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PORTFOLIO Bachelor of Urban Planning & Architectural Design Ahlam Al-BimaniEmail: Tel: +96899500818Ahlam Al-Bimani Sultanate of Oman…
PORTFOLIO Bachelor of Urban Planning & Architectural Design Ahlam Al-BimaniEmail: Tel: +96899500818Ahlam Al-Bimani Sultanate of Oman P.O. Box 608, PC 116, Mina Al FahalEducation2016 Bachelor of Urban Planning & Architectural Design (Currently in 4th semester) 2015-2016 International Foundation Programme in the University of Kent, England 2015-2016 IELTS 2014-2015 General Education Diploma (GED) 2013 IGCSE 2011 Cambridge CheckpointParticipations & AchievementsDate of Birth 14-10-1997 Tel. +96899500819 Email: ahlam.albimani97@gmail.comLanguages English Arabic Swahili DutchFluent Fluent Intermediate BasicSkills and Interests Drawing Sketching PaintingSoftwaresAutoCad - Strong InDesign - Strong 2012-2015 Participated in several ArchiCad - Medium school art exhibitions Illustrator - Medium 2014 Organiser for Charity Day Photoshop - Medium 2014 Student Body President 2018 AutoCad trainingTable of Contents Project I - Club Design Project II - Exhibition Hall Project III - W.O.W.Project I Club DesignGround FloorFirst FloorSection ISection IIElevation IElevation IIRender IRender IIRender IIIFloor PlanProject II Exhibition HallElevation I - FrontElevation II - BackRender IRender II4 The only proper parking area next to the shop5 Cars parked infront of houses making the road more narrow6 Empty plotPEDESTRIAN INFRA ONNECTIVITY A E S Tdescribing H E T I C S Plans the aesthetics, CSCALE connectivity, and padestrian infrastructure of the region. SCALE 1:6000 1:6000 SCALE 1:6000A The E map S Tshows H that E TtheI area C lacks S in entertainment. Based on the survey, the people have constantly S mentioned c a l e how1 the : area 2 0lacks 0 0in the entertainmentaspect. There are no park areas, the ones that are available are not very developed and is not so welcoming. The people felt that in order to improve the area, street lights should be a major feature. Doing so, while also adding more areas for outdoor activities, the people would feel more comfortable.In the survey, it was mentioned a lot about how the Based on the constant remarks of the people, street lights residents don‘t have a specific parking area, making them and a walking area is a big issue. Because the area lacks park in random empty plots and infront of their houses. P E Dthese E S Tbasic R I Aelements, N I N the F R people A . living there don‘t have C O N N E C T I V I T Y Parking is a huge issue in the neighbourhood. Because it S c much a l entertainment, e 1 : 2 0and0by0night time, everybody leaves a l edeveloped 1 : 2area0 with 0 0only a few empty plots, isSancalready the area. The padestrian infrastructure is low, and in order when residents park in the road, it causes a cluster for the to improve, street lights should be added, making it more other peole who have to use that road, making the area welcoming during the night for night-time activities and not so comfortable. A parking area was designed to solve free sreas should be improved in such to encourage this issue, allowing the area to look more open. movement.AHLAM AL-BIMANI 16-0648PAGE 2Elevation ProposalConceptInterventionProject III WOW Integrated ProjectConcept Model - Transforming an empty plot to a car park to reduce cluster within the region.Email: Tel: +96899500818
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