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7 August 2019Published every Wednesday by CXpress 2006 (Pty) Ltd - PO Box 1449, Plettenberg Bay 6600 - 6 Park Lane, Plettenberg Bay - Tel: 044 533 1004 - Fax: 044…
7 August 2019Published every Wednesday by CXpress 2006 (Pty) Ltd - PO Box 1449, Plettenberg Bay 6600 - 6 Park Lane, Plettenberg Bay - Tel: 044 533 1004 - Fax: 044 533 0852 Email: editor@cxpress.co.za / advertising@cxpress.co.za Web page: www.cxpress.co.za Printed by Group EditorsFREEHe came, he cycled, he conquered… Siphe Ncapayi of Plett’s famous Kwano Cycling Academy raises his bike in celebration after winning his age category in the London to Paris Race two Saturdays ago, with the City of Lights’ iconic Eiffel Tower bearing witness to his joy - turn to page 12 for the full story.Meghan is missing p3Be upright, man! p534K jobs lost... p710 000 FREE COPIES OF CXPRESS DISTRIBUTED ALONG THE GARDEN ROUTE EVERY WEDNESDAY2CXPRESSNEWS & VIEWS7 August 2019Driving Miss CrazyTaking Bob for a pizza and a pint yields culinary secrets of yore JEEVES shares his adventures as Garden Route chauffeur extraordinaire - in this instance, flashing back to Father’s Day 2019, and a 1970s prawn recipe HE phone buzzed, I glanced at the screen: unknown number. To answer, or not to answer? Curiosity triumphed. “Hi! I’m Sarah. Are you available for Father’s Day?â€? “Depends. What do you have in mind?â€? She giggled. Transpires she’s in Jozi; her dad has just relocated to Sedge, doesn’t know anyone, slipped in the shower, can’t drive - and can I take him out for lunch? She’ll pay the bill, and give me a 50% tip. No problem! I had no plans, as my son is in Israel and his mom in a hippy colony in the Baviaanskloof Wilderness area. I meet Bob-on-a-Crutch and he’s made a reservation for lunch at a pizza pub - all he wants is a pizza and a pint. We chooseTthe same: ham and avocado. I’d eaten here before, and requested that they NOT be smothered in cheddar this time‌ Ugh! Bob tells me about Sarah. Single high-powered career girl earning monthly in the five zeros category. No particular man in her life - either can’t find one, or doesn’t want to. But if she needs a man she’ll go to a bar with a friend, search around for a BMW key-ring, Rolex Oyster, set her sights on the lucky victim and move in for the kill! Bob has low hopes of becoming a grandpa‌ The pizza shoveller arrives at the table. “How do you want your pizza?â€? “Normal base and toppings, but NO cheese over it please!â€? “No cheese?â€?“Normal base - mozzarella, tomato puree, ham and avo on top, but only top the avo when the pizza is cooked, please. That’s it!â€? She squints at me like I’m twisted and waddles off to her clay oven. “You are persnickety,â€? mumbles Bob. “Isn’t it ‘pernickety’?â€? Would you believe, turns out Bob and I had crossed paths in the 70s at Norman’s Grill in Doornfontein, Johannesburg, famous for its LM prawns. He was a trainee chef there, and the LM tiger prawns cost R1 each - a fortune back then! I pumped him for the secret to their grilled prawns, the one with the sweet chilli sauce, and he relented. At the door he tells the dutymanager: “That was the best pizza I’ve had in years. Thanks!â€? Norman’s Grill LM Prawns • Large prawns - 4-6 per person • Butterfly and devein prawns, shell on • Dunk prawns in the marinade • Grill over coals, or panfry 3min per side • Serve with crispy bread and French-dressed green salad, tomato wedges, and thick red onion slices. Marinade / Basting sauce 4 Tablespoons sunflower oil Juice from 2 lemons 2 Cloves crushed garlic 1 Tablespoon peri-peri sauce 150ml sweet chilli sauce 1 Teaspoon paprika • Mix all ingredients and refrigerate until required. Enjoy - and buckle up! Jeeves, aka ‘The Knackered Chef’‌Full schedule awaits U3A Plett members this August N Mondays this month, Dr Robert Bucholz continues his Brief History of London, taking U3A [University of the Third Age] Plett from Pepys to Dickens, whereas Wednesdays feature a varied programme of talks and screenings. Says convenor Michael Lond: “We welcome back Dr Gwenith Penry who has spoken to us on previous occasions. She will tell us of her current research projects, one of which is in association with Dr Mark Brown - also a popular repeat speaker of U3A - of the Nature’s Valley Trust. Dr Penry’s talk ‘Marine Con-O                   servation in a Growing Blue Economy’ takes place at Formosa Garden Village (FGV) at 10am today, Wednesday August 7. Says Penry: “I will talk about two of the main projects I am involved in at the moment. “They both deal with the economics of marine resources, which may sound boring, but they are related to marine tourism, and also the current spate of deadly entanglements of whales in a new exploratory fishery in South Africa. “Mark and I are leading a Marine Tourism Sustainability project, focusing on the whalewatching industry. This project is funded by the Nedbank Green Trust and we have a big team of staff and students collecting data on the biological, social, and economic aspects of marine tourism. “Concurrently, I am providing specialist advice to the Department of Environment Forestry and Fisheries on the current crisis regarding whale entanglements in octopus fishery gear.â€? On Wednesday August 21, the much-postponed documentary on the Lipizzaners of Vienna, entitled The Dancing White Horses, will be screened       at FGV. These world famous stallions never fail to amaze their audiences, but even more wonderful is the story behind their breeding, training, and escape during WWII. “Dr Hilana Steyn will share her experiences on her most recent trip to the Southern Ocean and our monthly investigation of a masterpiece of art will be of Edouard Manet’s mysterious open-air lunch party at which the gentlemen are fully clothed and the ladies less so,â€? says Lond. Contact him on 072 838 6949 or at damilo@mweb.co.za for additional information.                                                   !"#$%&'#!(#$")#*%+, $ %+#--!        !"     NEWS & VIEWS7 August 2019CXPRESS3Help family find Meghan: Stranger allegedly seen driving missing woman’s CX-car A funding initiative has been launched in an attempt to assist the family of a former Knysna resident who went missing near Ottery in Cape Town over the weekend, in their efforts to find her - YOLANDÉ STANDER reports ESTERN Cape police spokesman lieutenant colonel Andre Traut confirmed that Meghan Cremer, 30, was last seen leaving her home on a farm in Philippi just before 6:30pm on Saturday. Alarm was made after she failed to return home and did not show up for work. Cremer is 1.67m tall, weighs about 50kg, has blue eyes, and long hazel brown hair. She was wearing a green top and black tracksuit pants at the time she disappeared. She was driving her white Toyota Auris with registration number CX29727. There have been several social media posts aboutWMISSING SINCE SATURDAY: Meghan Cremer was last seen by the friend she shares a home with on Rietvlei farm close to Philippi - Photo suppliedthe car being spotted, including at a roadblock in Wynberg. It is believed that the vehicle was being driven by a stranger. Another post suggested that the vehicle was spotted in the Grassy Park area. It is understood that Cremer’s phone has been off since her disappearance.Concerned family and friends, including her brother Paul Cremer, have since turned to social media in an attempt to find her. Paul pleaded on Facebook to contact him with any information that could lead to finding his sister. In the meantime, friends have established a crowdfunding initiative to assist Cremer’s family in their time of need. On www.gofundme.com friends appealed for donations to cover expenses,including a private detective, posters and flyers, ad space, travel expenses for the family and any other expenses incurred during search efforts. At the time of going to print just short of R29,000 had been raised. Anyone with information that could assist the police in tracing Cremer can contact lieutenant colonel Gavin Sias on 082 469 7243 or Crime Stop on 08600 10111. Garden Route MediaPLETTENBERG BAYPublic urged to join neighbourhood watch groups for united front against crime and house robberies YolandĂŠ StanderLETTENBERG Bay crime fighters have called on residents to step up in their fight against crime, following a spate of burglaries and theft over the past 10 days. Plett Watch’s Lisa Nagel said there had been at least eight incidents during this period - and these were only the ones reported to her. “I’m certain there are more that I am not aware of. This is very concerning to say the least,â€? Nagel said. She added that they were in the process of mapping and plotting all the burglaries in order to establish a pattern or trend and also to assist with identifying areas where they needed more patrols. Nagel said in order to achieve this, there was a need for more dedicated patrollers in all areas. “We need eyes and earsPout at all hours, and preferably overlapping. If less than half the members on our groups did an hour patrol per month at a set time, we would have 24/7 patrolling. “There are 744 hours in a 31-day month. We have more than double that number of people on our groups. All we ask is a couple of hours of your time once a month and we will have this town covered,â€? Nagel said. She added that, mostly, the presence of patrollers scared off criminals. “The hours from 6pm to 6am are crucial and would suit members who work fulltime or do not sleep much. During the day, housewives and retirees could take a drive around and keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour. “At the moment we have a maximum of 12 active volunteer patrollers tryingto cover all the hours in a month,â€? she said, adding that all residents should belong to neighbourhood watch groups. “The more members we have on groups, the more information we can get out to you regarding your area, and the more secure everyone will feel, knowing that you are aware of what is happening around you.â€? Nagel said they also needed information with regards to burglaries and other crime in each area. “This will assist us with the mapping of ‘hot’ areas. We are not always informed, so it is difficult to get a true reflection of where, when, and how a crime has taken place. “The more information we receive, the more we are able to assist and try to ensure it does not happen again.â€? Garden Route Media • Also see the Plett Ratepayers Association update on page 4.ALL THE SECURITY YOU NEED Sign up and get your ½VWXQSRXLWSJWIVZMGIJVII ERHWXERHEGLERGIXS WIN R5000. 'EPPYWSRSVZMWMXEHXGS^E 8W 'WETTP]4CXPRESS7 August 2019NEWS & VIEWSPlett Ratepayers Association Update we think of Plettenberg Bay Guarding your home against the WHEN we visualise tranquillity, beauty and a carefree, safe environment. We sometimes forget we are staying in South Afcurrent spate of burglaries... rica, which is considered one of the mostMarius Venterdangerous countries in the world, and then tend to relax and become complacent to the risk of crime in and around our town. I am writing this article to encourage people to become more vigilant, and to be more observant around the home. Do an evaluation on your current security system and ensure your alarms and electric fencing are activated when you are not home and at night. Make sure the equipment is in good working condition and up to date; do a test by pressing your panic button or activate your alarm to see if your response company calls you. The past two months have seen an increase in general house robberies in Plett, where perpetrators enter properties through roofs and windows without burglar bars. Most targeted are unoccupied holiday homes and in several of these cases, the criminals went in with one goal: to get access to the safes and jewellery. Sometimes safes are removed from the property so burglars can access the contents offsite. The criminals use sophisticated equipment and have no set time for executing the break-ins. Lately, we have been called out to armed robberies between 8pm and 10pm, while families are relaxed and watching TV. A group of four armed assailants have recently been burglarising homes in Plett.The group is well informed with specific details, which poses a lot of questions and is of great concern. They know owners’ names and movements, the location of safes and how many weapons are inside - they even go as far as telling the owners which weapons they want from the safe when forced to open it. Their main target seems to be weapons, jewellery, and cash. We have combined all our security resources to try and apprehend the group, but have not been successful so far. We are getting close, though… We ask the public to remain vigilant; if you see a suspicious vehicle or people who look out of place, or if your alarm goes off or the dogs bark, don’t step outside of your home. If you feel unsafe, contact the Plettenberg Bay Crime Prevention Association (PBCPA) call centre on 082 251 8134 - we will dispatch our team immediately to investigate. Please read my full article at www. plettratepayers.co.za to find out more about preventing house burglaries, security measures, and home invasion techniques. If you have any questions or need a security evaluation, please feel free to contact me on 083 408 1911. We will get professional people out to evaluate your current system and advise on what else could be offered to make your property safe. • Marius Venter is a member of the Plett Ratepayers Association, and also intricately involved with the PBCPA. This is the first column of a Ratepayers Association series to feature monthly.Prioritise safety of the fairer sex this Women’s Month RIME affects all sectors of South African society, but the fear of crime is often felt much more acutely by women. Stats SA indicated that women felt more unsafe than men walking in their neighbourhoods alone both during the day and when it is dark. (www.statssa.gov.za). This feeling of fear can be addressed to some extent by exercising basic safety principals and by being vigilant, according to Fidelity ADT Marketing and Communications manager Charnel Hattingh.CWomen’s Month, she says, is the perfect time to remind ladies of all ages of the following valuable safety tips: • Before leaving home, ensure a loved one or friend knows where you are going. If someone knows your whereabouts, they can check up on you to ensure you have arrived home safely. If anything occurs, these friends will know where to find you or where to start looking. • If you are at a shopping mall, ATM or bank, remain alert of any suspicious individuals. Avoid dark and deserted ATMs, especially at night. • When driving, ensure your doors are locked and remain vigilant, especially when stopping at traffic lights. • Many people suggest placing your mobile phone in the boot (with your handbag). But if any incident occurs, there usually is not enough time to retrieve this from the boot. Rather, keep your phone close to you, but out of sight. If it is not an emergency call or text message, don’t answer until you have safely arrived at your destination. Avoid anything that distracts your attention from the road. • When arriving home, be on the lookout for any suspicious vehicles or people that might be lurking around your gate or front door. If you feel unsafe, rather circle the block again. Most security companies offer a home arrival service, where an armed response officer can meet you at your door to ensure your safety. Keep relevant emergency numbers preprogrammed on your mobile phone. Having these numbers on speed dial is essential in an emergency, especially when you are in a state of shock. “Ask your security company if they offer a mobile panic button service, perhaps as an app that can be downloaded onto your phone. If you find yourself in an emergency, your phone will serve as a beacon to locate you as soon as possible,” says Hattingh. (See the advert on page 3 for additional information and contact details.)NEWS & VIEWS7 August 2019CXPRESS5‘Upright men’ such as Dr Saul significantly absent in South African politics Read CXPRESS online at www.cxpress.co.zaWANDISILE SEBEZO bemoans the fact that so few politicians in our suffering land see fit to put service above self ORTHEN Cape premier Dr Zamani Saul’s Sankarist approach to governance is the way to go. Admittedly, at first I had my doubts and frankly brushed off his actions as mere populist posturing. But eventually he has won over not only me, but South Africans across vast sectors. Dr Saul is the fifth premier of the Northern Cape who rose to prominence by walking the talk of his inauguration promise: delivering clean governance by cutting irregular and wasteful expenditure in his administration. Instead of buying luxury cars for his executive committee, Dr Saul has already bought 23 new ambulances - the first in a fleet of 63. He has refused blue lights for him-Nself and his exco; he has vowed to sell his official residence and redirect the funds for education projects in the province. He has been called the ‘no blue lights premier’, an ‘activist premier’, and so on. But to some of us it’s befitting to call him ‘Sankarist’, taking our cue from the great Burkinabe revolutionary and president of Burkina Faso (1983-1987), Thomas Sankara. Hailed as Africa’s Che Guevara, check out some of Sankara’s accomplishments during just four short years in office: • Vaccinated over 2.5-million children against meningitis, yellow fever and measles in just weeks; • Started a nationwide campaign that saw the literacy rate rising from 13%in 1983 to 73% in 1987. • Sold off the government fleet of Mercedes cars and made the Renault 5 (then the cheapest car in Burkina Faso) the official service car for ministers. Sankara went further by reducing the salaries of all public officials, including his own. He took home $450 per month and limited his possessions to a car, four bikes, three guitars, a fridge, and a broken freezer. The dude even wrot
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