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Vol. 25 - No. 12In This Week’s EditionTHE BERKELEYTIMESFOR BREAKING NEWSJERSEYSHOREONLINE.COM | August 31, 2019Your FREE Weekly Hometown Newspaper For Bayville,…
Vol. 25 - No. 12In This Week’s EditionTHE BERKELEYTIMESFOR BREAKING NEWSJERSEYSHOREONLINE.COM | August 31, 2019Your FREE Weekly Hometown Newspaper For Bayville, Berkeley, Beachwood, Pine Beach, Ocean Gate and South Toms RiverCommunity News!A Little Bit Of Everything At Beachwood Community DayShouting, Protests At Board Meeting Over Member’s “Hateful” CommentsDon’t miss what’s happening in your town.Pages 10-13.By Chris Lundy TOMS RIVER – Protestors demanded a board of education member resign due to Facebook posts that they called “hateful.” While the attorney for the board denounced the posts, he said this is not a First Amendment issue. The issue revolves around Daniel Leonard, the Beachwood representative on the Toms River Board of Education. He had been called out by an anti-bigotry group for Facebook posts they said were against people of the Muslim faith. Leonard has defended himself, stating that his comments were against Sharia Law, and not Muslims. A protest took place before the regular Board of Education meeting, held at High School North. It was attended by just short of 100 people. There were also some who came out in support of him. Leonard has declined to run for re-election, and his term is up at the end of this year. That was notDr. Izzy’s Sound News Page 16.Dear Pharmacist Page 17.Inside The Law Page 19.Business Directory Page 21.Classifieds Page 22.Fun Page Page 23.Wolfgang Page 27.Horoscope Page 27.—Photos by Chris Lundy (Above) Inflatables and other activities were available for free. (Right) Josephine Bokert, 1, of Philadelphia (but originally Beachwood) meets a goat in the petting zoo. By Chris Lundy BEACH WOOD – Rides. Music. Food. Services. There were a lot of options packed into a recent afternoon at this year’s Beachwood Community Day.Hundreds of people made their way to Birch and Surf Park for the afternoon-long event. There was also the occasional dog happily greeting everyone. Inflatables, like a rock wall and the(Protest - See Page 5)slide from the fire department could be seen from the road. The county’s portable bandstand wasset up, with a band playing rock and alternative music. The Knights of (Community - See Page 4)State: Bias Crimes Up Among YouthBy Chris Lundy TRENTON – Social media. Political rhetoric. People not interacting with others who are different. All of these factors are creating a rise in bias crimes throughout the state, officials said, and half of the offenders were children. “We need to do a better job of confronting hate in young people,” Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal said. The number of bias incidents last year - 569 -was the highest reported since 2011. There were 549 reported in 2017. A new study by the New Jersey State Police and Division on Civil Rights noted an increase in bias crimes since 2016. To discuss this, the media was invited to a conference call with Grewal, Zakiya Smith Ellis, Secretary of Higher Education, Kelly LeDet, Assistant Commissioner, Department of Education,Quinn Hopping Funeral Home BURIALS | ENTOMBMENTS | CREMATIONS PRE-PLANNING without OBLIGATION Michael T. Sutton, Manager • N.J. Lic. No. 412826 Mule Road, Toms River | 732-240-3800 | Quinn-Hoppingfh.com(Bias - See Page 11)Carol Wolfe, Dottie’s House Founder, RememberedBy Chris Lundy BRICK – Friends and relatives described Carol Wolfe as someone who forever improved the lives of local families…as well as her own family. Wolfe, 80, had received dozens of awards and recognitions, but she was best known as the founder of Dottie’s House and Homes Now. Dottie’s House, named after her own mother, started in 1999 as a program for women and children to gain independence after domestic violence. Homes Now, started in 1997, is a non-profit that has built and monitors more than 200 quality (Memorium - See Page 9)DIRECT CREMATION $1695 Includes: arrangement conference, removal from place of death, alternative container Batesville ccbmdfc, transfer to crematory, crematory fee“We are dedicated to exceeding expectations and delivering a standard of service that is 100% guaranteed.”Page 2, The Berkeley Times, August 31, 2019jerseyshoreonline.comjerseyshoreonline.comThe Berkeley Times, August 31, 2019, Page 3jerseyshoreonline.comPage 4, The Berkeley Times, August 31, 2019Community:Continued From Page 1 Columbus were grilling, alongside other vendors serving up kettle corn, ice cream and other feel-good food. The weather had been questionable during the days leading up to it. Hot and humid, threatening rain. But on the day of the event, the sky was clear and the temperature was warm with a nice breeze.Laura and Rich Lawton, of Beachwood, said the kids in their family liked meeting the Paw Patrol characters wal king arou nd. Also, “ the bou ncy houses and the slides and of course the ice cream truck.” The grown-ups in the family took advantage of the free health screening. They were with some of the little ones in the family, Peyton Powers and Leigha Short, who were playing with balloon swords while waiting for their turn toget face painting. A section of the park was set aside for tables where organizations and shops could meet people. Community groups like the historical society, the Civil Air Patrol, Ocean Ride and the Municipal Alliance neighbored crafters selling their wares and small businesses mingling with customers. Boy and Girl Scout troops set up tables near each other to recruit and to share infor mation about how scouting canEXPAND YOUR LIVING SPACE! Our Professional, Courteous Staff gets the job done RIGHT & ON TIME!a r ty ! e Y n 10 rra a WSUNROOMS10’ X 16’ Sunroom* SAVE$1,679Financing Available!**With this ad, $16,783 on existing deck or slab.*With approved credit. See our website for details.SCREEN ROOMSKITCHENSPATIO COVERSWINDOWSYour One Stop For Remodeling SINCE 1978 RAILINGS • SIDING • DOORS • SLIDERS KITCHENS • BATHS • PATIO COVERS SUNROOMS • SCREEN ROOMS & MORE!JEFFERS ALUMINUM 2486 Ridgeway Blvd& REMODELING 732-657-9000help a child grow. “It’s extremely efficient” for the scouts to have a booth at a place like this, said C.J. Comstock, a local Cubmaster. “The scouts encompass a large age group (518) and you get a range of ages of people coming to the event who are thinking of joining.” Off icers with the Beachwood-Pine Beach Little League were using the time to meet future players and their families, as well as touch base with existing members, President Harry Yunek said. “This is very important for us,” he said. Although they are available online and their phone numbers are listed, “Parents would rather ask questions face-to-face.” In fact, in the middle of the interview w it h a repor ter f rom T he Berk ele y Times, a parent stopped by, dropped off her check, and asked some questions. Michele Rutkowski with the Beachwood Re c reat ion Com m ission said the people at the tables do well. Some vendors had moved half of their stock within a few hours. She was at a table telling people about upcoming events, such as the free movies at the park (The next one is “Honey, I Shrunk The Kids” on Sept. 6 at Mayo Park). It’s a great way to get the word out about the good things Beachwood has going on, she said, noting how people come from other towns to come here because they know the event offers a little bit of everything.Manchester, NJ 08759 www.jeffersaluminum.com NJ Reg. No. 13VH06629600Sunday Worship Services of Holy Communion at 10 a.m. &Wednesday spoken Holy Communion at 9 a.m.Christ Lutheran Church The Rev. Dr. J. Francis Watson, Pastor 40 Schoolhouse Road, Whiting, NJ 08759 Phone 732.350.0900 • Fax 732.350.0343 E-mail: christlutheranchurch2@verizon.net Website: christlutheranwhiting.comMAIN STREET AUTO REPAIR Serving Toms River For 30 YearsNJ State Inspection· No Lines No Waiting· Try Us!$10 OFF OIL CHANGEWith this ad. Valid thru 9/30/19.732-244-1557DOWNTOWN TOMS RIVER 305 MAIN STREETjerseyshoreonline.comProtest:Continued From Page 1 enough for protestors. “In the meantime, he’s making decisions that will affect all students in the district,” said one of the organizers of the event. Kelley Morris, representing NJ21 United, is a middle school teacher in Gloucester Township. She said since Leonard’s posts have spoken out against Muslims, women, and other groups, he shouldn’t represent a district. “He’s the exact opposite” of the lessons that teachers try to instill in their students. “It’s wrong, it’s hateful, and it has no place in Toms River and it definitely has no place in our schools,” she said. Zachary Dougherty, a recent Toms River High School North graduate, spoke about Leonard’s mistreatment of board members in addition to social media posts. “He is one thing and one thing only – a bully.” “Your actions have consequences,” he said. It’s not about the First Amendment. It’s about representing everyone when you are in a position of authority. Geoff Ginter, a Pine Beach resident who often appears at regional public sessions, agreed, stating that Leonard likely posted offensive material in the past, but that now he is a public official, they are more in the public view. He urged people not to protest out of vengeance, but from a place of love for their fellow people. Security At Meeting Plain-clothed but armed security, as well as township police officers, were in attendance at the meeting. They also searched bags and used a metal detecting wand on people entering the building. During one shouting match, securityThe Berkeley Times, August 31, 2019, Page 5 was called, but the situation defused itself before they intervened. During the meeting, residents got an opportunity to voice their opinion. Lilah Saber, a graduate of Toms River schools, told stories about how she was treated as an Arab child in the district. “In seventh grade, a student told the teacher I had a bomb in my clarinet case,” she said. In other issues, she had teachers either not stand up to defend her or say negative things to her about people of Middle Eastern descent. “They are not a new problem,” she said about the Facebook comments. Kim Kearney, who taught in the district, said that Leonard might see himself as a David against Goliath, being the protesters. But the protesters are the David here. Lisa Gertner, the co-founder of Reaching Across Faith Traditions, implored him to learn about Islam instead of “spreading lies.” A private citizen can say whatever they want, she said. It’s when he’s a public official that these comments become an issue. For the most part, Board Attorney Stephen Leone spoke on behalf of the board. Occasionally, the superintendent or a board member would take issue when a member of the public attacked the district. Leonard was silent during the meeting, laughing once during a shouting match, and left when it ended without talking to anyone. On his personal Facebook, he had made fun of the protestors, in one case using a picture taken at the protest. Leone said that there have been statements by the board president, superintendent, and himself that those comments were not condoned. “This is not a First Amendment rights issue,” the board attorney said. “This is an issue of an elected board member. There is a code of ethics. He’s heldto a higher standard.” While there is free speech, there are still things you can not do, he explained. You can’t yell “fire” in a theater, for example. “He’s an admirable man. He served his country well,” he said of his military experience. When someone asked if the board filed a complaint against him with the state, Leone said that the board can’t legally do that. Individual members can, but it is a fruitless effort. In the past, complaints have taken a year or so to get heard, which would be months after he is no longer in office. He said he has spoken to the commissioner of education if it is possible to expedite a complaint, and was told it is not possible. Leonard’s Supporters Although the majority of people spoke against his Facebook’s comments, a few people came out in support of him. Rich Denicola served seven years overseas with Leonard, where Leonard oversaw equal opportunity in the Army. During his tenure, he did not have any cases brought against him or the soldiers in his care. One day, his vehicle was stoned by Afghan children. The next day, he gave the children candy and food, Denicola said. In another situation, he rescued an Afghan person from a fire. “There is always a different perspective,” he said. “He calls out hate when he sees it.” Another supporter, Joe Ferrandino, said that he hadn’t seen what Leonard posted on Facebook, but still stood up for his right to post it. “There is no such thing in America as hate speech,” he said, calling political correctness censorship. After the meeting, his supporters were ap-FREE ESTIMATESReplacements & New Install of Heating & Air Conditioning Unitsproached by protestors and had a civil conversation. The Facebook Posts The Facebook posts that Leonard had shared were memes created by other people. One was a repost from a conservative podcaster disparaging Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, a Democrat from Minnesota. When reposting, Leonard commented “Terrorist…100%” Another was a repost of a Fox News post about Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, a Democrat from Michigan. Leonard commented “My life would be complete if she/they die.” A third was a repost of a meme showing a Barbie doll with a bruise and a hijab, referring to it as “Sharia Barbie.” These statements have reached national news cycles. At the time these posts were first brought to light, Leonard stated that he is against Sharia Law, not Muslims. The comments regarding Congresswoman Tlaib were about her calling for a hunger strike to shut down Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This came from a Fox News clip that was cut short, in which she did not actually urge hunger strikes; she only mentioned that other people were doing it. Leonard’s point was that if she wants to starve herself, then fine. But he did not call for violence against her. After an initial news report about the issue was made public, Leonard addressed the issues on Facebook, stating that he served in the Middle East doing his part protecting Muslims from radicalized Islamic fundamentalists. Leonard retired from the Army National Guard as a Master Sergeant. 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Rogulski, Master HVACR Contractor Lic#: 19HC00852400$250 OFFMichael J. Belanger, NJ Master Plumbing LIC #: 9465New Install of Air Conditioning or Heating SystemCOUPONS MUST BE PRESENT WHEN SIGNING CONTRACT and may not be used for prior services/installations. Coupons do not expire, except service call coupon.RT Brown, NJ Electrical LIC #: 10584 *FINANCING AVAILABLE*Page 6, The Berkeley Times, August 31, 2019jerseyshoreonline.comjerseyshoreonline.comThe Berkeley Times, August 31, 2019, Page 7Spotlight On Government Correspondence & Commentary From Your Local, County, State & Federal OfficialsSchool Is Open, And Fall Programs Continue School Is Open – Drive Safely I would like to remind all residents that Berkeley Township school children are going back to school next week. Motorists should plan extra time to get to and from destinations. Nearly 3,300 children will be at bus stops waiting for over 60 school buses to transport them to and from school. Don’t forget the hundreds of children that will be walking to and from our schools. Please be extra careful when driving. Thank you to our bus drivers, crossing guards,police and all school personnel. Let’s have a wonderful and safe school year! Community Pride Day Is Sept. 7 Berkeley Township Community Pride Day will be on Saturday, Sept. 7, at Berkeley’s Veterans Park - beginning at 11 a.m. with rides and inflatables for the kids. We will have many vendors, local non-profits and community groups. At 4:30 p.m. will be remembering the tragic events that took place onSeptember 11th, 2001 at our September 11th Memorial. We pay tribute to those who lost their lives that day and salute our first responders. Our outstanding 2019 Sounds of Summer Concert Series comes to an end as well. In late afternoon will begin our musical entertainment at 5:30 p.m. with Jukebox Legends. Their vocals and show will take you back in time to the sounds of the 50s and 60s, followed by New Power Soul. This dynamic 9-piece band will entertain the crowdwith their music and showmanship. From R&B, classic rock, and 80s to Top 40. From Queen to Bruno Mars. High energy all the way! We hope you can join us! Please bring a chair. Visit The Berkeley Farmers Market As a reminder, the market will be held every Tuesday through October. The market will run from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at our Recreation Center, located on Route 9 in Bayville. Local vendors from around the area, in-cluding our own Moore’s Farm Market, will be on hand selling Jersey Fresh produce and other items of interest. Your support is critical in making this a success. Please come on out and support your local vendors. Drop Off Unused Prescriptions At Police HQ I am urging Berkeley residents, once again, to clean out their medicine cabinets and safely dispose of their unused, unwanted and expired prescription medica-tions at our drop-off box located at the Berkeley Township Police Department, 631 Pinewald-Keswick Road, next to our Municipal Building. The prescription drug drop box allows our citizens to dispose of their unused, unwanted and expired prescription medications safely and securely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. For additional information, you can call the Ocean County Board of Health at: 732-3419700, ext. 7224Bill Would Extend Veterans Tax Exemption To Surviving SpousesTRENTON - Senator Christopher Connors, Assemblyman Brian Rumpf and Assemblywoman DiAnne Gove will be introducing legislation to make surviving spouses eligible for the annual veterans’ exemption under the New Jersey gross income tax.The 9th District delegation’s legislation will reflect the recent increase in the veterans’ income tax exemption from $3,000 to $6,000 that spouses would be eligible to receive. Connors, Rumpf and Gove made the following remarks: “As members of our delegationserve on the Senate and Assembly Military and Veterans Affairs committees, we fully understand that veterans’ families are deserving of benefits on account that they too sacrificed for our nation. “Any tax relief that can be offered to our veterans and theirfamilies is helpful, including surviving spouses who may be struggling financially. “If Trenton can find money to pay the legal fees of illegal aliens facing deportation, then it can certainly find the money to provide needed tax relief to veterans’ surviving spouses.”Regarding a separate veterans’ benefit program, the 9th District delegation has introduced companion legislation (S-898/A-697) that would change current law to require the payment of the $750 annual compensation payable to a surviving spouse of a blind or severely disabled veteran.Under S-898/A-697, payments would begin from April 9, 1985 for veterans who died before that date and from the
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