B+B Handle Completion of Sale• Zoopla Listing• Free Mobile App to Track Sale Progress• Dedicated, Personal Agent• Discounted Property ServicesCheck List For Moving Into Your New Home This handy list will help guide you through the Next Steps when moving into your new home. 1. Find a property solicitor.9. Perusal of your Gas Safety Check and log a date for3. Arrange a survey.10. Obtain meter readings and contact your utility providers.5. Obtain your home keys and move in!12. Re direct your post until change of address has been2. Complete your mortgage application. 4. Find a removal / storage company.6. Post re-direction - make sure your mail moves with you. 7. Update driving licence and car registration. 8. Obtain buildings and contents insurance.your next check-up.11. Apply for TV licence.obtained by your suppliers.13. Contact your waste disposal provider or agency. 14. Check your intruder and fire alarms.Welcome to the Nice to club. meet you. #seeyouathomeWelcome to the club. We know estate agents are loathed by most people. It’s no surprise to us. That’s why we want to do things differently + change the property game. We believe in an honest, straight- talking + nononsense approach. Hence our name - Black + Blanc. The four co-founders of Black + Blanc are all experienced property professionals. Our employees share our values, as well as the determination to make the process of selling or letting less stressful. If you’re planning a move, our team of experts is ready to give you the time you need.About us. We’re Black + Blanc. Black + Blanc was founded by four friends who, thanks to many years’ experience in the property sector, can see there’s another way. And it’s simple: it’s all about you. Moving home is an emotional rollercoaster. It can be a daunting experience and it’s certainly time-consuming. But that stops now. Black + Blanc are here to make selling, letting or finding a home every bit as enjoyable as a new adventure should be. A bit less talking and a lot more listening We give you time. Time to tell your story. Because once we understand your situation we can offer exactly the service and support you need. So you can relax and look forward to the next chapter. Whether you want to sell, let, buy or rent, Black + Blanc are your personal concierge team; always ready with friendly advice regarding any aspect of your property journey.Meet Meet the team. the team. We don’t bite. We don’t bite.We know estate agents are loathed most agents people.are It’s no We knowbyestate surprise to most us. That’s whyIt’s weno want loathed by people. to do things differently + change surprise to us. That’s why we want the property game. to do things differently + change the property game. We believe in an honest, straighttalking + no-nonsense approach. We believe in an honest, straightHence name - Black + Blanc. talking our + no-nonsense approach. Hence our name - Black + Blanc. The four co-founders of Black + Blanc all experienced The fourare co-founders of Black property professionals. Our + Blanc are all experienced employees share our values, property professionals. Our as well as the determination employees share our values, to make of selling 01 02orto as wellthe as process the determination Niven Kapil letting lessprocess stressful. make the of selling or letting less stressful. Having spent his early 20s in Kapil understands the difficulties If you’re planning a move,buyers, our tenants and landlords the finance sector, Niven is well trained in the art of the win-win face: he’s been providing team of experts isaready If you’re planning move,to our to their challenges deal. He prides himself on giving solutions give theadvice timeis you need. customers and for more than ten years. His teamyou ofsuperb experts ready to market insight; exactly the high experience of working in-house giveofyou the you need. level service you time can expect at a national agency, and as a from Black + Blanc. He was born and raised in Croydon where he began his career in property ten years ago. ‘Finding a home isn’t always easy,’ he says. ‘But nothing beats seeing the smile on a customer’s face when you hand over the keys to their new place’.property investor, has given him invaluable knowledge. Kapil believes in the importance of Black + Blanc’s role as a hub of local specialists who really listen to customers. 6 ‘The key to a smooth sales process,’ he says. ‘Is maintaining good6communication between all parties.’03Kunal Ten years’ experience, plus hundreds of completed sales and contented clients; Kunal knows what it takes to help people find their dream home. During the early days of his career, he became one of the youngest ever area managers at a large, national agency. He went on to specialise in high-value, prestige property, working across London and the south west of England. For Kunal, co-founding Black + Blanc means the opportunity to build a trusted, independent brand.Why us. We’re locals and we love our communities. You’ll benefit from our personal experience of living, working and playing in the area.02No obligation. Stop by one of our clubs for a chat. We’re happy to share our expertise, whether you’re a client or not.80301You’re in good hands.04Market insights. We keep our finger on the pulse so we can keep you informed of the latest developments.05Collaboration. We work with people, not against them, to get you the best price in the least amount of time.You’re the boss. We tailor our service to suityour circumstances to make sure you get exactly what you need.06Dedication - if the going gets tough. We’ve been there before and we can help you navigate choppy waters.9The House Butler.We use our local knowledge and trade contacts to shortlist the best homes, based on your specifications. Often before they hit the open market. We accompany you during viewings and let you know how much other similar properties have sold for. Then we negotiate to secure you the best price. Simple.House hunting can be a frustrating and extremely timeconsuming process. You could view 40 properties (or more) before you find the one that’s right for you. Some of those properties won’t be suitable; shown to you by agents who don’t listen carefully to your requirements. And, when you finally pick your next home, you Your buying agent. might end up paying more than House hunting can be a frustrating and you should.The House Butler by save you and money. Black + time Blanc.extremely time- consuming process. You could view 40 properties (or more) before But it doesn’t have to be this you find the one that’s right for you. Some way. Choose thewon’t House Butler by of those properties be suitable; shown by agents who Black to + you Blanc and let usdon’t act listen as carefully to youragent. requirements. And, when your buying It’s a personal you finally pick your next home, you might service run by experts that is end up paying more than you should. designed tohave save time But it doesn’t to you be this way.and Choose the House Butler by Black + Blanc and let money. us act as your buying agent. It’s a personal service run by experts that is designed toWe use our local knowledge and trade contacts to shortlist the best You know what you want. homes, based on your specifications. Often Get professional help to find it. before they hit the open market. We accompany you during viewings and let you know how much other similar properties have sold for. Then we negotiate to secure you the best price. Simple. The House Butler by Black + Blanc. You know what you want. Get professional help to find it.2627How we sell your property. We’re here to support you throughout the sales journey with a combination of local insight, friendly advice and professional expertise. We go the extra mile to keep you informed, make the process as smooth as possible and find the best buyer for your home. These are the four pillars of our sales approach.01020304We tailor our service to suit you: your circumstances, your home and its location. The expert advice we provide is based on knowledge of what buyers in your area want. Reaching completion is good for everyone involved, so we try to cultivate a positive relationship between all parties. If the process gets sticky we’re here to support you.We offer guidance so you can make your home look its best for marketing and viewings. We take professional photographs, create detailed floor plans and well-written descriptions (with no misleading waffle.) Then we get your home online and in-front of thousands of potential buyers quickly.Our online portal allows you to track viewings, offers and feedback. We update you as often as you like, by email, text and phone. We’re available when you need us. Nobody likes unpleasant surprises, which is why we explain the process from start to finish and make sure you’re happy.The road to completion isn’t always easy. That’s why we assess buyers and find out the size of their deposit, if their mortgage is agreed and whether they need to sell their property first. We use our experience and negotiation expertise to progress your sale, working towards the goal with dedication and enthusiasm.We put people first.Positioning your home.Communication + transparency.28Sealing the deal.How we let your property. In the fast-moving London rental market, we balance your commercial interest and the tenant’s need for a good quality home. In order to deliver a first-rate service, we listen closely to your requirements, including what kind of tenant you want and how involved you’d like to be as a landlord. Here are the foundations of our approach to lettings.0104You want to find a great tenant - a longterm renter, ideally, who will respect your property. We work hard to find the right person (based on what you tell us) quickly and get the best price. We believe it’s better to have a stable income from a reliable tenant rather than the hassle of high turnover.We offer three service levels depending on your circumstances and budget.We think longterm.Landlord services.Let onlyIf you prefer to manage your own property, we simply find you a tenant and organise the tenancy agreement. This means we show applicants around on your behalf and carry out reference checks but leave the day-today running of the let up to you.02Finding a tenant.Rent collectionIn addition to finding a tenant, we collect the rent via standing order every month, so it’s automatically debited from the tenant’s account. Then you’re in charge of other matters, such as property maintenance and adherence to legislation.First we carry out a no obligation valuation, informed by knowledge of the local market. Then, if you hire us, we take professional photos that will help your property stand out. Most people begin their home hunt online so we get your place listed on the best websites fast, with a well-written description to attract potential tenants.Fully managedThe ultimate service that takes away all the stress of being a landlord. We manage everything from maintenance to annual inspections, while our 24 hour emergency line gives you complete peace of mind.03Online portal. The place to go for all information regarding your let. In a world overflowing with emails and paperwork, it can be hard to keep track of contracts and correspondence. That’s why we’ve created an online portal, a safe home for all the documents related to your rental property. No more searching through drawers to find that tenancy agreement.29Tips for selling your property. 01 First impressions are so important. Sweep the path, trim the hedge, put the bins away and paint the front door.ers uy for. nb d ea are se t. s m ’s c loo gh air hat ap, g li rep e t y t erin sic om ak ck Ba a h at le or fli e h se fix t ard So orbo flo0302 A deep clean can work wonders, especially in the kitchen and bathroom (the most important rooms for buyers).04 30Declutter as much as you ca want buy n ers to im agine the . You living in y m selves our prop er over piles ty, not falling of stuff.06s and Open window viewings doors before esh air in. to let some fr s and the Music, candle coffee smell of fresh es too. are nice touch07 Highlight options. If your proper ty has potential to extend make sure you know about it as buyers are sure to ask.05 Stock your bathroom(s) with good quality toiletries. Luxury hand wash adds a touch of class that can really elevate a08 0910alls w ite ive Wh ff. G hey . l t tra e o eu nyon int so t. n a righ it t a fp u ep Ke n’t p lick o and b wo s a resh m f roo look31e to ers lik en y u B . best e, ev ms are eeping spac later. o o r d Be es m sl chang aximu see m lan to make p if theyTh in an k ab d t ou w a t ro arm ble l ligh om lig am tin ps g. s m ht or that spr Floo e a m ea r ttr ak d ac es tiv e.Croydon. We grew up here.We grew up here and we love it. We’re excited about theand revitalisation taking We grew up here we love it. We’re excited place. The a tech hotspot, with about the borough revitalisationistaking place. The borough of is adigital tech hotspot, with hundreds hundreds startups moving ofhere digital startups recent in recent years.moving Therehere areinno lessyears. than 127 There are no less than 127 green spaces and green spaces and lots of good schools, lots an of good schools,place so it’s an place so it’s excellent toexcellent raise kids. to raise property kids. Average property are half about Average prices areprices about of London overall.For For now. now. thathalf ofthat London overall. If you like eating out and evening fun, If you like eating out and evening fun, you’re spoilt for choice. We particularly like you’re spoilt for choice. We particularly like Boxpark, a street food bonanza. Croydon is Boxpark, a street food bonanza. Croydon well connected too: it’s only 17 minutes into is well connected too: it’s only 17 minutes central London and a minute less to Gatwick intoAirport. central London and a minute less to The tram network can zip you over Gatwick Airport. The tram network can zip to Wimbledon in no time. Visit our other club youwhile over to Wimbledon in no time. Visit you’re there. our other club while you’re there. For Croydon the only way is up.For Croydon the only way is up.13You’ve taken the time to consider Black + Blanc and we appreciate that. You’re about to embark on an exciting adventure. We hope you choose us to accompany you. We love the areas where we work and live, and we’d be thrilled to share our knowledge and passion with you. Tell us your story and we’ll use our expertise to ensure your property journey is a smooth and rewarding one. If you’ve booked a valuation with us then we look forward to meeting you soon. We’ll discuss what you need and suggest the best approach. Remember, advice is free. The Black + Blanc team. #seeyouathome36Featured Property TO BUYVerdayne Avenue, Croydon £475,000 This is one of the best three-bedroom houses, if not the best three-bedroom house, to be launched to the market on the ever so desirable Verdayne Avenue in Shirley. This property simply has to be viewed to be appreciated in Black + Blanc’s opinion. The vendors have an attention for detail, and this shows in the presentation of the property. With bags full of kerb appeal, the house shall not disappoint you as soon as you enter. Walking distance from some of the best Primary & Secondary Schools in Croydon, such as St John’s, Trinity and Coloma, Shirley is often regarded as the best locations in the CR0 postcode to purchase a family home.Warren Road, Croydon £350,000 This is what you would call a stunning property! Black + Blanc have been provided the amazing opportunity to market this truly stunning two-bedroom house on the desirable Warren Road, Croydon. This property has been presented to the highest of standards and is a buyer’s dream in our opinion, consisting of two wellproportioned double bedrooms, two good size reception rooms, a modern kitchen, downstairs family bathroom and a maintainable size garden. The house is ideally located within close proximity to East Croydon Station, which provides unrivalled transport links into the city.Featured Property TO LETLower Addiscombe Road, Croydon £725pcm A brand new studio on the sought-after Lower Addiscombe Road. This property is offered to the market to a very high standard. The property comes fully furnished and is perfectly suited to a single occupant. East Croydon train station is within 7 mins walk of the property, making it perfect for a commuter working in London. The property is available immediately.Stretton Road, Croydon £1,300pcm We are excited to present this magnificent two-bedroom flat that has become available on the desirable location o Stretton Road, Croydon with Black + Blanc. Honestly, this property has to be viewed as it is presented to the highest of standards. The property has recently been refurbished to a high standard. As you enter the property, you will feel that the property is light and airy. The property comprises two double bedrooms, a modern family bathroom with contemporary décor, a spacious open plan kitchen/living room. In addition to this, you have French patio doors that welcome you to a great size garden just for the flat.Viewing Notes This handy tool will help you keep track of your house viewingsOur Recommended PartnersBLINDS & CURTAINS Surrey Blinds and Curtains Call 07970 442 643 / email A&M Construction & Refurbish Call 07961 811 652 / email mshaw6543@gmail.comBUILDING, PLUMBING & HEATING WF Builders & Heating Call 07592 197 490 / email Building & Demolition LtdBUILDING & DEMOLITION Hamilton Building & Demolition Call 07957 099 394 / email & FLOORING Flexipay CarpetsCall 07740 283 898 / email www.flexipaycarpets.comGLT CarpetsCARPETS & FLOORING GLT CarpetsCall 07401 865 764 / email Neo & Brother Construction Ltd Call 07864 868 470 / email ADM DecoratingCall 07815 166 694 / email PLUMBING & HEATING Electro Flame Call 07751 222 038 / email Todd LtdELECTRICIAN Dr Todd LtdCall 07941 239 653 / email INSTALLATIONS IPS Electrical Installations Call 07948 911 780 / email Recommended PartnersFLOORING Stanning Flooring CentreCall 020 8462 8637 / email www.flooringcentreuk.comGATES EK Automatic GatesCall 07415 072 488 / email kaminski@ek-automat
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