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SERGIORICCARDI a r c h i t e c t u r a l p o r t f o l i oEducation 2019Architectural Techonologiest Advanced Diploma St. Clair College2018Nanjing College of…
SERGIORICCARDI a r c h i t e c t u r a l p o r t f o l i oEducation 2019Architectural Techonologiest Advanced Diploma St. Clair College2018Nanjing College of Information Technologies2016St. Clair College Architectrual TechnologiesProgram Skills1(519)-551-9287 Architecture is my one true passion in life. I fell in love with Architecture when building movie theaters in Ontario, Canada at the age of 18 while working pastime as a projectionist. Building movie theaters after working in one for some time I gained an understanding for form and function of space and started to grasp a basic Architectural understanding of the science behind design and planning. In my past time I enjoy working with my hands. I am an athletic individual and enjoy boxing, running, golf and cycling. Being a cinephile I enjoy a wide variety of film genera. I have a passion and drive to learn new things and traveling the world to make that happen.Sketchup AutoCad Revit Rhinoceros 3DS Max Lumion Photoshop Illustrator InDesgin Microsoft OfficeGeneral Skills Report Writing Creative Writing Verbal Presentation Leadership Management Digital Mapping Graphic Design Sketching Construction Technical Drawing Laser Cutting 3D Printing Model Making Wood Working Concrete Works BotanyTable of ContentsFerry Hill BuildingAndo Hirshoge Musesum Of ArtThe Concrete CanoeSt. Anne's Catholic Elementary SchoolKnight's KunckleFerry Hill Building Windsor, OntarioGiven Windsor Ontario's recent increase in precipitation and the dramatic glimpse of climate change in the region over the past five years, the aim is to create a building that will be seen by residence in the area and be a visual representation of the changing environment. The tourniquets and materials used in this building have will become heavily influenced over time by the elements.CanadaOntarioJobsIndustry Windsor7850 Automotive3250 Manufacturing2880 Fabrication2330 Construction1560 Buisness1030Economic breakdown of WindsorAggrocultureWindsor's Climatic DataIn the past 10 years, Windsor’s annual precipitation has risen by almost 250mm. This has caused many areas in the greater Windsor area to periodically flood. This flooding is caused by Windsor’s outdated storm water management system52% Rain15% Yearly Precipitation (2017)Snow67%Total Percipitation Days in Windsor (2017) RainDaysAbove 25mm5Above 10mm27 53 106Above 5mm Above 0.2mm Total Snow Above 25mm191 DaysAbove 10mm0 3Above 5mm8Above 0.2mm45Total56Total Percipitation daysGrand Maris Drain Windsor, Ontario 2013247Grand Maris Drain Windsor, Ontario 2017Material Selectionnue Ave tte elle Ouryis Pelsure tre eStFeranelL HilW3D Printed Massing Modeleottyndet We StrExploded IsometricScale: 1:60122 3Floor Plans Legend41. Lobby 2. Retail 3. Eatery 4. Work/Live Unit 5. Ampath eater & Stage 6. Low-Income Residency 7. Medium-Income Residency 8. Offices 9. Courtyard 10. Parking 11. Amphitheater 12. Stage4 212 101132 424 1First Floor6676677 7766676677767664 76764 766 6746116Second Floor67769 76846 676 1168Third Floor6 6Ferry Hill Building: Ferry Hill Lane renderFerry Hill Building: South West perspective renderAndo Hiroshige Muesum of Art Tochigi, JapanThis museum is dedicated to the works of the famous Ukiyo-e artist Hiroshige Ando. The design represents an attempt to materialize in architecture the unique spatial structure that Hiroshige created in his woodblock prints. In contrast with the perspective techniques used by many Western painters, he expressed three-dimensional space through the superposition of layers. Hiroshige’s work had a major impact on the Impressionists as well as on the1238 7456Legend1. Wood Louvers 2. Steel Angle 3. Wooden Louvers on Glass 4. Interior Partion Wall 5. Hollow Steel Column 6. Concrete Floor Slab 7.Steel Truss Roof Assembly 8.Corrugated GlassThe Concrete Canoe Quebec, CanadaCompetition and Achievements Every year the Canadian Society of Civil Engineering holds a National Concrete Canoe Competition (CNCCC) where universities from across Canada compete in a threepart educational competition that involves engineering, design, technical literature and athleticism. St. Clair Colleges team is the only Collegiate level institution that participates in the event. I was the Teams Vice President for the 2016-2017 year. I was tasked with helping come up with a concrete mix design, create suitable formwork,prepare a design paper, construct a technical display, project managing a team of 12 people all while following the strict 200-page CNCCC rules package. The three main categories of the competition were the Technical Design Paper, the Technical Display and the Canoe Races. Under my guidance, St. Clair Colleges 2016-2017 Concrete Canoe Team placed 2nd in our Province and 9th in the country at the 16th annual CNCCC in Laval, Quebec.Casting The Concrete Canoe Our Casting method won an award for most inventive procedure. While other schools simply casted their canoes in a free pour of free pack method, it was my idea to create 4.5" x 4.5" x 1/8" concrete patties and place in running stack fashion over the form like concrete blocks in CMU wall. We constructed the canoe of 1/8" layer of concrete and then a 1/32" basalt fiber mesh (can be seen in the bottom right) and a final 1/8" layer of concrete. This method of casting allowed for our team to get a uniform thickness through the entire canoe without using a depth guide tool that we designed which created an overall stronger structure.My first boyant mix designs that conformed to an ASTM C330 Standard.Close up of the initial stages creating our male mold/form for the canoe. it was 108 two-inch rigid insulation sections cut with a CNC.St. Annes Catholic Elementary School Windsor, OntarioChildren experience various stages of development which are stimulated by light, color, and size. the concept for our design is to facilitate change through architecture that will, in turn, create environments children grow excited to experience. Our goal is to create environments that differ throughout the school encouraging curiosity, exploration, and a desire to learn. With constant change children will never grow tired or frustrated with education but desire the experience that St. Anne’s Catholic Elementary School offers.MaterialsBrick will be used on the exterior creating a traditional feel native to Walkerville. Brick is strong and highly durable benefiting a structure being used daily.Metal Panels will be used on the second floor exterior expressing change in structure and creating a modern feel associated with Ford City car production.Color Legend Classrooms Shared Spaces Offices Washrooms Stairs Storage Mechanical Gym Library GardenElevator Shaft SectionCurtain Wall Sill DetailParapet DetailFoundation Wall DetailKnights Knuckle Windsor, OntarioThe concept behind this ring was to explore concrete as an ornamental material for jewelry. The Idea for the shape of the ring was inspired by a Knights knuckle piece from a suit of armour. The use of concrete as a medium is inspired by the stiff and choppy movements that one endures when inside the suit of armour.Silicon Form WorkFour Mix DesignsRing Elevation: Smooth SideRing Perspective: Smooth SideRing Elevation: Rough SideRing Perspective: Rough Side
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