6 Trends To Combine With Software Development

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6 Trends To Combine With Software Development When you look back in the past years, there is a huge shift in technology advancement in the IT industry. There is a…
6 Trends To Combine With Software Development When you look back in the past years, there is a huge shift in technology advancement in the IT industry. There is a significant advancement in software development. In recent years we have caught a lot of echo on technologies such as IoT, Blockchain, AI, etc. and remained a hot topic in the past couple of years. However, these technologies are still emerging with a much better pace and results. According to a report by Gartner, The software industry will grow with the pace of 8.3% in 2019. As technology is transforming day to day with its pace, to keep up with the pace of change, it's very important to take benefit of innovations in software development and build new business models accordingly. We perform this deter task of researching the emerging opportunities for you to save your time and efforts. Here are the top 6 software development trends that will disrupt the software development industry in 2019 :Software Trend 1: Blockchain Gains Traction Undoubtedly to say that blockchain is the most talked about technology in 2019. It is a distributed ledger technology that has gone beyond the financial world to different other industries such as healthcare, insurance, retail and much more. Many global companies have an eye on the sky to master the technology and explore the multiple cases that blockchain can offer despite its monetary value transfers. The major companies are searching every possible way in other industries such as the distribution of data, supply chain management, smart contracts, and identity management.Software Trend 2: Low Code Development The coding of new applications or change in code of custom-built apps has been timeconsuming and labor centric. By the utilization of Low-code development, it simplifies the process of building software with just drag and drop in-built features. According to Forrester, who created the term "low-code" states that low code market will expand over$10 billion by 2019. The low code development technology is rapid development technology that brings a great advantage like low learning curve, lower time-to-market, no resource constraints, etc. The low code development creates a great opportunity for non-programmers or citizen developers to get involved in building solutions. Hence, there is an increased potential for software development for enterprises having well-defined objectives and clear structure. With the low code the software development company,providers can save a lot of resources.Software Trend 3: Microservices The year 2019 is witnessing the maturing of microservices from the trend to the best practice. The microservices are growing consistently and it has become the must-have strategy for software developers. According to IDC, "by 2022,90% of all apps will feature microservices architecture that improves the ability to design, debug, update and leverage third-party code." There is a high demand for highly scalable applications that effectively met by microservices architecture with separate data storage, improve fault isolation, minimize time-to-market and a centralized security module.Software Trend 4: Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence has encouraged the growth of virtual assistants like Alexa, Google, and Siri.AI is proliferating across different segments of business like healthcare, hospitality, e-commerce, etc. “By 2022, 30% of enterprises will use conversational speech tech for customer engagementâ€? AI-based voice interfaces will also be used within enterprises for strategic work tasks. Undoubtedly, AI-powered interfaces will maximize employee productivity with its automation and conversational speech.Software Trend 5: Cloud Computing There is a great boost in cloud computing that is evolving year by year and is expected to expand in 2019. The enterprises are embracing the hybrid and serverless cloud architecture that supports all applications and at lower operational cost.There are many Cloud service providers such as Google Cloud, AWS and Microsoft Azure are promoting serverless paradigm for computing, as developer concerns of even virtual infrastructure melt away with this model. Not only them but also several open-source frameworks have geared up to revolutionize the way enterprise software applications are developed in the cloud. Application containers will become even more popular across enterprise environments. The managed containers help developers to build and deploy applications independently and faster. Thus, cloud services are expected to increasingly use toolsDocker enterprise, Kubernetes, Mesosphere, etc. for managed containers.The cloud computing is expanding it horizon in the Software development,as software development company in India and around the world rely on cloud computing.Software Trend 6: Cybersecurity Can you imagine life without security at your place whether it be your home or road or workplace?Probably no because that is an essential part of human life. This issue is crucial for business world as well.The threats to the software is pretty concerning thing.They face major issue of data breach from the hackers as they stole data from system by hacking or phishing.Conclusion The software development system is enhancing and growing with the result in the proliferation of software development trend. Taking the facts and figures into consideration, it is evident that there is a demand for frequent tech enhancement for the companies as well as developers. The software development system is enhancing and growing at its pace and we believe that this trend will rule in 2019. The medium of information is changing with the transforming face of the internet. Today there are 4.2 billion internet users and counting. In recent years the internet has become a gateway for the second world or "virtual world", with such a large user base and still growing exponentially. You can tap on the potential of such a massive user base, with only one thing -Content. The content is not only words but images, gifs, videos, graphics and everything that you see on a web page is the part of content marketing tips and strategy. To utilize the vast potential of content for your benefit and to ensure that you have the right procedure, follow these time-tested tips and strategies for effective content marketing. Some of them are generating good content consistently,understanding your target audience, content structure, performance tracking, the value proposition of content, Staying up to date with the backlinks and Google Algorithms. Without further delay, let's talk more about this content marketing tips to increase your content outreach.Effective Content Marketing Tips Of 2019 1. Ideation & Brainstorming This all starts from the very first content marketing tips to help you rank today. Cooking up the ideas to generate content for the end-user. Think over it, take suggestions and discuss with others, and know what type of content will work and rank for you. Collecting better ideas means providing the user with something unique. Generate new ideas and ensure that you are telling the same story that everyone is telling differently. As good content never fails to impress: Blog or an article with grammatical mistakes is a big threat for any strategy. The quality of content has to pass all the quality parameters to step ahead of others and achieve it if you provide error-free content. Reemphasizing a fact that content is not only about written words, but it is more about keeping the user engagement and interest in check throughout the blog. Never avoid the subject line. It is well known that producing good content consume resources in terms of time and money 2Striking the Bullseye This means hitting the right target audience in the middle of the red spot. And to fulfill that, you should understand the User Intent, keep these two words in mind. User Intent is one of the most important but less implemented marketing tips to rank the content. User intent personifies why the user is searching for specific keywords. You need to frame your blog as per that intent. Suppose that a user wants to open a restaurant in the city. What will your content target? ● Price ● Location ● Process ● Equipment Is this final ? wait, what about telling the user about the market competition, about the sources from where capital is obtained, the need for the venture in the city, and other similar questions that pop in the mind of every user.You need to answer every question that comes in the minds of the user in your bit of content. Understanding the intent of the user and finding the best answer to their question is the best content marketing tips that you can find out there. Therefore it is equally important to provide relevant information to the person why they want it.3 Know where you stand Providing good content based on the intent of the user is not enough. You have to keep performance in check too. Google Analytics is a tool that will track your published content and tell you everything about it. To know the magic of your content the conversion rate is an essential parameter to measure the impact. Tracking the performance based on metrics like sales conversion, lead generation, likes, retweets, forwards, bounce rates, open rates. Each and everything tends to point out the distinct trend and you need to identify it. One of the most actionable and impactful content marketing tips is that you will need to know which type of content is reaching and which is not reaching.4 Value PropositionWhat value you are building with your content for the user? The main goal for every content marketing activity is to rank on Google SERP. There are many ways, but the best and ultimate goal is to come on Google Snippets. The approach toward creating content. The Google Snippets are the deciding factor which tells about the featured article that solves the important question the user has to ask. Content featured on the first page of the search engine will drive more traffic. The research says that 73% of users never visited on the second page of the search engine (Google Page 2).Your content should drive value to the user, it needs to answer a question, solve a problem, satisfy their purpose.5 Structuring the ContentStorytelling is the main part of content writing, but it's not a big part of content marketing. That's why the structure of your content needs to show the subject line. That takes the user from point A to Z in a smooth flow and a set pattern. One of the best tips for content marketing is to satisfy the user in the beginning and answer the main questions first. Then provide in-depth information and at last, you add data and metrics. Following the content marketing reverse pyramid strategy will get you to increase your outreach, get ranked and reduce the bounce rate. It is prominently used in the content marketing company.6 Google Algorithms4.2 million, That's an immense number, right? Every day there are thousands of web blogs published. To tackle this mountainous task, Google Algorithms filters the page based on various metrics. The various metrics includes keyword placement, length of the content, density and variation. As we have talked before about the inverted pyramid of content structure. The updated algorithms manifest the new structure. Google wants you to answer the question and gradually explain it. The length of content is not the decisive factor for the ranking of content. The important factor is the number of backlinks that you create. Remember this marketing tip "Backlinks make you Rank in Google" There are a lot of such points that will help you become a better content marketer. Hence, always stay updated with the 2019 tips as we are helping you to stay updated with our content marketing service in india.7 Create AuthorityThe next marketing tip is related to interlinking your page with other pages to create authority. Backlink building helps your website to rank better because it is the most important aspect followed by Google. A large number of the backlink will provide a good quality of authority with higher authority websites. This will help your website rank better and allow other website users.8 Data speaks for itselfAs we have talked earlier about the structure of content and how it has inverted. Yet the other powerful content marketing tip for 2019 is to provide more and more data. We consider structure-wise content at last. But the content should portray the true picture in front of the reader when you consider quality. As there is a popular saying that data is oil and to portray the truth behind your content, you have to back it up with data. Another most important marketing tips for the content is to include links to the data provided. Initially, providing the best quality content will help you state the truth and earn loyalty from readers. Along with that, you build authority with credible backlinks.9 Email outreachLastly, we talk about the distribution of content and how you can amplify the efforts that you have put into writing. Email outreach is one of the most important tips for effective content marketing under which you can target specific individuals. The ability to understand the audience and know what type of content your user wants to see or read is the main aspect that is considered in email. Hence, in the content distribution, the most important thing is to build a funnel and follow it through to get the appropriate result.10 Social OutreachInteracting and engaging your target audience via social media is very fruitful if you know what type of content works for your selected audience, where it goes. For this, you have to select the best and prominent social media channel and then target leads from it.Some Raunchy figures to enlighten your way ahead Before we sum up our discussion on content marketing tips to an end. Let's uncover some more facts. ● Regularly updating the blogs will get you 67% more traffic and leads in a month says Hubspot. ● content marketing service is a type of Organic marketing and it costs less than 62% from paid or other traditional marketing. ● As content marketing is more natural and an exact way of marketing. Since it helps in targeting the right audience. Conclusion:The good piece of content is best for the authority to increase 5X more traffic than any normally paid advertisement campaign. That's why you must follow these content marketing tips to ensure the best impactful results. In the end, mark a point, that renew your old content and indulges in remarketing. Social media is a crucial part of modern advertising strategy. Sharing interesting and engaging posts on Facebook, Instagram or videos on Youtube will help you grab the new eyeballs, and bring new customers on board in your business. Luckily, social media marketing tools that can benefit you are easily available online:● Professional Design-looking for the post, videos, and Infographics ● Pre-schedule your posts in batches to save time ● Understanding the type of content which works and popular among the customers. ● The effort with a measurable result ● Unlock the tremendous power to robust your businessSocial Media works likewise for both small or big business for promoting and getting more customers.Do more with social media using these 5 tools Getting attention in times of intense digital competition is very challenging for small businesses. Make use of these tools that are cool & easy to improve your results on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and another social network. ● Hootsuite for better organization ● Lithium for response ● Canva for stunning images● ● ● ●Animoto for attractive videos IFTTT for task automation ContactUs for robust marketing campaigns Google Analytics for interpreting traffic.Now let's explore each of these favorite social media tools in depth.1. Hootsuite for better organization There is a lot of challenges in managing more than one social media account and it's very time-consuming. With Hootsuite, you can save time as it allows you to manage all your social accounts and their feeds through a single dashboard.Key features ● ● ●You can connect with over 35 social media networks depending on the plan you opt for. It also offers scheduling of bulk posts, real-time analytics, and unlimited RSS integration. Hootsuite also includes a monitoring tool for brands that allows you to collect up all the chatter surrounding your product or service. The Hootsuite is available in three different plans that are based on annual billing, as it is available for 30 days free trial with the option to discontinue the service anytime.2. Lithium for response Best way to respond when a customer needs is key to keeping customers happy. But it is unconventional for the businesses, right? Probably Yes! So by Lithium, your business can process the massive volume of customer interactions through social platforms in a prompt and well-organized way. This is effective for handling business customer support through social media.Key features ●This is effective for the division of inbound inquiries that can be tracked and routed to the most relevant peers. ● It Includes six priority levels, that ensures that the query receives an adequate and timely response. ● It enables online communities to respond to the query received through the social platform. Lithium offers three packages, that is based on the requirement of the business. The trial version is available or gets a relevant quote directly.3. Canva for astonishing imagery The eye-catching visual with Creative touch is the key to get attention on social media. It can help you in designing high-quality image,professional-looking images for social posts,infographics and more.This tools is utilized mostly by individuals or digital marketing company.Key features ● ●The interface of canva is easy to use for anyone. There is a huge amount of repository of inbuilt templates with a different type of design, styling, font, and illustrations to choose from. ● The is an option for sharing the project with multiple people, who can collude on the design, share feedback or make edits. Canva offers three plans, including the free one. Take the 30-day free access to Canva Pro to see what a paid plan can provide.4. Animoto for attractive videos Videos rule perch when it comes to social media marketing. Businesses can offer visual formats to engage more audience with powerful messages. The world is in love with videos. Animoto drastically decreases the time and skill needed to organize and edit videos for social media consumption.This software is mostly utilized by the social media marketing services to provide enhanced and attractive video for the audience.Key features ● ●It provides a simple drag and drop interface that makes it easy to use. Hundreds of professionally designed templates available for you to upload pictures, video and audio files. ● A high degree of customization possible for any business, brand or occasion. Animoto offers three different plans as well as a 14-day trial.5. IFTTT for task automation This app If This Then That (IFTTT) is a really smart (and free) app that allows marketers to automate tasks between various social media networks. The apps that we use on an everyday basis are called ‘services.’ Different services can be asked to collaborate through conditional statements known as ‘applets.’ Based on certain rules you create (triggers), there will be a predefined response (action).IFTTT offers a spread of applets specifically designed for marketers. You can search and pick from a menu of common applets or create your custom applet with the easy-to-use tool.Key features ● Improves interaction between social platforms, allowing for cross-posting of content. ● Streamlines workflow management and automates data backup. ● Notifies you every ti
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